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18. They are very fortunate that they didn't have felony convictions
Mon Jun 10, 2019, 04:06 PM
Jun 2019

Shopkeepers have the right to use force to prevent theft of product. If you respond with violence (which they did - the three of them were beating on the bakery employee when the cops rolled up), then that is strong arm robbery

2911.02 Robbery.
(A) No person, in attempting or committing a theft offense or in fleeing immediately after the attempt or offense, shall do any of the following:

(1) Have a deadly weapon on or about the offender's person or under the offender's control;

(2) Inflict, attempt to inflict, or threaten to inflict physical harm on another;

(3) Use or threaten the immediate use of force against another.

(B) Whoever violates this section is guilty of robbery. A violation of division (A)(1) or (2) of this section is a felony of the second degree. A violation of division (A)(3) of this section is a felony of the third degree.

This degree of offense (3rd) can incur a prison sentence from one to three years and/or fines not more than $10,000.

11 million reasons Jake Stern Jun 2019 #1
Do you have personal knowledge - or are you jumping in without knowing all the facts? Ms. Toad Jun 2019 #2
The three students that were arrested plead guilty. MichMan Jun 2019 #3
And no blacks who are innocent Ms. Toad Jun 2019 #14
Called the police predominantly on people of color? Jake Stern Jun 2019 #24
My point was merely that arrest and guilty plea Ms. Toad Jun 2019 #30
A quote from one of the students melm00se Jun 2019 #4
As I said, my knowledge is personal - Ms. Toad Jun 2019 #15
Were you a member of the jury ? MichMan Jun 2019 #31
As I said I have personal knowledge Ms. Toad Jun 2019 #32
If you think they're seeing a penny of that 11 million Blue_Tires Jun 2019 #7
They won't get a quarter of it Jake Stern Jun 2019 #12
Either that or folks are forgetting what life was like when they were in college... Blue_Tires Jun 2019 #16
They are very fortunate that they didn't have felony convictions exboyfil Jun 2019 #18
I also know damn well if some white kids did this, Blue_Tires Jun 2019 #19
"Let's make an example out of those black kids vibe"? Jake Stern Jun 2019 #23
I hope you get through this okay. OneBro Jun 2019 #29
People don't usually "fling around charges of racism" StarfishSaver Jun 2019 #10
In this instance they did fling it around Jake Stern Jun 2019 #11
An earlier (two years ago) thread regarding the incident. Dr. Strange Jun 2019 #5
Meredith Raimondo needs to join Melissa Click at Gonzaga exboyfil Jun 2019 #6
Why Was Oberlin RobinA Jun 2019 #8
Apparently the college even demanded that they be notified of shoplifters instead of the police. Quackers Jun 2019 #9
That's a problem a lot of colleges have - Ms. Toad Jun 2019 #13
According to the complaint, a Facebook post by an Oberlin academic department stated, "Gibson's has Celerity Jun 2019 #17
Wow... Blue_Tires Jun 2019 #20
They weren't held liable for the students' actions. I think they were held liable for the acts of StarfishSaver Jun 2019 #21
It seems to say that it was a FB post by an official department of Oberlin Celerity Jun 2019 #22
It is sad that this even reached the level it did ripcord Jun 2019 #25
How did this get ramped up to $11 million? shanen Jun 2019 #26
They left the store with two bottles of wine exboyfil Jun 2019 #27
The exact breakdown was... Dr. Strange Jun 2019 #28
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