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21. The country hasn't been the same since that shocking loss on 11/22/63.
Sat Nov 23, 2019, 04:51 PM
Nov 2019

A horrible, horrible day for America, and much of the world as well. Age 14, in 10th grade French class. The teacher read the memo aloud, and wept openly. The first time I experienced acute anxiety. JFK is DEAD? That just can’t be possible! Who would commit such a monstrous act?

The country hasn’t been the same since that fracture on 11/22/63. There is documented evidence that JFK was going to draw down troops and advisors from Vietnam after the 1964 election. To do so prior to the election was deemed a political risk: being judged as “soft on communism” by Republicans, which was a big deal back then.

With JFK only nine months deceased, LBJ and the Vietnam hawks had their faked incident, and Congress gave LBJ the power to wage war as he saw fit. Vietnam, the draft, MLK, Jr. and RFK assassinated, napalm, Nixon, war in Cambodia and Laos, mounting casualties, Watergate, dirty tricks, on and on it goes, with each successive Republican administration bringing greater dishonesty and an increasing willingness to engage in the dirtiest of politics.

I still love JFK, who will always be a personal hero, flaws and all. His murder is one of the darkest events in American history. Sadder still, Americans lost more than a president that day in 1963.

My first death in the family MaryMagdaline Nov 2019 #1
It was a horrible day, one of the worst memories of my childhood FakeNoose Nov 2019 #2
I was eleven and I remember it the same way. Zoonart Nov 2019 #5
All I understood was a little girl my age had her no_hypocrisy Nov 2019 #3
I was also 8 years old Cirque du So-What Nov 2019 #4
I saw more fist fights that day than I have HAB911 Nov 2019 #6
I was 8 years old as well Beausoleil Nov 2019 #7
I was in second grade in public school Ohiogal Nov 2019 #8
not everyone Piasladic Nov 2019 #9
I was in second grade also. A live radio news feed abruptly came through the PA speaker. John1956PA Nov 2019 #11
Back when "Breaking News" on the TV screen Golden Raisin Nov 2019 #10
I was 9 years old, and I will never forget it. wendyb-NC Nov 2019 #12
I was 6 and remember it Raftergirl Nov 2019 #13
I was 8 too. Seems there are lots of us. nolabear Nov 2019 #14
I was 18 and a college freshman. MineralMan Nov 2019 #15
I was 19 and a sophomore at my tiny Catholic girl's school in Iowa. Peregrine Took Nov 2019 #18
Like it was yesterday. Tracer Nov 2019 #16
A vivid, searing memory CanonRay Nov 2019 #17
My Mom was pregnant with me at the time. She had to figure, "What kind bullwinkle428 Nov 2019 #19
I was nine, and in fourth grade, in a small NE Iowa town. rsdsharp Nov 2019 #20
The country hasn't been the same since that shocking loss on 11/22/63. VOX Nov 2019 #21
Word, Vox. Every word you wrote. Kid Berwyn Nov 2019 #22
That shocking event knocked everyone/everything out of balance. We're still reeling. VOX Nov 2019 #23
We had a reset after 9-11 Sewa Nov 2019 #24
9/11 was a knockout blow to our country's sanity. VOX Nov 2019 #28
I was in third grade PE class Sewa Nov 2019 #25
I was a sophomore in high school. PoindexterOglethorpe Nov 2019 #26
I was also a sophomore in high school. murielm99 Nov 2019 #27
I was 6, in 1st grade, in a very small town in Southeast Colorado. 7wo7rees Nov 2019 #29
We're practically deifying Kennedy. Archae Nov 2019 #30
I was 7 samplegirl Nov 2019 #31
Post removed Post removed Mar 2020 #32
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