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34. The same thing he gave Puerto Rico: A nice bag of Paper Towel Brand Paper Towels.
Fri Jun 14, 2019, 08:38 PM
Jun 2019

Paper Towel brand Paper Towels: For when you simply don't give a fuck!

His very own prison cell Brawndo Jun 2019 #1
... SWBTATTReg Jun 2019 #2
A one way ticket to hell. sheshe2 Jun 2019 #3
None marybourg Jun 2019 #4
A size 10 boot. lpbk2713 Jun 2019 #5
Planting Instructions: Dig a 12" hole using a shovel. Place in hole, backfill and tread down. Doodley Jun 2019 #25
A steaming pile of Shit ProudMNDemocrat Jun 2019 #6
Will that be gift wrapped or dumped on his head? Doodley Jun 2019 #23
a straight jacket, for sure... hlthe2b Jun 2019 #7
Good one! I agree about adding a gag. Make him laugh! Doodley Jun 2019 #20
A bigly case of VD ProudLib72 Jun 2019 #8
A bag for over his head Ohiogal Jun 2019 #9
I've found the perfect birthday gifts: Dennis Donovan Jun 2019 #10
Good color choice, but it would never fit. Doodley Jun 2019 #24
Five minutes in a closet with me. panader0 Jun 2019 #11
Are you going to ???? him? Doodley Jun 2019 #22
a single wilted rose BillyBobBrilliant Jun 2019 #12
His arrest warrant and eviction papers. LonePirate Jun 2019 #13
A one-way ticket to The Hague Blue Owl Jun 2019 #14
Rampant jock itch. Totally Tunsie Jun 2019 #15
Extra high cholesterol n/t JesterCS Jun 2019 #16
Given his girth... VarryOn Jun 2019 #19
Lockjaw.... No Vested Interest Jun 2019 #17
I'd just settle for some nice blisters on his tweet thumbs. Initech Jun 2019 #35
That works well too. No Vested Interest Jun 2019 #40
Turd Sandwich lettucebe Jun 2019 #18
A 10x10 cell with all of his dictator buddies Doreen Jun 2019 #21
An orange jumpsuit for him and his offspring. redstatebluegirl Jun 2019 #26
All the rope he needs to hang himself. pnwest Jun 2019 #27
Beat him with a baseball bat TEB Jun 2019 #28
Anonymity Thomas Hurt Jun 2019 #29
a headstone ??? sdfernando Jun 2019 #30
A big big heart attack. nocoincidences Jun 2019 #31
This malaise Jun 2019 #32
A menu for his last meal. kacekwl Jun 2019 #33
The same thing he gave Puerto Rico: A nice bag of Paper Towel Brand Paper Towels. Initech Jun 2019 #34
Impeachment hearings. n/t Crunchy Frog Jun 2019 #36
A coronary... Volaris Jun 2019 #37
adderall, potato chips, and unlimited triple cheeseburgers. ecstatic Jun 2019 #38
a funeral. lastlib Jun 2019 #39
I'd like to give him an open can of fuck off. LuckyCharms Jun 2019 #41
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