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64. Nancy crushed his liver and kidneys
Thu Dec 5, 2019, 07:19 PM
Dec 2019

then she put his balls in a vise and squeezed. I understand they let him out of the ICU and he's slowly recovering.

Reporter sounded like one of Trump's media henchmen. Kingofalldems Dec 2019 #1
James Rosen lapfog_1 Dec 2019 #7
He's with Sinclair now underpants Dec 2019 #15
"Left Fox...reportedly in the context of claims that he sexually harassed coworkers." VOX Dec 2019 #16
Stunk too bad even for Pox Noise, 'eh? calimary Dec 2019 #50
I hate the m**********r with the fiery passion of 1000000000 stars in a super-nova ... mr_lebowski Dec 2019 #2
Something the other side needs to remember. Lady Freedom Returns Dec 2019 #57
I believe Speaker Pelosi is mentally and lorally competent soldierant Dec 2019 #69
Same! Initech Dec 2019 #75
dressed him down! RT Atlanta Dec 2019 #3
dressed him down! RT Atlanta Dec 2019 #3
WOW.... she got PISSED! FirstLight Dec 2019 #5
yep, she's esssentially saying, I have not time for your foolishness today. Bye Felicia. nt iluvtennis Dec 2019 #13
I loathe the dude. There's a difference. LuvLoogie Dec 2019 #6
Righteous passion is always good BeyondGeography Dec 2019 #8
Oh my, Wellstone ruled Dec 2019 #9
Miss Nancy hasn't time for 'gotcha' games. sarge43 Dec 2019 #43
Just spotted a Wellstone ruled Dec 2019 #45
He's sucking around for a Darwin Award of the verbal variety. sarge43 Dec 2019 #48
You just know the Orange Wellstone ruled Dec 2019 #51
At least bears only shit in the woods. Moron shits everywhere. n/t sarge43 Dec 2019 #60
once again, Pelosi has to educate ... Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2019 #10
Words matter. MFGsunny Dec 2019 #11
Dang. I recommend watching the video clip. Mersky Dec 2019 #12
👀 underpants Dec 2019 #14
Anyone out there still on the fence MontanaMama Dec 2019 #17
I'm so glad she's our Speaker and Leader. She has raised Ilsa Dec 2019 #18
Pelosi used her religion to make a point, Eyeball_Kid Dec 2019 #40
I've known several "evangelicals"..... DENVERPOPS Dec 2019 #47
I have a background in that thought. LiberalFighter Dec 2019 #68
You are supposed to hate the sin but not the sinner. burrowowl Dec 2019 #72
I love the fact that she went back to the podium, gave a good example of the creature's lows Perseus Dec 2019 #19
A little background on that reporter redqueen Dec 2019 #20
Thanks. Nancy of course knew this, and I'm guessing more. Hortensis Dec 2019 #31
Well said, Madam Speaker! DesertRat Dec 2019 #21
Bow down, sarcastic reporter! Bow down! (Drops the mic and walks away) mfcorey1 Dec 2019 #22
This should disabuse anyone of the notion that Madame Speaker is "skittish." (nt) ehrnst Dec 2019 #23
If you look at the reporter's back, you'll see her heel stuck in it. ffr Dec 2019 #24
Sho nuff iluvtennis Dec 2019 #25
I keep watching this over and over. I wish we could watch her walk all the way off stage and around NBachers Dec 2019 #26
Consider yourself duly slapped. magicarpet Dec 2019 #27
BOOM! James48 Dec 2019 #28
Do not mess with Nancy Pelosi Gothmog Dec 2019 #29
Wow, even more powerful wathcing it Liberal In Texas Dec 2019 #52
So proud that she is true to her convictions! So proud to have her as Speaker Of The House! The Wielding Truth Dec 2019 #30
I'm glad he created this opportunity for her to show more of who she is, Hortensis Dec 2019 #32
Ouch! Some reporter just got spanked and is calling CVS right now. TheBlackAdder Dec 2019 #33
KICK! Hekate Dec 2019 #34
WHOA NELLIE !!!! pangaia Dec 2019 #35
This is where I differ with her Bob Loblaw Dec 2019 #36
Yes! Much more real Laura PourMeADrink Dec 2019 #73
She may not. I do, however. 47of74 Dec 2019 #37
Will this right wing dirtbag ask Trump if he hates Nancy Pelosi? SunSeeker Dec 2019 #38
Actually PatSeg Dec 2019 #39
Whoa PatSeg Dec 2019 #41
Trump just lost Ohio erlewyne Dec 2019 #42
Huh? You are saying that once people realize Pelosi Laura PourMeADrink Dec 2019 #74
rural Ohio, the boonies. is communities erlewyne Dec 2019 #76
Very interesting! Good news too! Laura PourMeADrink Dec 2019 #77
It's imperative for pols to refuse loaded questions, to reframe them in neutral language pecosbob Dec 2019 #44
Most awesome lady in America today. n/t SpankMe Dec 2019 #46
Thanks for posting. happy feet Dec 2019 #49
She is Bad Ass. Evergreen Emerald Dec 2019 #53
You GO, Madam Speaker! MarianJack Dec 2019 #54
It is very true that hate is internally corrosive & reduces ability to cause positive change. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2019 #55
A good rule of thumb about pissing off Speaker Pelosi is... MarianJack Dec 2019 #56
That was good, kudos to Nancy. Uncle Joe Dec 2019 #58
I don't just hate him, I hate that whole miserable excuse of a political party. Initech Dec 2019 #59
Nancy threw the ******* reporter's stupid deflection Cha Dec 2019 #61
Perfect! Ooops.. James Rosen's gotcha BACKFIRED Cha Dec 2019 #62
Good for Nancy. She was perfect! mountain grammy Dec 2019 #63
Nancy crushed his liver and kidneys NastyRiffraff Dec 2019 #64
Damn, she's quick. And fierce! BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2019 #65
Homeric! N/t Prof.Higgins Dec 2019 #66
Nancy doesn't suffer fools. orangecrush Dec 2019 #67
I'm sure she didn't want to use the word "mess"! George II Dec 2019 #70
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Upthevibe Dec 2019 #71
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