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Sat Jun 29, 2019, 12:12 PM Jun 2019

Well shit, cancer is back! [View all]

I was hoping that shitty lump in my neck was just a swelled gland. But no, it just had to be head and neck cancer. The good news is after I get through 7 weeks of radiation and chemo, the prognosis is really good. So here is the deal all of you latte sipping elitist Democrats, I may not post much starting Monday for a few weeks, but when I get back in late August, I better not see a Mayor Pete, Kamala Harris, Liz Warren, Julian Castro, Joe Biden/other Democrats bashing post. If I do, someone is going to feel my post chemo wrath. She who has cancer gets to make the rules and there will be blood!

Left of Cool who will be back to fight another day

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Well shit, cancer is back! [View all] leftofcool Jun 2019 OP
Good luck! Heal well! marybourg Jun 2019 #1
well krum indeed. AllaN01Bear Jun 2019 #2
You'd better be back to fight malaise Jun 2019 #3
Take care of yourself. AJT Jun 2019 #4
good luck on the treatments...(((hugs))) samnsara Jun 2019 #5
good luck with the treatments. Afromania Jun 2019 #6
Good luck. Will look forward to your posts in August! bronxiteforever Jun 2019 #7
Please take care Scarsdale Jun 2019 #29
We love ya! CurtEastPoint Jun 2019 #8
Good luck with your treatments. SunsetDreams2 Jun 2019 #9
I am having an Anterior Disectomy & Spinal Fusion at 2 levels on 7/15. lark Jun 2019 #10
Good luck to you, lark. Ohiogal Jun 2019 #14
Thanks!! lark Jun 2019 #21
I'll be looking for you. babylonsister Jun 2019 #11
Good luck, leftofcool Ohiogal Jun 2019 #12
Good Luck. Stuart G Jun 2019 #13
Best fighting words I have ever read! SleeplessinSoCal Jun 2019 #15
You are strong and brave. We look forward to your return. Shrike47 Jun 2019 #16
Take carePaz. RestoreAmerica2020 Jun 2019 #17
Wishing you speedy recovery and return to DU (to give us all hell). alwaysinasnit Jun 2019 #18
I'm sorry to hear that left of cool, but you have a great attitude and the smirkymonkey Jun 2019 #19
Good luck with your treatments. CentralMass Jun 2019 #20
Like you're gonna quit DU? LOL!!!!🥰🥰 flying_wahini Jun 2019 #22
Please get well soon. panader0 Jun 2019 #23
All the best to you... Freedomofspeech Jun 2019 #24
All the best to you. We'll see you soon here on DU iluvtennis Jun 2019 #25
You got it!! tavernier Jun 2019 #26
Good luck...i hate cancer. I love liberals. Eliot Rosewater Jun 2019 #27
My best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. Pls. keep in contact with us. nt SWBTATTReg Jun 2019 #28
Good Vibes to you, Friend! spanone Jun 2019 #30
F*** Cancer! You got this! BTW, what else do you have to do while getting chemo besides post on DU? mr_lebowski Jun 2019 #31
Best of luck to you. Chemisse Jun 2019 #32
Yes you will! Anon-C Jun 2019 #33
Best of luck in slaying the dragoncancer pandr32 Jun 2019 #34
Damn leftofcool, hoping chemo does the trick and you're back here as soon as you are able. a kennedy Jun 2019 #35
Stay strong to fight on! 2naSalit Jun 2019 #36
We're all with you cp Jun 2019 #37
Duly noted and best of luck! Zambero Jun 2019 #38
take Care of yourself Lefty! 😉 MLAA Jun 2019 #39
On behalf of the thousands here who haven't yet said so, we love you. 🤗 lostnfound Jun 2019 #40
Kick cancer's ass! See you soon. nolabear Jun 2019 #41
Good luck and sending vibes your way. applegrove Jun 2019 #42
All good wishes to you. Totally Tunsie Jun 2019 #43
Positive thoughts for you and this latest battle. We'll hold livetohike Jun 2019 #44
You clearly don't need Louis CK to be knight you as supremely funny DemocracyMouse Jun 2019 #45
I hope for a speedy recovery. Cancer is no joke. nt Baltimike Jun 2019 #46
i'm so sorry to hear this. barbtries Jun 2019 #47
Hang tight lillypaddle Jun 2019 #48
Rats! : ( MBS Jun 2019 #49
I'll keep a latte hot for you. Aristus Jun 2019 #50
This message was self-deleted by its author sinkingfeeling Jun 2019 #51
Kick cancer's ass. lpbk2713 Jun 2019 #52
Sorry to hear this. Get prepared as radiation to neck/throat is rough. sinkingfeeling Jun 2019 #53
Take care and H2O Man Jun 2019 #54
Sending positive vibes. Get back here soon! onecaliberal Jun 2019 #55
Cancer is "Agent Orange" Mendocino Jun 2019 #56
I'll be thinking of you, leftofcool and wishing you the best. ❤ nt littlemissmartypants Jun 2019 #57
Be well. Stay courageous and determined. NurseJackie Jun 2019 #58
Godspeed, and wishing complete remission for you. n/t PatrickforO Jun 2019 #59
Take good care and democrank Jun 2019 #60
Best to you treestar Jun 2019 #61
Sending good vibes, tulipsandroses Jun 2019 #62
Wishing you the very best recovery Lotus54 Jun 2019 #63
Sending positive energy your way wellst0nev0ter Jun 2019 #64
Best hopes for your recovery. I'm glad your prognosis is good. 58Sunliner Jun 2019 #65
Been there, done that! Staph Jun 2019 #66
Damn, take care of yourself and listen to your doctors FakeNoose Jun 2019 #67
You give that cancer hell!!! mgardener Jun 2019 #68
Hang in there lefty crazytown Jun 2019 #69
very best to you! Lulu KC Jun 2019 #70
Sorry you will have to go through crap for a while, but glad to hear of the really good prognosis deurbano Jun 2019 #71
Love the f$king attitude..... diverdownjt Jun 2019 #72
Wishing you a rapid recovery. Granny M Jun 2019 #73
My wife went two rounds with cancer. Kicked its ass both times. Expecting you to do likewise! DFW Jun 2019 #74
My good friend just finished week 3 of 7 mountain grammy Jun 2019 #75
all the best Left of Cool... stillcool Jun 2019 #76
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 2019 #103
Be good to yourself shenmue Jun 2019 #77
Wishes for a speedy and complete recovery in the near future. pazzyanne Jun 2019 #78
So glad you got a good prognosis. My dad spent literally decades putting out a cancer fire Karadeniz Jun 2019 #79
Take care, leftofcool. gademocrat7 Jun 2019 #80
Sorry to hear about your illness. Stay mad and keep fighting - cancer and Trump Vinca Jun 2019 #81
Well. (a very angry) Dammit! mac2766 Jun 2019 #82
sending cancer fighting vibes your way Demovictory9 Jun 2019 #83
Good luck leftofcool! I'll see you in August for sure! Greybnk48 Jun 2019 #84
Good Vibes to you! Lady Freedom Returns Jun 2019 #85
Best of luck to you peggysue2 Jun 2019 #86
Get well and get back here soon! Blue_playwright Jun 2019 #87
Damn, that sucks. GB_RN Jun 2019 #88
Take care of yourself... Hekate Jun 2019 #89
Sending good vibes to leftofcool and to lark. sueh Jun 2019 #90
Sending healing vibes your way! PA Democrat Jun 2019 #91
Get well. We will deal with you when you come back. Blue_true Jun 2019 #92
Yes ma'am RainCaster Jun 2019 #93
I love your spirit! mia Jun 2019 #94
Look forward to your return good sir! Moostache Jun 2019 #95
Keep up the good fight! Niagara Jun 2019 #96
Keep up the good fight Raine Jun 2019 #97
Good luck MamaCat Jun 2019 #98
Fight like a girl! samplegirl Jun 2019 #99
good luck left!!!! kick that fucking cancers arse! Celerity Jun 2019 #100
Go kick some cancer ass! Nt The Figment Jun 2019 #101
Fight. boomer_wv Jun 2019 #102
Wishing you good health sellitman Jun 2019 #104
Just turn off the news for a while and take the stress out of your life. Get well. YOHABLO Jun 2019 #105
Prayers for your healthy recovery, leftofcool. femmocrat Jun 2019 #106
We'll all be right there with you. akraven Jun 2019 #107
Good to hear! Take of yourself, leftofcool octoberlib Jun 2019 #108
You better be back, leftofcool. We need you! calimary Jun 2019 #109
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