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They don't need Faux pas Dec 2019 #1
The conspiracy is the GOP. dalton99a Dec 2019 #2
So, he's saying that the oath he has to take for this is worthless? MineralMan Dec 2019 #3
the full quote from Lindsey.... spanone Dec 2019 #7
The partisan nonsense is his own. It's a shame he doesn't know how to use a mirror. nt crickets Dec 2019 #10
Then he should recuse from the process...nt 2naSalit Dec 2019 #26
Yes, but he will not do that. He is a Republican. MineralMan Dec 2019 #31
He is so fucking disgusting in this interview that he is appearing today. More stains for him and UniteFightBack Dec 2019 #4
So should he recuse himself also since he has already made up his mind and cannot Maraya1969 Dec 2019 #5
Make every GoP senator azureblue Dec 2019 #22
He hopes his colleagues will follow suit. Qutzupalotl Dec 2019 #6
Fully expected from this moron! bluestarone Dec 2019 #8
Trump showed them that being out in the open about corruption is an effective strategy. Garrett78 Dec 2019 #9
"It can't be corruption if we do it in the open!" Beartracks Dec 2019 #25
Turn that into a campaign ad for our candidate. nt tblue37 Dec 2019 #11
"You should feel free to lose all those papers and tapes now, Vlad!" struggle4progress Dec 2019 #12
He hasn't quite cottoned on to the fact that ... dchill Dec 2019 #20
If he doesn't wish to take the oath... kentuck Dec 2019 #13
He should go the fuck home and not come back. rickyhall Dec 2019 #17
Traitor to his oath and the country. McCain would slap him. Evolve Dammit Dec 2019 #14
Graham's human garbage. Rizen Dec 2019 #15
I really hope that one of the Dems justgamma Dec 2019 #16
Well, now I guess we know how you did on that test lindsey. Salviati Dec 2019 #18
He is trying VERY HARD to be Good Russian! dchill Dec 2019 #19
Along with Moscow Mitch greblach Dec 2019 #21
Of course not Lindsey, that why partisans are sat on juries. marble falls Dec 2019 #23
"It can't be wrong if I'm doing it." - "It can't be wrong if I admit it in public." - Beartracks Dec 2019 #24
Did the reporter quote Lindsay from the Clinton impeachment? dem4decades Dec 2019 #27
What clearly sounds like a threat to democracy Harker Dec 2019 #28
We need to throw this MF out of the Senate. Joinfortmill Dec 2019 #29
More proof the kGOP isn't interested in democracy any longer uponit7771 Dec 2019 #30
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