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Thu Aug 15, 2019, 09:28 AM Aug 2019

Have you fallen asleep at work? [View all]

28 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Time expired
11 (39%)
Yes, my job includes sleep periods, e.g., firefighter.
1 (4%)
Dozed off for a few minutes once.
4 (14%)
Once, for an hour or more.
0 (0%)
Dozed off for a few minutes more than once.
12 (43%)
More than once, sometimes for an hour or more.
0 (0%)
Only after sneaking in some on the job sex.
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Have you fallen asleep at work? [View all] rzemanfl Aug 2019 OP
You need an option for "Routinely." Gidney N Cloyd Aug 2019 #1
I need that job. rzemanfl Aug 2019 #3
Only when I'm True Dough Aug 2019 #2
Do you dream nice dreams about how you will spend rzemanfl Aug 2019 #6
I'd give a fulsome response True Dough Aug 2019 #9
It's spelled "Folsom" FYI ProudLib72 Aug 2019 #30
You got me with that one, Johnny! True Dough Aug 2019 #31
Staring at a monitor, it's easy to doze off. I just hope I don't drool on myself when it happens. Arkansas Granny Aug 2019 #4
Men have another embarassment to worry about rzemanfl Aug 2019 #8
Not men my age. GulfCoast66 Aug 2019 #24
yes, but now I take a short nap during lunch. makes the world of difference. nt Javaman Aug 2019 #5
I woke up to a General standing over me once during an army training exercise. bluedigger Aug 2019 #7
As an over the road truck driver.... mwooldri Aug 2019 #10
Never, however . . . . . no_hypocrisy Aug 2019 #11
Routinely. TheCowsCameHome Aug 2019 #12
I had been flying the Ho Chi Minh Trail most of the night during operation Lam Son 719. DemoTex Aug 2019 #13
Yikes! n/t rzemanfl Aug 2019 #16
Damn, scary stuff! Ilsa Aug 2019 #17
Power naps. GeorgeGist Aug 2019 #14
In my younger days... Jokerman Aug 2019 #15
When I would get called in late nite, waiting for the patient to arrive..... mitch96 Aug 2019 #18
I haven't "fallen" asleep but I've deliberately taken a nap. elocs Aug 2019 #19
I used "fallen asleep" to include predmeditated sleeping. rzemanfl Aug 2019 #20
The irony is that since I'm retired I can sleep as long as I chose, but seldom do. elocs Aug 2019 #21
If I used my bladder as an alarm I would be up at 3 a.m. n/t rzemanfl Aug 2019 #25
When I was in my 20s I had a work physical and complained about having to 'go' a lot. elocs Aug 2019 #44
I have had BPH for 20 years. Getting old is fun, right? n/t rzemanfl Aug 2019 #45
No, it's not fun, but it beats the alternative. elocs Aug 2019 #48
Sorry about your mother. n/t rzemanfl Aug 2019 #49
Years ago when I worked as a frogmarch Aug 2019 #22
No one prepared me and now I am fossil myself. rzemanfl Aug 2019 #33
I am sure I have never fallen asleep on the job... Lucid Dreamer Aug 2019 #23
Learned in the Navy tinymontgomery Aug 2019 #26
Short naps on my lunch break. DinahMoeHum Aug 2019 #27
It's a whole different beast when it's the overnight shift. nt UniteFightBack Aug 2019 #28
nope Skittles Aug 2019 #29
I bet you kick ass at that. n/t rzemanfl Aug 2019 #36
well Skittles Aug 2019 #42
Drumpf doesn't make it easy for any of us. n/t rzemanfl Aug 2019 #46
I've really wanted to at times, but I have major difficulty falling asleep ProudLib72 Aug 2019 #32
I went to grad school while working full-time. After classes rzemanfl Aug 2019 #34
Yeah, but there was a time when grad degrees meant something ProudLib72 Aug 2019 #38
I got a JD in '71. The masters was a mid-life thing in '92. n/t rzemanfl Aug 2019 #39
Quite a bit when I was in the Navy Kaleva Aug 2019 #35
I have no idea what any of those acronyms mean. n/t rzemanfl Aug 2019 #37
Here they are Kaleva Aug 2019 #40
Thank you. n/t rzemanfl Aug 2019 #41
Ooch, yeah Mike_DuBois Aug 2019 #43
When I worked the night shift years ago Sunsky Aug 2019 #47
I worked all through college and learned to function with little sleep rzemanfl Aug 2019 #51
In my early working life, I used to have my main meal in the Company canteen, at lunch time. It OnDoutside Aug 2019 #50
On my lunch I have. Drunken Irishman Aug 2019 #52
Regularly. If my boss comes by I sit up and say "Amen" underpants Aug 2019 #53
Good planning. n/t rzemanfl Aug 2019 #54
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