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19. Richard Nixon was "patient zero"; Trump is the advanced stage of disease.
Wed Jun 5, 2019, 06:36 PM
Jun 2019

And Reagan really spread the infection far and wide. Note that since Nixon took office in 1969, and allowing 45 to finish his term in 2021, America will have had 32 years under Republican administrations, and a mere 20 years of Democratic administrations. Two general elections were thrown to Republicans by the Electoral College and numerous other interferences, including a hostile attack by a foreign power.

I use the assassination of JFK as the lit-match starting point; after that tragedy, we got the phony Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, and then it was all-in for U.S. military contractors in Vietnam. Then comes Nixon, whose leftovers populated the Reagan, Bush I and II administrations.

Trump has added his own mix of overt gangsterism, overt lawlessness, overt fascism, overt old-Soviet-style disinformation, and overt suffocation of democracy.

Since this monster has been growing steadily since the early 1960s, it’ll take decades to recover and rebuild democracy. And it appears that there will ALWAYS be 30%-40% of Americans who will oppose ANYTHING that doesn’t consist of “owning the libs,” which, however infantile, is their most important goal.

i'm not sure there is any "going back" 0rganism Jun 2019 #1
"How" we get back to normal is the $1,000,000 question. BigmanPigman Jun 2019 #3
It won't. roamer65 Jun 2019 #6
When I posted this most of the votes were in the extremes. BigmanPigman Jun 2019 #20
If we have a Democratic President, House, and Senate, MineralMan Jun 2019 #2
Things weren't exactly the best before Trump. Before Bush live love laugh Jun 2019 #4
At this rate, we will never recover. FiveGoodMen Jun 2019 #5
just the Supreme Court alone makes it over 30 years Skittles Jun 2019 #7
boom! (especially if the orange bloat replaces RBG, Breyer, Sotomayor (diabetes) & an ageing Thomas) Celerity Jun 2019 #17
He will not leave willingly Nictuku Jun 2019 #8
so? cart his ass out like Assange Skittles Jun 2019 #9
I'd love to see him hole-up in the White House. Turin_C3PO Jun 2019 #14
... and who will do that? The DOJ (Barr?) Nictuku Jun 2019 #15
Pelosi needs to get with the program Skittles Jun 2019 #18
We will not recover. SamKnause Jun 2019 #10
It all depends Calculating Jun 2019 #11
Nope, SCOTUS will not be "back on track" obamanut2012 Jun 2019 #13
SCOTUS and other things, so 30-70 years obamanut2012 Jun 2019 #12
We can repair many things in 4-8 years. Turin_C3PO Jun 2019 #16
Richard Nixon was "patient zero"; Trump is the advanced stage of disease. VOX Jun 2019 #19
The federal judges, the environment... Flaleftist Jun 2019 #21
Trump is a symptom. Not a cause. Spider Jerusalem Jun 2019 #22
I don't see the nation recovering from this anarch Jun 2019 #23
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