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magical thyme

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52. which means we double down and push harder
Thu Sep 6, 2012, 02:37 PM
Sep 2012

to win a landslide and get broad enough coattails to hold or increase the senate and increase or even win back the house.

The election is two months away. nt Matt_in_STL Sep 2012 #1
YEAH SORRY THE FUCK I MISTYPE 6 weeks away 2 months is what wanted to type diabeticman Sep 2012 #15
Hey, no problems from me Matt_in_STL Sep 2012 #36
Thanks. It just amazing how many people here can't wait to make a person look so small diabeticman Sep 2012 #44
Relax. Seriously. Raine1967 Sep 2012 #50
"The election is basically 6 months away today." DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2012 #2
YEAH SORRY THE FUCK I MISTYPE 6 weeks away 2 months is what wanted to type diabeticman Sep 2012 #19
Hi, there. Um, what? Habibi Sep 2012 #3
Fun Fact: we call it tinfoil, but it's actually aluminum cthulu2016 Sep 2012 #4
I'm not sure what elections you're talking about, Codeine Sep 2012 #5
YEAH SORRY THE FUCK I MISTYPE 6 weeks away 2 months is what wanted to type diabeticman Sep 2012 #20
Angry and illiterate is no way to go through life, son. nt Codeine Sep 2012 #25
Almost as bad as critical and petulant. LanternWaste Sep 2012 #46
YEAH SORRY THE FUCK I MISTYPE critical and petulant is what wanted to type Codeine Sep 2012 #48
lol. it's a tough crowd here I guess you know Whisp Sep 2012 #63
Super-pacs and the campaign abandoning the same states in a coordinated way? Blue Meany Sep 2012 #6
I'm not saying illegal! I'm saying something is up! diabeticman Sep 2012 #11
The election is 2 months away, but aside from that... immoderate Sep 2012 #7
George Romney should have pulled out 50 some years ago.... WCGreen Sep 2012 #26
I need that gif of Orson Welles slow-clapping. Chorophyll Sep 2012 #37
Yes! Though it was 64 years ago! treestar Sep 2012 #56
Actually the election is only 2 months away. FLyellowdog Sep 2012 #8
YEAH SORRY THE FUCK I MISTYPE 6 weeks away 2 months is what wanted to type diabeticman Sep 2012 #22
The election is six months away? Cali_Democrat Sep 2012 #9
Romney's polling #'s are most likely not going to improve in Michigan and Penn. Jennicut Sep 2012 #10
But that gets even curiouser...what state is looking more encouraging than before? CTyankee Sep 2012 #21
The idea is to spend more in, say, Florida cthulu2016 Sep 2012 #27
Hmm, do you think the federal judges decision had anything to do with it? CTyankee Sep 2012 #42
Um Robbins Sep 2012 #33
Thanks for the info. Jennicut Sep 2012 #45
why waste money on ads in states where you've fallen way behind? NightWatcher Sep 2012 #12
Tom, did you take another Ambien? CreekDog Sep 2012 #13
CORRECTION: Raine1967 Sep 2012 #51
mistook it for a viagra. n/t progressivebydesign Sep 2012 #53
You actually did make me laugh out loud! blue neen Sep 2012 #59
how do you *accidentally* take *half* an Ambien? CreekDog Sep 2012 #57
Do you have a link to something to back this up? drm604 Sep 2012 #14
It tells me that the Republicans don't actually have unlimited amounts of cash. gkhouston Sep 2012 #16
I think they know Romney is toast so they're gonna try to save the House catbyte Sep 2012 #17
if so, that's small comfort if it works...we get Obama and an intransigent congress again... CTyankee Sep 2012 #31
Except, by 2016... regnaD kciN Sep 2012 #41
which means we double down and push harder magical thyme Sep 2012 #52
how do we know if the coattails theory is going to work in some states/districts? CTyankee Sep 2012 #54
we need to push harder at all levels magical thyme Sep 2012 #60
We have a good blue state but I still worry about Linda McMahon. CTyankee Sep 2012 #61
as elections get closer, campaigns always pull out of areas where they can't win Fresh_Start Sep 2012 #18
My comment is what are they up to bkkyosemite Sep 2012 #23
No they will double down on the house and senate.... WCGreen Sep 2012 #29
Or the right voting machne software is now in place aint_no_life_nowhere Sep 2012 #34
There's something happening, I can feel it PearliePoo2 Sep 2012 #24
Interesting, these "independent" PACs All stop in 4 States at Once along with Mit... PuppyBismark Sep 2012 #28
Focusing down-ticket? get the red out Sep 2012 #30
I'm trying to use my head just as you asked Hutzpa Sep 2012 #32
I don't believe it, either... regnaD kciN Sep 2012 #35
This tells me one thing and one thing only. hifiguy Sep 2012 #38
what is "Internal Polling"? Is it what a campaign does separately? PearliePoo2 Sep 2012 #43
Yup. Campaigns have their own internal pollsters hifiguy Sep 2012 #47
Thanks for the concern budkin Sep 2012 #39
Ohio? Are you sure? RandySF Sep 2012 #40
why waste money? Shagman Sep 2012 #49
Maybe they're just funneling the funds directly to Romney's Swiss bank account??? cbdo2007 Sep 2012 #55
Maybe they're putting all that money into voter suppression ... ananda Sep 2012 #58
It means either they think they have those states in the bag, OR that they're lost causes... slackmaster Sep 2012 #62
Taking advertising out because those states are going to be stolen? northoftheborder Sep 2012 #64
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