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86. Here's the thing: the Republican Party, like Trump, is a criminal enterprise without a conscience.
Wed Jan 15, 2020, 10:01 PM
Jan 2020

I really wish it could be true, that Republicans would FINALLY see the light and act for the good of the country— not merely themselves— and turn Trump over to face serious judgement for his shocking and continuing malfeasance.

But the GOP has changed since the days of Richard Nixon. They are no longer conservatives, they are radical (white) nationalists. They’ve found, through the example set by their “chosen one,” that living above the law has its advantages. They now fervently endorse autocratic rule, and enjoy marginalizing and excluding “the other,” a broad category that includes Democrats and progressives. In short, they are ALL Donald Trump, and they like it that way.

The tide of opinion may be turning, but the only sure way to be rid of Trump is for most of the 12 swing states to vote Democratic. Much of the electoral map is fixed, in terms of “blue” and “red,” so once again, the swing states will be the coveted prizes.

Assuming that there’s a free-and-fair election in 2020 (Republicans have even cast a shadow over that once-sacrosanct process), Trump will rise or fall depending on the votes in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Those 12 states are where fascism and democracy will finally tangle. There must be a veritable flood of Democratic voters in each of those states, so that their numbers will wash over any Russian meddling and voter suppression.

It will be ugly, but victory is still possible.

Have you seen this? dewsgirl Jan 2020 #1
Have not. TruckFump Jan 2020 #3
It just aired. dewsgirl Jan 2020 #9
Wow! smirkymonkey Jan 2020 #15
I know right, that's what I said.😳👀🔥 dewsgirl Jan 2020 #18
Yes, that was great. smirkymonkey Jan 2020 #22
Wow! peggysue2 Jan 2020 #16
Totally shocking to me. TruckFump Jan 2020 #21
I am counting the seconds. I have thought all along dewsgirl Jan 2020 #25
The interview/s canetoad Jan 2020 #44
I'm done even trying to guess anymore. Desensitized as I am, dewsgirl Jan 2020 #49
You and me both. demosincebirth Jan 2020 #87
Thank you for posting this video clip Kitchari Jan 2020 #20
You're welcome, I didn't want to step on the thread by making dewsgirl Jan 2020 #27
Agree Kitchari Jan 2020 #89
Trump has testicles? 11 Bravo Jan 2020 #24
Putin has them Kaiserguy Jan 2020 #66
How could,this be out already? Rachel's show doesn't air for another hour... Fiendish Thingy Jan 2020 #35
They pretaped this afternoon. dewsgirl Jan 2020 #45
Lev's life is in danger - it had to be taped Generic Brad Jan 2020 #47
Yikes, makes sense. It's terrifying, but likely.😳 dewsgirl Jan 2020 #50
Things are shifting, but we aren't there yet. Nt Fiendish Thingy Jan 2020 #36
Indeed they are. dewsgirl Jan 2020 #46
Man. That is something. Rs won't care though. JDC Jan 2020 #48
Thanks for posting! coeur_de_lion Jan 2020 #52
"He lied"...Wow! Why is Parnas now turning against the Idiot? onetexan Jan 2020 #59
I have said all along DENVERPOPS Jan 2020 #69
I've been thinking the same. There's been a shift in the wind. n/t RKP5637 Jan 2020 #2
I can feel it in my elderly bones. TruckFump Jan 2020 #4
"-- more like the plot of a movie than reality." RKP5637 Jan 2020 #94
Faux Snooze is not going to be the only channel broadcasting and commenting on this trial. TruckFump Jan 2020 #95
I Agree with your elderly bones! leftieNanner Jan 2020 #5
Yes! There is something in the wind and it bodes badly for Trump. TruckFump Jan 2020 #6
not until November edhopper Jan 2020 #7
I heard that McConnell won't allow cameras in the hearing. Demsrule86 Jan 2020 #8
Not sure but I think there will be a single camera. nolabear Jan 2020 #10
I hope so...Trump wants to bury this...but he is a would be murderer of an American citizen. Demsrule86 Jan 2020 #40
Let's see how he can stop the people malaise Jan 2020 #14
I hope you are correct. Demsrule86 Jan 2020 #37
I wonder if eventually trump will be discovered to be Ilsa Jan 2020 #43
I sure as hell would not be surprised...He is a dangerous man. Demsrule86 Jan 2020 #53
Same here. Pacifist Patriot Jan 2020 #96
Mitch certainly sounded defeated today. Only one little snark. nolabear Jan 2020 #11
Yeah, his demeanor hit me the same way. TruckFump Jan 2020 #19
God I hope so... Demsrule86 Jan 2020 #38
His demeanor, real or not, was to show his seriousness of purpose as majority leader. ancianita Jan 2020 #54
I bet Trump was furious about that McConnell speech today. pamela Jan 2020 #65
Kick this one. Kingofalldems Jan 2020 #12
You never know. FM123 Jan 2020 #13
How perfect...totally perfect! TruckFump Jan 2020 #17
That's a great quote Kitchari Jan 2020 #23
i just don't see it Takket Jan 2020 #26
Same thought I had about Nixon until... TruckFump Jan 2020 #30
Different times, and even then if the nation moonscape Jan 2020 #78
The GOP is on trial every bit as much as Trump bucolic_frolic Jan 2020 #63
No, he isn't. OliverQ Jan 2020 #28
Trump has lost control of the narrative localroger Jan 2020 #29
IMO, we are seeing the tip of the iceberg. TruckFump Jan 2020 #31
And for another good iceberg metaphor localroger Jan 2020 #32
It does seem like that. TruckFump Jan 2020 #33
Your wish is my command OxQQme Jan 2020 #67
Yup, I still learn things about Nixon that we didn't know at the time bucolic_frolic Jan 2020 #61
I hope so but... Kablooie Jan 2020 #34
The Christian right needs to be kicked to the curb as well. Initech Jan 2020 #39
Sorry but like Trump said he can shoot doc03 Jan 2020 #41
Predicted MONTHLY yet he is still here! nt USALiberal Jan 2020 #42
Monthly? I think I read this daily. bearsfootball516 Jan 2020 #51
I remember when Gorusch was nominated for SCOTUS NewJeffCT Jan 2020 #55
Must see Traildogbob Jan 2020 #58
Good point. nt USALiberal Jan 2020 #56
Lev Parnas John Dean WheelWalker Jan 2020 #57
It is imperative that he be removed from office. warmfeet Jan 2020 #60
Yes. When we vote him out in November. Overwhelmingly I hope. oldsoftie Jan 2020 #62
All these comparisons BigOleDummy Jan 2020 #64
Kick - for wishful thinking. defacto7 Jan 2020 #68
From your mouth to reality kimbutgar Jan 2020 #70
I appreciate your optimism. ecstatic Jan 2020 #71
The interview with Lev Parnas is the nail. onecaliberal Jan 2020 #72
It's not just what he is saying, IMO... TruckFump Jan 2020 #73
I could not agree more. He's credible, clearly. onecaliberal Jan 2020 #74
His demeanor conveys that he is telling the truth. TruckFump Jan 2020 #75
You don't have you stop or pause to remember the truth when you're telling it. onecaliberal Jan 2020 #76
Exactly. EOM TruckFump Jan 2020 #80
It aint over until Trump is dragged kicking and screaming from the WH. Thomas Hurt Jan 2020 #77
Mother appears to still have that job! EOM TruckFump Jan 2020 #81
So hope you are right!! Thekaspervote Jan 2020 #79
More self delusion. tman Jan 2020 #82
Slowly they turned... TruckFump Jan 2020 #84
Lev is pretty damn articulate! SCVDem Jan 2020 #83
Seems like Lev was smart enough to keep every scrap of paper that could be evidence... TruckFump Jan 2020 #85
Like Comey SCVDem Jan 2020 #88
Here's the thing: the Republican Party, like Trump, is a criminal enterprise without a conscience. VOX Jan 2020 #86
You have an undying faith in the permanence of common sense. Eyeball_Kid Jan 2020 #90
We have to get some corroboration on this stuff, do an investigation. There's no time! NCLefty Jan 2020 #91
I've been thinking he'll be impeached for a while NJCher Jan 2020 #92
Here's hoping this is the straw that breaks repugs back burrowowl Jan 2020 #93
Extremely doubtful but hopefully it will hurt his campaign. nt Quixote1818 Jan 2020 #97
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