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38. adderall, potato chips, and unlimited triple cheeseburgers.
Fri Jun 14, 2019, 09:36 PM
Jun 2019

Instructions: Take 80mg of adderall per day (wash it down with caffeinated soda), and eat as many potato chips and cheeseburgers as you can! Enjoy!

His very own prison cell Brawndo Jun 2019 #1
... SWBTATTReg Jun 2019 #2
A one way ticket to hell. sheshe2 Jun 2019 #3
None marybourg Jun 2019 #4
A size 10 boot. lpbk2713 Jun 2019 #5
Planting Instructions: Dig a 12" hole using a shovel. Place in hole, backfill and tread down. Doodley Jun 2019 #25
A steaming pile of Shit ProudMNDemocrat Jun 2019 #6
Will that be gift wrapped or dumped on his head? Doodley Jun 2019 #23
a straight jacket, for sure... hlthe2b Jun 2019 #7
Good one! I agree about adding a gag. Make him laugh! Doodley Jun 2019 #20
A bigly case of VD ProudLib72 Jun 2019 #8
A bag for over his head Ohiogal Jun 2019 #9
I've found the perfect birthday gifts: Dennis Donovan Jun 2019 #10
Good color choice, but it would never fit. Doodley Jun 2019 #24
Five minutes in a closet with me. panader0 Jun 2019 #11
Are you going to ???? him? Doodley Jun 2019 #22
a single wilted rose BillyBobBrilliant Jun 2019 #12
His arrest warrant and eviction papers. LonePirate Jun 2019 #13
A one-way ticket to The Hague Blue Owl Jun 2019 #14
Rampant jock itch. Totally Tunsie Jun 2019 #15
Extra high cholesterol n/t JesterCS Jun 2019 #16
Given his girth... VarryOn Jun 2019 #19
Lockjaw.... No Vested Interest Jun 2019 #17
I'd just settle for some nice blisters on his tweet thumbs. Initech Jun 2019 #35
That works well too. No Vested Interest Jun 2019 #40
Turd Sandwich lettucebe Jun 2019 #18
A 10x10 cell with all of his dictator buddies Doreen Jun 2019 #21
An orange jumpsuit for him and his offspring. redstatebluegirl Jun 2019 #26
All the rope he needs to hang himself. pnwest Jun 2019 #27
Beat him with a baseball bat TEB Jun 2019 #28
Anonymity Thomas Hurt Jun 2019 #29
a headstone ??? sdfernando Jun 2019 #30
A big big heart attack. nocoincidences Jun 2019 #31
This malaise Jun 2019 #32
A menu for his last meal. kacekwl Jun 2019 #33
The same thing he gave Puerto Rico: A nice bag of Paper Towel Brand Paper Towels. Initech Jun 2019 #34
Impeachment hearings. n/t Crunchy Frog Jun 2019 #36
A coronary... Volaris Jun 2019 #37
adderall, potato chips, and unlimited triple cheeseburgers. ecstatic Jun 2019 #38
a funeral. lastlib Jun 2019 #39
I'd like to give him an open can of fuck off. LuckyCharms Jun 2019 #41
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