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K&R BumRushDaShow Aug 2012 #1
kick ailsagirl Aug 2012 #2
Next prez will make two supreme court picks.... SugarShack Aug 2012 #84
This is an even bigger reason we need Obama back. bamacrat Aug 2012 #86
Thank you Senator Sanders. Thank you President Obama. sad sally Aug 2012 #3
Big K&R! nt snappyturtle Aug 2012 #4
J'approve! Fire Walk With Me Aug 2012 #5
+1 freshwest Aug 2012 #16
K&R siligut Aug 2012 #6
So under Section 1, Limited Liability Companies have no constitutional rights. Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #7
You cannot put a corporation in jail Progressive dog Aug 2012 #21
DemocraticUnderground LLC would lose its fourth amendment protection Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #32
DemocraticUnderground is not a person Scootaloo Aug 2012 #37
So no constitutional protection against the police seizing the list of DU members and their details? Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #62
I agree with you.. xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #66
Your position is that nonhuman entities are equal to humans. Scootaloo Aug 2012 #68
So you don't believe that LLC's such as DemocraticUnderground have any constitutional rights. Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #69
No, it doesn't. kurtzapril4 Aug 2012 #74
DU & other LLCs have plenty of "rights" already ozsea1 Aug 2012 #105
The Center Point: RC Aug 2012 #89
Was this the case prior to the Citizens United law coming into effect? LanternWaste Aug 2012 #73
Corporations have always had constitutional rights. Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #85
But ONLY in the United States do Corporations have the Rights of People. RC Aug 2012 #90
Wrong. Corporations have NOT always had the same rights as persons. Ikonoklast Aug 2012 #94
A law that bans a corporation from publishing a book Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #100
You are advocating for rights without the same responsibilities. Ikonoklast Aug 2012 #103
The CEO and other top officers of Enron were sentenced to prison. Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #104
Ever hear of Rick Scott ?? Hello !!!! ozsea1 Aug 2012 #106
If standing with the ACLU is being "concerned", Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #109
ACLU is a great and honorable organization ozsea1 Aug 2012 #112
BTW, Welcome to DU! Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #116
Rush Limbaugh stands shoulder-to-shoulder with you in your defense of the ACLU. Ikonoklast Aug 2012 #117
They also defended the KKK's right to march. Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #119
K&R for Bernie Sanders and Barak Obama LongTomH Aug 2012 #8
k&r... spanone Aug 2012 #9
Beautiful! MyshkinCommaPrince Aug 2012 #10
if Obama gets a 2nd term, this should be his main focus LSK Aug 2012 #11
Don't say if, say when. Cleita Aug 2012 #18
k&r nt steve2470 Aug 2012 #12
Get thee to the Greatest Page! meow2u3 Aug 2012 #13
Go Bernie flamingdem Aug 2012 #14
K&R Wednesdays Aug 2012 #15
It's good news but I would be more impressed by former-republican Aug 2012 #17
Not every lobbyist is an evil corporate stooge Scootaloo Aug 2012 #36
I'm not against throwing the baby out with the bath water. nt Comrade_McKenzie Aug 2012 #38
I'm Jamaal510, and I approve of this message. Jamaal510 Aug 2012 #19
K & R n/t RoccoR5955 Aug 2012 #20
K&R SunSeeker Aug 2012 #22
It's a great start! Thank you, Cha Aug 2012 #23
excellent! ibegurpard Aug 2012 #24
Huzzuh! sakabatou Aug 2012 #25
This is huge! Smickey Aug 2012 #26
Ah yes! Does me so good to hear this Populist_Prole Aug 2012 #27
Excellent, and a great campaign issue when billionaires are so obviously taking over! reformist2 Aug 2012 #28
Section 3 is beautiful - A TOTAL BAN on corporate money!! reformist2 Aug 2012 #29
I worked for 14 hours today, nursing, so didn't see any news Care Acutely Aug 2012 #30
Ponies for everyone! OnyxCollie Aug 2012 #31
Your concern is noted. longship Aug 2012 #34
Fool me once... OnyxCollie Aug 2012 #49
your concern AND deficit of pony is noted Care Acutely Aug 2012 #55
So the Fourth Amendment is a pony? OnyxCollie Aug 2012 #76
Holy fuck, indeed. nt woo me with science Aug 2012 #123
I hope you get the president that gets everybody a pony. longship Aug 2012 #59
Let's see... OnyxCollie Aug 2012 #71
Please don't put words in my mouth. longship Aug 2012 #78
System Justification theory. OnyxCollie Aug 2012 #83
Well, okay. longship Aug 2012 #99
Obama tama Aug 2012 #118
Theater my friend, unoriginal plot & predictable ending. xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #67
Do you support Citizen's United? Ikonoklast Aug 2012 #97
You're presenting a false choice xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #130
After this, therefor because of this; or, as the Latins may have said... LanternWaste Aug 2012 #75
There is a high correlation OnyxCollie Aug 2012 #82
it's not a pony yet Enrique Aug 2012 #79
Yup. It is a future pony, woo me with science Aug 2012 #122
Here's to Hope! defacto7 Aug 2012 #33
Howzabout going to whitehouse.gov and thanking him? eridani Aug 2012 #35
that is great news! liberal_at_heart Aug 2012 #39
Love the Senator Sanders upi402 Aug 2012 #40
I fully support the idea davidpdx Aug 2012 #41
Can we not have five minutes of excitement around here? Chorophyll Aug 2012 #43
Apparently not... SIDURI Aug 2012 #54
Sorry I'm not usually that pesstimistic on here davidpdx Aug 2012 #61
This is huge!!!..Thank You President!!!...(although it does smell of two steps back/one forward) lostnote12 Aug 2012 #42
K&R Chorophyll Aug 2012 #44
Excellent!! Now for the hard part, getting the party to endorse it as a common goal! (except for Dragonfli Aug 2012 #45
Let's not forget KUDOS to Bernie Iwillnevergiveup Aug 2012 #46
Definately. Kudos Mr. President AND Senator Sanders. great white snark Aug 2012 #47
would it really take an amendment? liberal_at_heart Aug 2012 #48
Wow! Maybe I will vote for this guy. If only he could oppose the costly trade deals.... grahamhgreen Aug 2012 #50
K&R patrice Aug 2012 #51
That's my guy. Thank you President Obama. SIDURI Aug 2012 #52
Forward rks306 Aug 2012 #53
kick silvershadow Aug 2012 #56
Make it so Berlum Aug 2012 #57
Uh....no he didn't. Not even close limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #58
Thanks dreamnightwind Aug 2012 #64
Well certainly what he said was a good step. But I don't see where he endorsed the Sanders proposal. limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #65
Nope, that appears to be dreamnightwind Aug 2012 #92
well they just copied and pasted it from politicususa.com so that site made the "error" limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #128
How the hell did I miss that? Smickey Aug 2012 #77
Here's what's wrong with the proposed amendment... Scuba Aug 2012 #60
You'd get my vote. randome Aug 2012 #91
Obama is beginning his second term. The Doctor. Aug 2012 #63
Sweet. nt ZombieHorde Aug 2012 #70
Thank You Mr. President Liberalynn Aug 2012 #72
i'm shocked this isn't from Daily Kos Enrique Aug 2012 #80
Non-profit public corporations not included. Trillo Aug 2012 #81
Enthusiastic K&R BlancheSplanchnik Aug 2012 #87
Awesome. Alduin Aug 2012 #88
Go Go Obama legal rectitude power! a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #93
I want to "take my Country back" - From the Kochs!. . . n/t annabanana Aug 2012 #95
Wow, this thread has really broughten out the concern trolls. Odin2005 Aug 2012 #96
This is a definite win!! Initech Aug 2012 #98
I wish them luck. Truly. MADem Aug 2012 #101
This message was self-deleted by its author 1GirlieGirl Aug 2012 #102
I am so glad. . . h2ebits Aug 2012 #107
I'm cracking open a cold one RIGHT FUGGING NOW Blue Owl Aug 2012 #108
SUPERB! Marje Aug 2012 #110
What a great debate question: Mitt, do you support a constitutional...? RiverStone Aug 2012 #111
"Jim, I don't always agree with the ACLU, but I think they are correct on this issue". (nt) Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #120
Second term theme tama Aug 2012 #113
Well said dreamnightwind Aug 2012 #131
You have the consensus of the 99% tama Aug 2012 #133
Bravo, Mr. President Blecht Aug 2012 #114
Go, Bernie, Go! MadrasT Aug 2012 #115
That is applause worthy. TheKentuckian Aug 2012 #121
This is significant...... Swede Atlanta Aug 2012 #124
A Constitutional amendment will take a long time. We need to make the supreme court overturn it now. Fire Walk With Me Aug 2012 #125
I cannot pass this thread without a REC HereSince1628 Aug 2012 #126
Obama's done a lot of things that piss me off... harmonicon Aug 2012 #127
DU rec..nt SidDithers Aug 2012 #129
How do they know he endorsed the Sanders proposal instead of the one by Senator Udall? limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #132
I see zero reason to think that amendment would have changed the Citizens United decision eallen Aug 2012 #134
"The proposed amendment is a mess" Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #135
So what do you suggest? dreamnightwind Aug 2012 #136
A couple of things we ought to do. eallen Aug 2012 #138
Corporations are already banned from contributing to candidate campaigns or political parties Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #139
Disclosure is not nearly enough dreamnightwind Aug 2012 #141
knr Douglas Carpenter Aug 2012 #137
I'd almost vote for Prez Obama just based on this single issue alone. Zorra Aug 2012 #140
K&R cprise Sep 2012 #142
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