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5. He's the freest dude in America (right now). He can say anything to anyone...
Tue May 28, 2019, 05:18 PM
May 2019

...and get away with it.
-The goddamned *president of the United States* can sit on his massive butt all day, tweeting while watching Fox, and get away with it.
-He can publicly suck up to the world’s most brutal dictators (often in private) and get away with it.
-He can spout nothing but lies and get away with it. -Video and testimony from his recent past reveals an incredibly reprehensible attitude and behavior toward women, and he can get away with it.
-He can say/tweet the most insane, false, inflammatory shit and get away with it.
-He can deliberately pit Americans against other Americans and get away with it.
-He can make the world markets take a dive with his tariff bullshit and get away with it.
-He can be rude, crude, vulgar and idiotic all day and every day, and get away with it.

There isn’t ONE other person in this entire country who could behave like 45 and not face swift unemployment, or dismissal from all professional societies and organizations, or banishment from family and friends.

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