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And there is this: guillaumeb Sep 2019 #1
Not entirely true Boomer Sep 2019 #18
While your situation is good, it is the exception. As the article makes clear. guillaumeb Sep 2019 #19
And I agree with you completely Boomer Sep 2019 #42
That's great, I love that you have ... aggiesal Sep 2019 #23
Is that a rhetorical question? Boomer Sep 2019 #43
Lucky for you that you could afford the $2,000 deductible. luvtheGWN Sep 2019 #24
Apparently you didn't read all my post Boomer Sep 2019 #41
I too am lucky to have what I think is excellent health care... Joe941 Sep 2019 #49
Most households don't have $2,000 in case of emergency. Not even $400 bitterross Sep 2019 #58
DURec leftstreet Sep 2019 #2
It is tiring to read the many threads explaining guillaumeb Sep 2019 #3
Agreed blm Sep 2019 #4
Also, many people think Medicare is free leftieNanner Sep 2019 #5
IMO, there's no reason NOT to include dental, vision, and hearing aids. Eyeball_Kid Sep 2019 #9
And hearing loss is closely connected leftieNanner Sep 2019 #11
My dad tried so many pairs of hearing aids and the only thing that worked renate Sep 2019 #64
Cool idea leftieNanner Sep 2019 #67
I have no idea renate Sep 2019 #69
This may not work with you, but it did for me.. at140 Sep 2019 #74
Thank you for the suggestion leftieNanner Sep 2019 #77
Agreed that many voters need to be informed. guillaumeb Sep 2019 #14
The Medicare for All plan that Bernie and Liz are supporting includes Autumn Sep 2019 #31
Nice. leftieNanner Sep 2019 #34
Yes, it's well known that you pay for Medicare. It can be called a premium if you chose Autumn Sep 2019 #35
Thank you for your persistence. Mike 03 Sep 2019 #8
One problem is that insurance companies spend billions in advertising/propaganda. guillaumeb Sep 2019 #16
And lobbying leftieNanner Sep 2019 #20
Yup. AllyCat Sep 2019 #13
It's also tiring to read threads on how people just love their private insurance Bradshaw3 Sep 2019 #27
Agreed. Many people literally have no idea guillaumeb Sep 2019 #38
"offered" being the keyword uponit7771 Sep 2019 #50
My guess is that most Americans, if given a choice, guillaumeb Sep 2019 #60
I've seen no polling in this uponit7771 Sep 2019 #63
pretending that what works in every other advanced democracy will somehow not work here is Poiuyt Sep 2019 #6
Exactly blm Sep 2019 #7
Perhaps, but it is shaped by history. Caliman73 Sep 2019 #89
Recommended. moondust Sep 2019 #10
Very well stated. guillaumeb Sep 2019 #15
Some media like ABC or Fox moondust Sep 2019 #26
True, or hope that many voters will beceome bored. guillaumeb Sep 2019 #37
I know a lot of people who Bettie Sep 2019 #12
Agreed, but we regularly read/hear that most Americans are happy with their guillaumeb Sep 2019 #17
No, that's simply not true Boomer Sep 2019 #25
My dad had triple heart bypass surgery. mwooldri Sep 2019 #32
But you admit that you work for a top tier company, guillaumeb Sep 2019 #36
You didn't qualify your statement. Boomer Sep 2019 #44
I never claimed that you do not exist. guillaumeb Sep 2019 #47
I must have somehow understood the intent of your statement. Boomer Sep 2019 #48
And that was my fault for not making a more qualified statement. eom guillaumeb Sep 2019 #59
My daughter - with $200,000 in billed medical expenses each and every year Ms. Toad Sep 2019 #82
Yes, the ACA is an improvement, guillaumeb Sep 2019 #83
Not a surprise. warmfeet Sep 2019 #21
It's not paradise everywhere else, just worse in the States. DFW Sep 2019 #22
Health issues also cause many people to retire early when they'd been planning on working captain queeg Sep 2019 #28
Or conversely, to postpone retirement Boomer Sep 2019 #45
IN the rest of the civilized world shadowmayor Sep 2019 #29
Exactly. I never saw a medical bill til I moved here. mwooldri Sep 2019 #33
Most of my family still lives in Quebec. guillaumeb Sep 2019 #40
Immigrating to United States is the reason I have few medical expenses at140 Sep 2019 #55
An under-reported national shame. They need you sick to make $. Like guns, a uniquely US issue. Evolve Dammit Sep 2019 #30
And the US system is profit-centered, guillaumeb Sep 2019 #39
Therein lies the problem. Only country that doesn't negotiate with drug co's. Shameful. Evolve Dammit Sep 2019 #46
majority of health problems are self-inflicted at140 Sep 2019 #51
I dont know if a majority are self inflicted, but... VarryOn Sep 2019 #52
------------Bingo--------------- at140 Sep 2019 #53
When my 36 in the waist pants started cutting me in two... VarryOn Sep 2019 #54
Food is so much cheaper in USA compared to Europe at140 Sep 2019 #56
I disagree. guillaumeb Sep 2019 #61
Heart disease, strokes, bone joint disease, lack of energy, at140 Sep 2019 #62
Baloney treestar Sep 2019 #71
I remember Walter Payton since I spent 37 years in Chicago at140 Sep 2019 #73
Exercise will not prevent accidents! treestar Sep 2019 #76
You did not mention accidents at140 Sep 2019 #78
So if it is not an accident but due to repetitive use treestar Sep 2019 #79
There are definite exercises available for Carpal TS, lower back, at140 Sep 2019 #80
Obesity is a factor, but so is heredity. Coventina Sep 2019 #84
I am not so sure! at140 Sep 2019 #85
Now you are changing your argument. You were saying that obesity causes these things. Coventina Sep 2019 #86
Simple- Lack of regular exercise contributes to Obesity at140 Sep 2019 #87
Well and good, but MANY people experience cardiac issues without obesity being a factor Coventina Sep 2019 #90
I never said obesity is the only factor towards cardiac problems at140 Sep 2019 #91
No but you said the MAJORITY of health problems are self-inflicted. I say BS Coventina Sep 2019 #93
LOL ok most health problems are hereditary...sure! at140 Sep 2019 #96
we did it when we were in our late 20's. I had to have a hysterectomy demtenjeep Sep 2019 #57
Got gallbladder removal surgery last month and paid $0 with Covered California ansible Sep 2019 #65
Join the club, my gall bladder was removed in 1990, at140 Sep 2019 #75
And the really sad thing is they'll keep voting for the people who put them there. Initech Sep 2019 #66
Some years ago now a researcher for the Rand Corp. Hortensis Sep 2019 #68
CEOs -need- their vacation mansions! Hermit-The-Prog Sep 2019 #70
Well, change happens very fast these days, while the people's Hortensis Sep 2019 #72
Well done. guillaumeb Sep 2019 #81
In the United States, unless you are among the obscenely wealthy Snake Plissken Sep 2019 #88
And that is the plan. guillaumeb Sep 2019 #92
We got a letter today demanding that Bettie Sep 2019 #94
And those are costs that are never measured. guillaumeb Sep 2019 #95
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