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27. "healthy lifestyle advice" is something we need to hear a lot more of right now!
Thu Mar 26, 2020, 02:34 PM
Mar 2020

Eating a healthy diet, including immunity-boosting foods, herbs and spices. Exercise and lung-strengthening activities.

We USED to have a first lady who emphasized the importance of food as medicine. She was ridiculed by the right, and much worse. Now we have a useless boob with an inane "cause" that seems intended to rub her husband's cyber-bullying in our faces.

It's up to us to keep ourselves as healthy as possible, and that means eating as much healthy food as we can. (I realize not everyone can do this, but it bears repeating anyway. This is the worst time to be consuming junk food, especially those most at risk.)

If anyone's wondering "what can I do to help?" consider it a patriotic duty to eat as healthy possible.

Kicking. dchill Mar 2020 #1
40 year old Stepson is/was symptomatic, no tests available htuttle Mar 2020 #2
Not tested, but not necessarily asymptomatic either. I always have GI issues, GreenPartyVoter Mar 2020 #3
I can relate DownriverDem Mar 2020 #30
Daughter has fever of 103 Ms. Toad Mar 2020 #4
Great idea nt lostnfound Mar 2020 #5
I am fine as is everyone I know. 12 cases in my county Amishman Mar 2020 #6
I do ultrasounds keepthemhonestO Mar 2020 #7
I also do ultrasounds. Frightening times for us, isn't it? n/t Tess49 Mar 2020 #39
Yes it is! keepthemhonestO Mar 2020 #49
You, too! Tess49 Mar 2020 #50
k/r patricia92243 Mar 2020 #8
I was swabbed March 17 - still no results. I called the doctor patricia92243 Mar 2020 #9
Keep it kicked! coeur_de_lion Mar 2020 #10
I have a slight sore throat Turin_C3PO Mar 2020 #11
Never tested, BUT... TryLogic Mar 2020 #12
I've always referred to Vit D as "God's drug'. Since we make it ourselves. oldsoftie Mar 2020 #16
"healthy lifestyle advice" is something we need to hear a lot more of right now! flibbitygiblets Mar 2020 #27
kicking bill Mar 2020 #13
My 33 year old son had symptoms two weeks ago--low grade fever, dry cough mtngirl47 Mar 2020 #14
I think lost sense of smell indicates need for increased vitamin A. TryLogic Mar 2020 #22
Also reported symptom of Covid 19 mtngirl47 Mar 2020 #25
My nose is not even congested. This is neurological. The virus goes through McCamy Taylor Mar 2020 #45
A friend of many of my friends died of it yesterday. Our areas first death. oldsoftie Mar 2020 #15
No test and no symptoms Proud Liberal Dem Mar 2020 #17
My RN daughter was exposed by a co-worker (another nurse) at work on Mar 12. MojoWrkn Mar 2020 #18
I have not been tested but I believe I had it 2 months ago when I lost my sense of smell. joanbarnes Mar 2020 #19
This is very good. With a large enough sample, this might get ad buy. ancianita Mar 2020 #20
I may not be a good part of your statistical sample. I live in France. GoneOffShore Mar 2020 #21
Feeling good. Nitram Mar 2020 #23
I have symptoms... but I've had them for years wyldwolf Mar 2020 #24
Low grade fever Dave in VA Mar 2020 #26
I was exposed and briefly had mild symptoms, Liberty Belle Mar 2020 #28
Got over symptoms a couple of weeks ago, was not tested. klook Mar 2020 #29
How about I've not been tested and I'm paranoid. milestogo Mar 2020 #31
A humidifier in your bedroom turned on at night might help. luvtheGWN Mar 2020 #61
Symptomatic (albeit lightly) and not been tested wysimdnwyg Mar 2020 #32
My 19 year old nephew has it Mira Mar 2020 #33
kick TomSlick Mar 2020 #34
I checked the second one, but I have frequent sinus infections. at least 4 per year. 3Hotdogs Mar 2020 #35
cough. but it's getting better finally orleans Mar 2020 #36
I was symptomatic starting on March 11, generalbetrayus Mar 2020 #37
Flu shots only 30% effective this year. I got the shot and caught flu 3 times. McCamy Taylor Mar 2020 #44
The waiting is yeti g longer and longer. First they said 3-5 days now it's 10 days. mostlyalurker Mar 2020 #38
I'm not in the proper tax bracket to know anyone who has been tested pecosbob Mar 2020 #40
I tried to laugh but i ended up getting pissed off instead. Well put! Canoe52 Mar 2020 #42
I have been sick on and off since late January Meowmee Mar 2020 #41
Tested/waiting but the test has 40% false negative so flipping a coin would be as good. McCamy Taylor Mar 2020 #43
Zero tests, seemingly asymptomatic household Stryst Mar 2020 #46
None of your business. James48 Mar 2020 #47
In my defense... Sedona Mar 2020 #48
Answering the poll is optional and no one is using their real names. Kaleva Mar 2020 #52
I'm pretty sure I had it 3 weeks ago when gldstwmn Mar 2020 #51
I'm good.. stillcool Mar 2020 #53
I'm good and am paranoid plus. SammyWinstonJack Mar 2020 #59
I'll. Be tested Wed. cate94 Mar 2020 #54
keep this up Demonaut Mar 2020 #55
All clear here, just a touch of the usual sinuses OldBaldy1701E Mar 2020 #56
the poll is expired, can you add time? We have not been tested, and have no symptoms Celerity Mar 2020 #57
Not sure onlyadream Mar 2020 #58
so far so good no symptoms yellowdogintexas Mar 2020 #60
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