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53. The salient question is: "How can sane Americans get rid of this insane administration?"
Thu Jul 25, 2019, 03:16 AM
Jul 2019

That’s number one, getting 45 OUT. Another four years of his incompetence, intolerance and lawlessness will utterly stamp out our democracy.

Running a hard-left Democratic candidate— as much as that would be welcomed— could be difficult in a time when not just the U.S., but numerous democracies worldwide have embraced right-wing nationalism.

As good as many of the current crop of Democratic candidates are, no one has yet emerged as “the one” to tackle Trump, especially with the goddamned Electoral College choking down general elections where the decision ultimately rests with a mere handful of “swing states.”

It really boils down to this: a Democratic candidate who can connect and do well in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin; or 4 more years of fatal Trumpism.

Listening to everyday ppl instead of the consultants could be a start. Kurt V. Jul 2019 #1
Been sayin' that for YEARS... not just consultants. InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2019 #14
Vote Democrat. That's how. LuvLoogie Jul 2019 #2
Many of us are happy where we are now. Generally. GulfCoast66 Jul 2019 #3
You're happy that we're facing ecological overshoot? PETRUS Jul 2019 #11
I'm with you Locrian Jul 2019 #12
Exactly right!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2019 #21
Yeah, that's just what I said... GulfCoast66 Jul 2019 #25
In so many words. PETRUS Jul 2019 #31
So you have no solution? No suggestions even? GulfCoast66 Jul 2019 #38
Yes. I want a lot more too Midnightwalk Jul 2019 #37
Hell yeah, it's frustrating! GulfCoast66 Jul 2019 #42
I agree JustAnotherGen Jul 2019 #57
you have not convinced a majority of voters on any of that treestar Jul 2019 #61
The easiest way to not deal with your issues is to let a Republican get elected. brooklynite Jul 2019 #66
there needs to be more demographic changes . most white people support trump JI7 Jul 2019 #4
You've got to be kidding me? GulfCoast66 Jul 2019 #30
i didn't attack Democrats JI7 Jul 2019 #45
Ok. Understand. So your really attacking white pundits, GulfCoast66 Jul 2019 #46
that's why i refer to them as "so called liberals" JI7 Jul 2019 #49
or try to convince more white voters treestar Jul 2019 #63
Elect more Democrats, and don't enable Republican victories by not voting emulatorloo Jul 2019 #5
Then you'll need to inspire young voters Fiendish Thingy Jul 2019 #35
Ah, the mysterious youth vote. GulfCoast66 Jul 2019 #48
I think motivating youth turnout is a better strategy than flipping Trump voters Fiendish Thingy Jul 2019 #71
You probably should change that step #3. Captain Stern Jul 2019 #6
By winning the vast Middle. *That* is Left. UTUSN Jul 2019 #7
agree 100% nt doc03 Jul 2019 #8
Are you advocating for platform change in a more conservative direction ProudLib72 Jul 2019 #10
I am running more left will re-elect Trump. I doc03 Jul 2019 #15
I really don't have a firm opinion about that ProudLib72 Jul 2019 #47
I answer sincere questions: I'm a FDR-HST-LBJ-O type, plenty "Left" for me! UTUSN Jul 2019 #22
Who says the party needs to move to the left? hack89 Jul 2019 #9
Every day here in Ohio WV and Pa former staunch doc03 Jul 2019 #16
Yup, in some areas we really risk outstepping public support, other areas are open for advancement Amishman Jul 2019 #79
Bernie Sanders won the 2016 RI primary by double digits. CentralMass Jul 2019 #26
RI politics are strange hack89 Jul 2019 #40
Bernie Sanders was a dead heat in IA caucuses stopdiggin Jul 2019 #54
This was a reply about Rhode Island politics. CentralMass Jul 2019 #69
pardon stopdiggin Jul 2019 #84
We could Nominate Adlai Stevenson, George McGovern or Pete Dukakis-Oh Wait Stallion Jul 2019 #13
It is free this, free that talk that is killing use in doc03 Jul 2019 #17
What does this mean? Change the platform? Change Democratic voters' minds? Encourge Democratic WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2019 #18
I'm a hard leftist and a radical environmentalist. But my politics are practical. hunter Jul 2019 #19
??? PETRUS Jul 2019 #24
How do you fix it? hunter Jul 2019 #39
Don't overreach Dirty Socialist Jul 2019 #20
Hey, Tertullian, when I see "Democrat" used as an adjective, I need to ask, HUH?!1 UTUSN Jul 2019 #23
+1000 me as well bronxiteforever Jul 2019 #33
Now that's interesting. Wish I had seen it. GulfCoast66 Jul 2019 #34
As I said. Interesting. I wish the OP would respond to his/her Op. GulfCoast66 Jul 2019 #43
We (u'n'I) are doing fine as we are. The O.P. prolly can't stand his ground here. UTUSN Jul 2019 #44
missed that treestar Jul 2019 #62
Because America is not and never been a left-center country for beachbum bob Jul 2019 #27
Political parties don't get moved left or right, as much as they evolve. Thomas Hurt Jul 2019 #28
Why exactly do you suggest moving the D's to the left? DonaldsRump Jul 2019 #29
Keep Congress as what? sheshe2 Jul 2019 #32
Elect Democrats at all levels and give the next President a Dem Senate. TwilightZone Jul 2019 #36
The first step is to stop Trump winning next year, and if that means moving to the right, I'm in. Doodley Jul 2019 #41
Better messaging, and that's an uphill battle because... Buckeye_Democrat Jul 2019 #50
Get behind the squad samir.g Jul 2019 #51
AMEN!!! FiveGoodMen Jul 2019 #77
You had better find a way to get "the squad" and their people out to vote in large numbers. redstatebluegirl Jul 2019 #83
Most of the world is to the left and right of the center. democratisphere Jul 2019 #52
+1 emmaverybo Jul 2019 #82
The salient question is: "How can sane Americans get rid of this insane administration?" VOX Jul 2019 #53
We need to find candidates who don't subscribe to the neoliberal agenda Poiuyt Jul 2019 #55
Nope JustAnotherGen Jul 2019 #56
++++++++ JI7 Jul 2019 #64
it ain't gonna happen overnight mercuryblues Jul 2019 #58
Show the advantages for the average person if we adopt socialism. Joe941 Jul 2019 #59
Reverse the question: how do you make "The Left" more attractive to Democrats? Recursion Jul 2019 #60
First step: prove that someone you find suitably progressive can win the election brooklynite Jul 2019 #65
what does that even mean ? who his your congress member ? JI7 Jul 2019 #67
I really do not want to lose control of the House Gothmog Jul 2019 #68
Move the party into office first DFW Jul 2019 #70
That's the problem with both parties fescuerescue Jul 2019 #75
"How can we move the Party more to the Left?" elocs Jul 2019 #72
I have found PDittie Jul 2019 #73
Disregarding the incrementalists will do little good if they're still in power FiveGoodMen Jul 2019 #78
Did you mean to say "Democratic?" MineralMan Jul 2019 #74
Vote in new leadership FiveGoodMen Jul 2019 #76
Why should we? Then we would be totally out of step with the country. We need to take the Dem emmaverybo Jul 2019 #80
We'd better work on moving the country to the center first. Kablooie Jul 2019 #81
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