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It is now privately owned dalton99a Oct 2019 #1
They own the whole damn food court TeamPooka Oct 2019 #2
And a large part of the airport too RainCaster Oct 2019 #7
Owned by a Nazi family that supported Hitler MyMission Oct 2019 #77
Last time I went to Panera I ordered a half doc03 Oct 2019 #3
agree, prices aren't cheap at Panera, so don't understand why they can't give the workers a bit more iluvtennis Oct 2019 #29
Been to Panera exactly once. LibDemAlways Oct 2019 #34
totally agree Captain Zero Oct 2019 #55
It's the only place durablend Oct 2019 #62
I've never been in one. calimary Oct 2019 #68
Be sure to hand it to the server soldierant Oct 2019 #84
I was once a busboy for several months while in college in the late 70's MichMan Oct 2019 #85
OK, that's crappy. soldierant Oct 2019 #89
Yes. The direct approach. calimary Oct 2019 #88
Half a sandwich? You on a diet? Hassin Bin Sober Oct 2019 #35
My budget is on a diet. What would a whole one with a salad run $20? doc03 Oct 2019 #41
Their half sandwiches feel like whole sandwiches to me. nt tblue37 Oct 2019 #51
Same. They're really two sandwiches kcr Oct 2019 #66
I frequently order just half a sandwich. cwydro Oct 2019 #75
I stopped while in Cleveland on Saturday. louis-t Oct 2019 #80
I Only Tip In Cash These Days Me. Oct 2019 #4
That's our preference also. Tips should not enable gross Hortensis Oct 2019 #12
... Me. Oct 2019 #17
I've done that for years, figuring the service person gets to take home some case each night..... George II Oct 2019 #25
... Me. Oct 2019 #38
That is what we do as well. I want our actual waitress to get the tip, and for her to Nay Oct 2019 #33
I Really Dislike How Some Big Companies Me. Oct 2019 #37
And cash cant be tracked. Dont let the govt takes the cash option away oldsoftie Oct 2019 #59
+1 Me. Oct 2019 #73
Good on you. Ditto here unless i'm in a cashless KPN Oct 2019 #71
I Don't Care Either If The Tips Go Unreported Me. Oct 2019 #72
Hah! - did anyone try one of the new grain bowls? Backseat Driver Oct 2019 #5
I ordered from a food delivery service spooky3 Oct 2019 #6
File a complaint with your credit card company TeamPooka Oct 2019 #11
Why would you tip someone at Panera? Drahthaardogs Oct 2019 #8
100% agree I went to buy some veggie juices premade off a shelf at a place this week to go & lunasun Oct 2019 #24
Agree. I'm a good tipper, but generally don't tip someone at a register. cwydro Oct 2019 #76
I don't tip take out, and I don't put the tips on the credit card. Hotler Oct 2019 #9
My friend's a waiter at a local steak house. C Moon Oct 2019 #82
Who orders a steak to go? When I talk take out.... Hotler Oct 2019 #87
When I worked as a server... WestLosAngelesGal Oct 2019 #10
+1 dalton99a Oct 2019 #15
Same here Leith Oct 2019 #23
Your restaurant was not honest at140 Oct 2019 #53
I never tip on takeout food. kimbutgar Oct 2019 #13
I wish an investigative journalist would done a story on all of this. Maraya1969 Oct 2019 #46
Find good locally owned restaurants bucolic_frolic Oct 2019 #14
If all that's going on is tip pooling, I have no problem with that unblock Oct 2019 #16
it's only ok if ..... getagrip_already Oct 2019 #18
Thank you, I did not know that. Susan Calvin Oct 2019 #26
Just remember the point. At Panera you stand at the register and order and you are expected Maraya1969 Oct 2019 #81
I agree unblock Oct 2019 #30
I don't consider tip sharing ok cannabis_flower Oct 2019 #70
You know what? It's not OK because this is not a restaurant where someone waits on you. Maraya1969 Oct 2019 #78
Then don't leave a tip - your choice... getagrip_already Oct 2019 #79
You stand at the counter and order and you are Maraya1969 Oct 2019 #57
You don't have to tip in that sort of place unblock Oct 2019 #61
the only time i eat out is during the summer when I'm traveling, I can cook much better dishes yaesu Oct 2019 #19
There is a bar in town... Trueblue Texan Oct 2019 #20
I've noticed that also. I have seen it in many places over the last ten years. madinmaryland Oct 2019 #27
Well, now the girl at the register is in trouble. cwydro Oct 2019 #21
No because when I spoke to the manager she just said that girls was new and didn't know. She was Maraya1969 Oct 2019 #50
In California, restaurant workers get full minimum wage. Mr.Bill Oct 2019 #22
Yea, when I worked at a different restaurant we gave a percentage of our tips to the bartender and Maraya1969 Oct 2019 #47
The only time I tip take-out service Trailrider1951 Oct 2019 #28
After reading this thread, I am going to all cash tips. ooky Oct 2019 #31
Me too Beringia Oct 2019 #36
i have always tipped in cash. friend of mine couldnt figure out why i always left a proper tip. AllaN01Bear Oct 2019 #32
I never, EVER leave tips on those machines, for that reason. Initech Oct 2019 #39
They offer to add the tip on the credit card because mtngirl47 Oct 2019 #40
I wouldn't use a card at small business but I'll happily pay for a pack of gum at 7/11 with my card Maraya1969 Oct 2019 #49
It's expensive to eat there and I figured it's not necessary to tip... Phentex Oct 2019 #42
You are supposed to bus your own table too! My friend kind of suggested that to me and I was like Maraya1969 Oct 2019 #48
I ate at a restaurant on the Oregon coast this summer Thunderbeast Oct 2019 #43
They're required by law to post that... druidity33 Oct 2019 #58
In Oregon, they must post Oregon's minimum wage law. Thunderbeast Oct 2019 #67
I've noticed the tip jar at Starbucks, why are we tipping employees to run a cash register? YOHABLO Oct 2019 #44
Not surprising to me. Duppers Oct 2019 #45
I like the American tipping system! at140 Oct 2019 #52
I think dining culture is very different here in Europe and I much prefer it as an American abroad. a la izquierda Oct 2019 #60
My wife is a barista at Starbucks Beakybird Oct 2019 #54
I always tip in cash. PoindexterOglethorpe Oct 2019 #56
Another form of deceitful fees; in this case trying to guilt-trap you into it. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2019 #63
We could ask why we fall for this... Phentex Oct 2019 #83
Thanks for alerting me about Butterflylady Oct 2019 #64
There was an article about Panera a few months ago matt819 Oct 2019 #65
I only pay tips in cash RhodeIslandOne Oct 2019 #69
We need to get rid of tips completely so there isn't this complexity. cbdo2007 Oct 2019 #74
The tipping system is great for those servers who are young and attractive with big boobs MichMan Oct 2019 #86
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