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99. Well, okay.
Thu Aug 30, 2012, 02:17 PM
Aug 2012

But I don't see the fact that my wanting people to vote for Obama necessarily eliminates my desire to see a more liberal candidate. If that were so, Obama might lose and then we'd all be in real trouble. And who's to say that that wouldn't drive the Democratic party further to the right.

I don't believe that it would, but I do think a Romney win this time would be extraordinarily bad thing. That is why I have no choice but to fully support Obama. I can still support liberal causes. Doing one does not mean I can't do the other.

Maybe this is something which we're going to have disagree about. That's okay with me.

K&R BumRushDaShow Aug 2012 #1
kick ailsagirl Aug 2012 #2
Next prez will make two supreme court picks.... SugarShack Aug 2012 #84
This is an even bigger reason we need Obama back. bamacrat Aug 2012 #86
Thank you Senator Sanders. Thank you President Obama. sad sally Aug 2012 #3
Big K&R! nt snappyturtle Aug 2012 #4
J'approve! Fire Walk With Me Aug 2012 #5
+1 freshwest Aug 2012 #16
K&R siligut Aug 2012 #6
So under Section 1, Limited Liability Companies have no constitutional rights. Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #7
You cannot put a corporation in jail Progressive dog Aug 2012 #21
DemocraticUnderground LLC would lose its fourth amendment protection Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #32
DemocraticUnderground is not a person Scootaloo Aug 2012 #37
So no constitutional protection against the police seizing the list of DU members and their details? Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #62
I agree with you.. xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #66
Your position is that nonhuman entities are equal to humans. Scootaloo Aug 2012 #68
So you don't believe that LLC's such as DemocraticUnderground have any constitutional rights. Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #69
No, it doesn't. kurtzapril4 Aug 2012 #74
DU & other LLCs have plenty of "rights" already ozsea1 Aug 2012 #105
The Center Point: RC Aug 2012 #89
Was this the case prior to the Citizens United law coming into effect? LanternWaste Aug 2012 #73
Corporations have always had constitutional rights. Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #85
But ONLY in the United States do Corporations have the Rights of People. RC Aug 2012 #90
Wrong. Corporations have NOT always had the same rights as persons. Ikonoklast Aug 2012 #94
A law that bans a corporation from publishing a book Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #100
You are advocating for rights without the same responsibilities. Ikonoklast Aug 2012 #103
The CEO and other top officers of Enron were sentenced to prison. Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #104
Ever hear of Rick Scott ?? Hello !!!! ozsea1 Aug 2012 #106
If standing with the ACLU is being "concerned", Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #109
ACLU is a great and honorable organization ozsea1 Aug 2012 #112
BTW, Welcome to DU! Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #116
Rush Limbaugh stands shoulder-to-shoulder with you in your defense of the ACLU. Ikonoklast Aug 2012 #117
They also defended the KKK's right to march. Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #119
K&R for Bernie Sanders and Barak Obama LongTomH Aug 2012 #8
k&r... spanone Aug 2012 #9
Beautiful! MyshkinCommaPrince Aug 2012 #10
if Obama gets a 2nd term, this should be his main focus LSK Aug 2012 #11
Don't say if, say when. Cleita Aug 2012 #18
k&r nt steve2470 Aug 2012 #12
Get thee to the Greatest Page! meow2u3 Aug 2012 #13
Go Bernie flamingdem Aug 2012 #14
K&R Wednesdays Aug 2012 #15
It's good news but I would be more impressed by former-republican Aug 2012 #17
Not every lobbyist is an evil corporate stooge Scootaloo Aug 2012 #36
I'm not against throwing the baby out with the bath water. nt Comrade_McKenzie Aug 2012 #38
I'm Jamaal510, and I approve of this message. Jamaal510 Aug 2012 #19
K & R n/t RoccoR5955 Aug 2012 #20
K&R SunSeeker Aug 2012 #22
It's a great start! Thank you, Cha Aug 2012 #23
excellent! ibegurpard Aug 2012 #24
Huzzuh! sakabatou Aug 2012 #25
This is huge! Smickey Aug 2012 #26
Ah yes! Does me so good to hear this Populist_Prole Aug 2012 #27
Excellent, and a great campaign issue when billionaires are so obviously taking over! reformist2 Aug 2012 #28
Section 3 is beautiful - A TOTAL BAN on corporate money!! reformist2 Aug 2012 #29
I worked for 14 hours today, nursing, so didn't see any news Care Acutely Aug 2012 #30
Ponies for everyone! OnyxCollie Aug 2012 #31
Your concern is noted. longship Aug 2012 #34
Fool me once... OnyxCollie Aug 2012 #49
your concern AND deficit of pony is noted Care Acutely Aug 2012 #55
So the Fourth Amendment is a pony? OnyxCollie Aug 2012 #76
Holy fuck, indeed. nt woo me with science Aug 2012 #123
I hope you get the president that gets everybody a pony. longship Aug 2012 #59
Let's see... OnyxCollie Aug 2012 #71
Please don't put words in my mouth. longship Aug 2012 #78
System Justification theory. OnyxCollie Aug 2012 #83
Well, okay. longship Aug 2012 #99
Obama tama Aug 2012 #118
Theater my friend, unoriginal plot & predictable ending. xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #67
Do you support Citizen's United? Ikonoklast Aug 2012 #97
You're presenting a false choice xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #130
After this, therefor because of this; or, as the Latins may have said... LanternWaste Aug 2012 #75
There is a high correlation OnyxCollie Aug 2012 #82
it's not a pony yet Enrique Aug 2012 #79
Yup. It is a future pony, woo me with science Aug 2012 #122
Here's to Hope! defacto7 Aug 2012 #33
Howzabout going to whitehouse.gov and thanking him? eridani Aug 2012 #35
that is great news! liberal_at_heart Aug 2012 #39
Love the Senator Sanders upi402 Aug 2012 #40
I fully support the idea davidpdx Aug 2012 #41
Can we not have five minutes of excitement around here? Chorophyll Aug 2012 #43
Apparently not... SIDURI Aug 2012 #54
Sorry I'm not usually that pesstimistic on here davidpdx Aug 2012 #61
This is huge!!!..Thank You President!!!...(although it does smell of two steps back/one forward) lostnote12 Aug 2012 #42
K&R Chorophyll Aug 2012 #44
Excellent!! Now for the hard part, getting the party to endorse it as a common goal! (except for Dragonfli Aug 2012 #45
Let's not forget KUDOS to Bernie Iwillnevergiveup Aug 2012 #46
Definately. Kudos Mr. President AND Senator Sanders. great white snark Aug 2012 #47
would it really take an amendment? liberal_at_heart Aug 2012 #48
Wow! Maybe I will vote for this guy. If only he could oppose the costly trade deals.... grahamhgreen Aug 2012 #50
K&R patrice Aug 2012 #51
That's my guy. Thank you President Obama. SIDURI Aug 2012 #52
Forward rks306 Aug 2012 #53
kick silvershadow Aug 2012 #56
Make it so Berlum Aug 2012 #57
Uh....no he didn't. Not even close limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #58
Thanks dreamnightwind Aug 2012 #64
Well certainly what he said was a good step. But I don't see where he endorsed the Sanders proposal. limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #65
Nope, that appears to be dreamnightwind Aug 2012 #92
well they just copied and pasted it from politicususa.com so that site made the "error" limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #128
How the hell did I miss that? Smickey Aug 2012 #77
Here's what's wrong with the proposed amendment... Scuba Aug 2012 #60
You'd get my vote. randome Aug 2012 #91
Obama is beginning his second term. The Doctor. Aug 2012 #63
Sweet. nt ZombieHorde Aug 2012 #70
Thank You Mr. President Liberalynn Aug 2012 #72
i'm shocked this isn't from Daily Kos Enrique Aug 2012 #80
Non-profit public corporations not included. Trillo Aug 2012 #81
Enthusiastic K&R BlancheSplanchnik Aug 2012 #87
Awesome. Alduin Aug 2012 #88
Go Go Obama legal rectitude power! a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #93
I want to "take my Country back" - From the Kochs!. . . n/t annabanana Aug 2012 #95
Wow, this thread has really broughten out the concern trolls. Odin2005 Aug 2012 #96
This is a definite win!! Initech Aug 2012 #98
I wish them luck. Truly. MADem Aug 2012 #101
This message was self-deleted by its author 1GirlieGirl Aug 2012 #102
I am so glad. . . h2ebits Aug 2012 #107
I'm cracking open a cold one RIGHT FUGGING NOW Blue Owl Aug 2012 #108
SUPERB! Marje Aug 2012 #110
What a great debate question: Mitt, do you support a constitutional...? RiverStone Aug 2012 #111
"Jim, I don't always agree with the ACLU, but I think they are correct on this issue". (nt) Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #120
Second term theme tama Aug 2012 #113
Well said dreamnightwind Aug 2012 #131
You have the consensus of the 99% tama Aug 2012 #133
Bravo, Mr. President Blecht Aug 2012 #114
Go, Bernie, Go! MadrasT Aug 2012 #115
That is applause worthy. TheKentuckian Aug 2012 #121
This is significant...... Swede Atlanta Aug 2012 #124
A Constitutional amendment will take a long time. We need to make the supreme court overturn it now. Fire Walk With Me Aug 2012 #125
I cannot pass this thread without a REC HereSince1628 Aug 2012 #126
Obama's done a lot of things that piss me off... harmonicon Aug 2012 #127
DU rec..nt SidDithers Aug 2012 #129
How do they know he endorsed the Sanders proposal instead of the one by Senator Udall? limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #132
I see zero reason to think that amendment would have changed the Citizens United decision eallen Aug 2012 #134
"The proposed amendment is a mess" Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #135
So what do you suggest? dreamnightwind Aug 2012 #136
A couple of things we ought to do. eallen Aug 2012 #138
Corporations are already banned from contributing to candidate campaigns or political parties Nye Bevan Aug 2012 #139
Disclosure is not nearly enough dreamnightwind Aug 2012 #141
knr Douglas Carpenter Aug 2012 #137
I'd almost vote for Prez Obama just based on this single issue alone. Zorra Aug 2012 #140
K&R cprise Sep 2012 #142
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