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at noon the day of the Inauguration he will be considered trespassing and has NO authority over.. samnsara Feb 2020 #1
Not even a little bit. phylny Feb 2020 #2
"I'm an old man and have known many troubles, most of which never happened" . . . Journeyman Feb 2020 #3
Couldn't he just be bodily carried out by LEO or somebody? nt raccoon Feb 2020 #4
No, I imagine the secret service and the generals will be plenty sick of him by then and more redstatebluegirl Feb 2020 #5
More likely Supreme Court will find some BS justification exboyfil Feb 2020 #6
One of the 2naSalit Feb 2020 #7
Absolutely -- that was no acting job Karl Rove pulled on Fox News that night rocktivity Feb 2020 #9
Still reminds me of Trading Places exboyfil Feb 2020 #11
I'm a lot more worried about what will happen rocktivity Feb 2020 #8
no H2O Man Feb 2020 #10
Not leaving the building isn't the same as not leaving office. KY_EnviroGuy Feb 2020 #12
That is my belief malaise Feb 2020 #15
Must Read - Get thee to the greatest page malaise Feb 2020 #13
Thank you Malaise. mahina Feb 2020 #19
I don't think it will happen but better to be prepared malaise Feb 2020 #20
Up till last week I didn't think so either mahina Feb 2020 #21
No nt Raine Feb 2020 #14
It's a legitimate concern. Trump and his cult do not recognize the rule of law. VOX Feb 2020 #16
Thank you. n/t EndlessWire Feb 2020 #17
Certainly, hopeful. mahina Feb 2020 #18
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