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Sat Mar 21, 2020, 01:39 AM Mar 2020

Thinking about Trump's responses to questions today has made me furious [View all]

Trump whining about how he inherited a broken system made me fume all day. Every time I recalled how the GOP cut one social program after another for the past thirty years has set me off. They gleefully cut the safety nets, callously destroyed funding for healthcare, education, children, the elderly, disabled and poor citizens. I wanted to shake a Republican until their teeth rattled.

They did it wantonly and without regard for the wellbeing of the country. They lined their own pockets and when they were full, stuffed their ex-wives', their children's and their mistresses' pockets. They bought the land out from under Americans. Stole the wealth of our nation and replaced it with worthless BS about the benefits that would trickle down on us if we would only tighten our own belts.

They deserve rioting in the streets, but the rest of us are too tired, too poor, too downtrodden at this point. We have lost our way, our minds, our values. These may not be recoverable, but damn if I intend to go down without a fight.

Here's what I am planning to do the next few days.

Sew your own masks. If you don't have a machine, sew them by hand. This is the best pattern I have seen online: https://www.craftpassion.com/face-mask-sewing-pattern/

I am going to start sewing these for myself and others. We all should do it. Any scrap fabric. Re-purpose your favorite ratty t-shirt. Jammies. Dishtowels. Old quilts. I am used to seeing Asians wear masks. It surprised me that everyone seemed so reluctant to do so in the US. Mostly, I suspect because there aren't enough. "We don't need no steenkin' masks" they tell us. Well screw that. We do need them. They are better than no protection (like condoms).

And when we go outside, we need to wear a coat with a hoody. Wear swim goggles, or any kind of eyewear you have around. Here are some suggestions for anyone who needs to go out in public but does not have the supplies you need. Dig out an old pair of dishwashing gloves. They are thick plastic and washable. Most of us have a pair somewhere in the house. Desperate times call for desperate measures. You will look like the abominable snowman, but so what. Wash all your clothes when you come back home. Take off your shoes in the house. Outside shoes and inside shoes. Try to limit the times you go out to early mornings or evenings. And wash everything you touch.

Remember, Trump is scarier than the virus. And we've managed to survive his cooties for 3.5 years. We are stronger than we think. Sorry for the long rant, but I am stir crazy after so much social distancing.

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My older brother has a pair of booties my dad knitted Generic Other Mar 2020 #2
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It's OK as long as the rioters maintain the proper spacing. Gotta stay 6 feet apart. tclambert Mar 2020 #15
We're all Scuba Steve now. SammyWinstonJack Mar 2020 #6
Very cool. Thanks for the link to the pattern!!! PatrickforO Mar 2020 #7
Look Around for Other Patterns: Turn Him Off! McKim Mar 2020 #8
Anything is better than listening to that lying murderer. BigmanPigman Mar 2020 #18
Actually mine snugs up very tight Generic Other Mar 2020 #25
It's quite snug as a shoelace can be tightened to fit Generic Other Mar 2020 #26
Today's presser is even worst and he's doubling down on blaming everyone but himself for his kimbutgar Mar 2020 #9
Tell everyone how the Grotesque Orange Pustule has botched it ... Hermit-The-Prog Mar 2020 #10
They WON'T WORK. Warpy Mar 2020 #11
Yeah, surgical masks are to keep the surgeon from sneezing all over the patient. tclambert Mar 2020 #16
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A MAGAT? Generic Other Mar 2020 #20
Furious is good. warmfeet Mar 2020 #13
It's the Fuehrer Principle of Infallibility bucolic_frolic Mar 2020 #14
Here Is What He Inherited DallasNE Mar 2020 #17
I want Obama to respond to these viscous lies so bad. I hope he is saving it PaulRevere08 Mar 2020 #22
Orange Hitler gets worse and worse Cary Mar 2020 #23
Love your ideas! But...how he blames Obama for Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2020 #24
Screw Trump Generic Other Mar 2020 #27
You might want to check out his approvals. Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2020 #29
If Pres. Obama left Trump a deficient plan and materials to defend against NCjack Mar 2020 #30
I didn't bother watching him today Niagara Mar 2020 #28
He gives me anxiety chest pain. So, I don't watch or listen to him on TV. NCjack Mar 2020 #31
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