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12. We had lunch at Arby's yesterday and it was on the big screen.
Sat Nov 16, 2019, 08:54 AM
Nov 2019

Now that I think about it, it was more full than usual. We had to sit on the glassed in porch, but could still hear the tv.

K&R!!!!!! n/t RKP5637 Nov 2019 #1
I saw the wife of a local farmer yesterday UpInArms Nov 2019 #2
What area? blm Nov 2019 #5
Northwest Missouri UpInArms Nov 2019 #7
Wow. blm Nov 2019 #8
It has been very interesting here UpInArms Nov 2019 #10
That has to be a good feeling for you. Ligyron Nov 2019 #13
I only wish that I could have been more effective UpInArms Nov 2019 #15
That type personality tends to always be fighting with someone or somebody. Ligyron Nov 2019 #31
OT -- JOOC -- what is an 'oval' newspaper ? I tried Googling - results were confusing. nt eppur_se_muova Nov 2019 #22
guessing autocorrect for local Orangepeel Nov 2019 #24
"local" to "oval" via autocorrect, most likely n/t Silent3 Nov 2019 #25
You know what he meant True Blue American Nov 2019 #26
I had to turn off the Spell Check function on my iPad as it was driving me nuts... Hekate Nov 2019 #34
You should see what it does True Blue American Nov 2019 #35
Am a she UpInArms Nov 2019 #38
Another staunch trumper Smackdown2019 Nov 2019 #48
Mound City? Oregon? St. Joe? jayschool2013 Nov 2019 #20
70 miles north of st. Joe UpInArms Nov 2019 #39
Yep, that's red. paleotn Nov 2019 #23
Unfortunately, based on a conversation I had with some people in a waiting room this week, Gore1FL Nov 2019 #28
YES!!! I'd been predicting this-even in rural Missouri. hlthe2b Nov 2019 #32
That's Trump country alright, or maybe it was Trump country. patphil Nov 2019 #43
I hope those prior trumpsters will understand it is the (r)epuglicons who created this mess erronis Nov 2019 #9
See my response upthread UpInArms Nov 2019 #11
Of course DENVERPOPS Nov 2019 #42
We tried to tell them, didn't we DENVERPOPS Nov 2019 #40
lots of interest in whats going on and given access and time to watch, people beachbumbob Nov 2019 #3
I had to go to the grocery store yesterday morning (listening to the beginning Vinca Nov 2019 #4
I had to take my car in during her questioning. The main TV was on a weather channel... Native Nov 2019 #6
Fooling themselves summer_in_TX Nov 2019 #45
We had lunch at Arby's yesterday and it was on the big screen. woodsprite Nov 2019 #12
That's so cool. That gives me hope. I hope she wasn't on some "Democrats Only" flight... catbyte Nov 2019 #14
Democrats now boarding at Gate 6. Republicans now boarding at door at front on the street. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2019 #17
First day hearings, 13.9 million viewers, fox 2.9 [Nielsen] empedocles Nov 2019 #16
Is that a lot? shanti Nov 2019 #49
But I thought the hearings lacked pizzazz! tenderfoot Nov 2019 #18
Pizza. Clearly they lacked pizza. C_U_L8R Nov 2019 #21
we dont have seat tvs on Southwest :( samnsara Nov 2019 #19
That threatening tweet in real time hit the True Blue American Nov 2019 #27
You can watch tv for free wryter2000 Nov 2019 #30
IIRC Southworst charges for inflight wifi n/t Pluvious Nov 2019 #33
Yes, for complete wifi wryter2000 Nov 2019 #44
As I passed the hot tub at the gym wryter2000 Nov 2019 #29
I was on flights to and from CA this week and many were watching JDC Nov 2019 #36
That is beautiful. crickets Nov 2019 #37
We want our country back from Putin! C Moon Nov 2019 #41
But I was told that no one was watching the hearings ProudLib72 Nov 2019 #46
Whoa! calimary Nov 2019 #47
nice! I'm looking for hopeful signs like that certainot Nov 2019 #50
I think sometimes, when I'm in a happy mood, PatrickforO Nov 2019 #51
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