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1. A not-insignificant number of Americans would welcome totalitarian rule.
Thu Jun 6, 2019, 08:50 PM
Jun 2019

Because they really care *nothing* about the laws of the land, national debt, healthcare, science, climate change, education, women’s rights, infrastructure, foreign policy, etc., etc.

The ONE thing they want, above all else, is “owning the libs.” If it meant destroying everything in sight, they’d be fine with it, as long as some tinpot dictator is “owning the libs” on their behalf.

Like conditioned lab rats, they will vote against their own interests time after time, as long as it means that women will be denied abortions; that they can keep their military-style weaponry; that persons of color will continue to be “kept in their place”; and that their religious beliefs can steamroller any laws.

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