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Update on my anti-vaxxer in-laws [View all] Coventina Dec 2019 OP
"Re-thinking". Aristus Dec 2019 #1
Ain't that the truth? They were unbelievably stupid. CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2019 #2
Yep, with compromised immune system, hospitals, full of germs, are not the best... brush Dec 2019 #3
As opposed to where exactly? Baconator Dec 2019 #48
As opposed to nowhere. Not taking the shots necessitated a hospital... brush Dec 2019 #49
Same with Dr. offices. Best to stay away if you leftyladyfrommo Dec 2019 #61
Prayers for them. irisblue Dec 2019 #4
prayers and other magical nonsense are silly Red Raider 85 Dec 2019 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author irisblue Dec 2019 #16
Appreciate your input, I'll value it. Welcome to DU irisblue Dec 2019 #17
Having something to hang onto in difficult times can be helpful Rorey Dec 2019 #29
You have absolutely no way of knowing if that is true. Tipperary Dec 2019 #36
I'm sure they feel better than your snark and insults nini Dec 2019 #42
You don't have to be so rude, Red Raider 85. DU is supposed to be a safe place. catbyte Dec 2019 #51
"DU is supposed to be a safe place." Nature Man Dec 2019 #53
I've been here since 2002. You've been here since September. I think I have a bit more experience catbyte Dec 2019 #54
You exemplify my point Nature Man Dec 2019 #55
Many thanks wryter2000 Dec 2019 #56
.. cwydro Dec 2019 #58
Some people have to learn everything the hard way vlyons Dec 2019 #5
I didn't have to actually play marbles on the freeway to "learn" that it would be a bad idea... Wounded Bear Dec 2019 #20
well at least they're "rethinking" stopdiggin Dec 2019 #6
You should take MIL to get that shot today. JustABozoOnThisBus Dec 2019 #7
George Carlin was right - bullshit is bad for you. Initech Dec 2019 #8
Schadenfreude! SCVDem Dec 2019 #9
Yeah!! Nothing like "neener neener" when someone is fighting for their life! crimycarny Dec 2019 #11
I stopped reading at "I'm not for or against" nt USALiberal Dec 2019 #12
So I guess you missed the part where I told my daughter to get a flu shot crimycarny Dec 2019 #25
Just because something doesn't work sometimes it doesn't mean you don't do it. nt coti Dec 2019 #14
I'm sorry, but you are misinformed. Aristus Dec 2019 #15
I agree crimycarny Dec 2019 #24
One of my clinical jobs is doing physical exams for patients being admitted to Aristus Dec 2019 #26
HIV-positive? crimycarny Dec 2019 #27
I don't give your empathy and reason plan long odds on success. Aristus Dec 2019 #28
I understand crimycarny Dec 2019 #33
I completely agree with you. Silver1 Dec 2019 #18
"You DO realize that some years the flu shot is completely ineffective, right?" Mariana Dec 2019 #19
I got this. Aristus Dec 2019 #22
Here you go crimycarny Dec 2019 #23
This was your claim: Mariana Dec 2019 #34
Let me explain crimycarny Dec 2019 #45
from the CDC - some yrs they miss - it can happen - womanofthehills Dec 2019 #62
That doesn't say the same thing that the poster said. Mariana Dec 2019 #64
I think no benefit means some years there is no benefit - Pharma gets it wrong womanofthehills Dec 2019 #69
Which years were those, exactly? Mariana Dec 2019 #70
It's not black and white - some strains are covered, some not - some yrs are better, some not so womanofthehills Dec 2019 #85
I'm with you. The reaction in TWO threads to this tragedy are heartless and disgusting. Squinch Dec 2019 #39
Some of the posts in this thread wryter2000 Dec 2019 #57
If the flu shot was completely ineffective in some years... LiberalFighter Dec 2019 #59
Not true - in Europe they mainly just vaccinate the old and young womanofthehills Dec 2019 #63
Incidence of flu in unvaccinated healthy adults is 2.3% crimycarny Dec 2019 #66
THEY don't care about society so, SCVDem Dec 2019 #75
I didn't read that they were "obnoxiously in her face" before. cwydro Dec 2019 #73
We've always had some of the "i don't nelieve in" people among us. Scruffy1 Dec 2019 #13
Yikes! LeftInTX Dec 2019 #21
This thread is a reminder to me also Rorey Dec 2019 #30
What happened to you has a name - SIRVA womanofthehills Dec 2019 #71
That pretty much covers what I went through Rorey Dec 2019 #74
My great-grandmother died from tetanus. She was a corn husker, and a minor cut from husking tblue37 Dec 2019 #82
You should check out using elecampane to clear his lungs out. It can stave off anthrax infections. TheBlackAdder Dec 2019 #31
I don't think the OP is in a position to prescribe treatments for her FIL. nt. Mariana Dec 2019 #35
They could/should do a PSA commercial supporting vaccines from the (formerly) anti-vax perspective liberalla Dec 2019 #32
No doubt they would be thrilled to learn that you have Tipperary Dec 2019 #37
Right? It reminds me of how much Republicans love to "stick it to" those who disagree with Squinch Dec 2019 #40
It makes me sad. Tipperary Dec 2019 #46
It isn't glee. It's frustration. Aristus Dec 2019 #41
Nobody knows who they are. I've posted these threads to show the importance Coventina Dec 2019 #43
Thank you for doing so. Mariana Dec 2019 #44
Thank you for the update Gothmog Dec 2019 #38
Further update down-thread, post 78. Coventina Dec 2019 #79
Not getting those shots doesn't really make them anti-vaxxers though Polybius Dec 2019 #47
Yes. They did not get the flu or pneumonia shots because they oppose all vaccines. Coventina Dec 2019 #50
A child's first vaccine is usually Hepatitis B, which is given right after birth. nt. Mariana Dec 2019 #52
The vaccine could have been the cause of his seizures and that is why they are frightened womanofthehills Dec 2019 #65
Anti-virals are another form of protection crimycarny Dec 2019 #68
That horrible tragedy for their baby in the wake of his first vaccines makes this public slamming Squinch Dec 2019 #76
Unless the baby had seizures on the day of his birth Mariana Dec 2019 #77
Have to wonder if your in-laws have their wills and advance directives setup? LiberalFighter Dec 2019 #60
Coventina: all the best to you & your family for a healthy new year... Hekate Dec 2019 #67
Hey Coventina... Caliman73 Dec 2019 #72
Hi Caliman, thanks for asking! Coventina Dec 2019 #78
Does he have a CPAP? Gothmog Dec 2019 #80
Yes, but he refuses to wear it. Says it keeps him awake. Coventina Dec 2019 #83
I need my CPAP to sleep at all Gothmog Dec 2019 #84
I think the nasal version is on order for him. Coventina Dec 2019 #86
I have a client who is a whole saler Gothmog Dec 2019 #87
Fluzone High Dose does list seizures as a rare side effect womanofthehills Dec 2019 #81
There is also a study being done on "negative inference". crimycarny Dec 2019 #88
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