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We know Repubs won't do shit SHRED Jun 2019 #1
That doesn't mean they should be let off the hook. StarfishSaver Jun 2019 #2
Corporate media owed and run by RWers. . . . Iliyah Jun 2019 #3
Clean up this mess my party made! Cracklin Charlie Jun 2019 #4
its a valid question. if I ran dems theyd be protesting at death camps. nt msongs Jun 2019 #5
yeah, I think so too.. stillcool Jun 2019 #9
+1, America's child abusing president wants to blame everyone else uponit7771 Jun 2019 #11
remember the iraqi prisoner tied to the ceiling with electrical wires shocking his balls? questionseverything Jun 2019 #6
+1,000 malaise Jun 2019 #7
Absurd. kstewart33 Jun 2019 #13
she personally defended the men responsible questionseverything Jun 2019 #14
Source please? nt kstewart33 Jun 2019 #16
i'm not ur goggle monkey questionseverything Jun 2019 #17
She's doing a fine job attacking Trump on her show. kstewart33 Jun 2019 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author kentuck Jun 2019 #22
if you can repeat that after watching this video.. questionseverything Jun 2019 #23
Actually, her whole panel was ragging on Trump Jane Austin Jun 2019 #8
Right! Where are the hearings in the Senate? eleny Jun 2019 #15
That's how I remember it, too tishaLA Jun 2019 #18
They never do mcar Jun 2019 #10
It's a reasonable question. kstewart33 Jun 2019 #12
it's a given repukes do not care Skittles Jun 2019 #19
the rethugs could end this tomorrow if they wanted. Takket Jun 2019 #20
So I heard her passionately address this a couple weeks ago: "Because Dems are all we've got!" Hekate Jun 2019 #24
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