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122. I'm not personally that bitter about it, but I understand the sentiment.
Tue Sep 11, 2012, 08:19 AM
Sep 2012

One thing many people, especially people with children, don't seem to understand is a) not everyone likes kids, b) not everyone wants kids and c) not everyone is able to have kids. For people in these groups, it often seems like other people have the attitude that "everything is about the children." If you are a woman who has had five miscarriages trying to have her own child, this can be offensive. If you are a homosexual couple in a hostile state that doesn't allow you to adopt, this can be offensive. If you simply choose not to have kids, this can be offensive. In fact, the tax breaks and other benefits offered to people who do have children can be seen as discrimination against those who do not, which can be offensive. Just as Christians usually do not realize how pushy and in-your-face their expression of their beliefs can be to someone who is not Christian, people with kids often have no empathy for those who do not.

I don't know if this explains the OP's position or not, but it's something to think about. The world is not all about the children. They play a major role and deserve protection, but don't assume everyone feels the same way you do about them.

most of these parents are working class scheming daemons Sep 2012 #1
So are teachers supposed to never be allowed to strike? SWTORFanatic Sep 2012 #97
Teachers rights vs parents rights, NOT THE RIGHT PERSPECTIVE. Zalatix Sep 2012 #118
What a disgusting post. Odin2005 Sep 2012 #2
Yes. I doubt it's a real person. It's probably one of THEM. valerief Sep 2012 #4
This poster has been around forever ProudToBeBlueInRhody Sep 2012 #20
Yes, they move among us, undetected, until one day--BOOM! valerief Sep 2012 #26
Not really ProudToBeBlueInRhody Sep 2012 #31
Indeed. Par for the course with this one, however. Marr Sep 2012 #90
Not unexpected at all. SammyWinstonJack Sep 2012 #120
And then the Republicons will say NO UNIVERSAL CHILD CARE alp227 Sep 2012 #95
First World countries have govt-sponsored daycare. nt valerief Sep 2012 #3
exactly niyad Sep 2012 #6
So the childfree can pay even more for their lifestyle choice? RB TexLa Sep 2012 #7
Need a chair to yell at? n/t gkhouston Sep 2012 #12
No, I don't. Maybe you do. I'm assuming you chose that lifestyle choice. RB TexLa Sep 2012 #14
I've made that choice, but I'd love to have the choice of R. Daneel Olivaw Sep 2012 #106
I went to school and someone paid for me. I paid for you youngings roguevalley Sep 2012 #110
+ 100000 R. Daneel Olivaw Sep 2012 #133
Bwahahaha! valerief Sep 2012 #22
Epic DUZY!!!! +1,000! Zalatix Sep 2012 #114
LOL! Bobbie Jo Sep 2012 #125
When you can't afford an abortion, shit happens. nt valerief Sep 2012 #21
The childfree are paying for kids to go school. n/t cynatnite Sep 2012 #37
Yes and the child free will have ss because those kids grow up abelenkpe Sep 2012 #75
Are you sure you meant to respond to me? n/t cynatnite Sep 2012 #85
Yep, and the war-free are paying for wars and the valerief Sep 2012 #119
I was making the point that we all pay for stuff we don't want to pay for. n/t cynatnite Sep 2012 #123
Oh, okay. Right. We spend most of our lives contributing to things we don't want to. valerief Sep 2012 #128
You're going to be glad they made that lifestyle choice Incitatus Sep 2012 #38
Exactly. GreenPartyVoter Sep 2012 #63
So the carfree has to pay for car drivers? Luminous Animal Sep 2012 #71
Your taxes go toward ten thousand things you'll never make use of. cherokeeprogressive Sep 2012 #99
Indeed. Blame the system, not the parents or teachers. Now that's a THIRD WAY I can cosign onto!!! Zalatix Sep 2012 #115
I am hoping this was sarcasm niyad Sep 2012 #5
urghhhhhhh!!! graham4anything Sep 2012 #8
It's the RB TexLa show!... SidDithers Sep 2012 #9
Ha ha!! n/t SickOfTheOnePct Sep 2012 #10
There is no show. You think we should have to pay for people's lifestyle choices? RB TexLa Sep 2012 #11
We do it all the time SickOfTheOnePct Sep 2012 #13
you suck scheming daemons Sep 2012 #15
Yes, I know it's not fair that I don't have to spend money on kids and you do RB TexLa Sep 2012 #30
The next time you get sick, don't fucking see a doctor Telly Savalas Sep 2012 #49
oh flameworthy one a geek named Bob Sep 2012 #53
You pay for other people's lifestyle choices all the time. What's different now? n/t cynatnite Sep 2012 #59
Truthfully, I hope those being educated right now will keep things going for the rest of us. Hoyt Sep 2012 #23
I wasn't talking about paying for education. RB TexLa Sep 2012 #27
The name may have changed, but the show remains the same!...nt SidDithers Sep 2012 #24
. NNN0LHI Sep 2012 #25
Do you object to paying for public education? ProudToBeBlueInRhody Sep 2012 #35
No I don't. Everyone pays for that based on their income and what value RB TexLa Sep 2012 #39
You're already paying for a lot of lifestyle choices...why complain now? n/t cynatnite Sep 2012 #40
And I guess I've paid nothing toward doing that myself. Oh I'm not RB TexLa Sep 2012 #62
You aren't paying for YOUR benefits jberryhill Sep 2012 #76
I understand what your saying if I don't make little people to pay for RB TexLa Sep 2012 #86
WTF? jberryhill Sep 2012 #91
You are completely ignorant of how SS works abelenkpe Sep 2012 #83
I understand, my paying for people on it now isn't good enough. If I don't make more people to pay RB TexLa Sep 2012 #87
Hey PD Turk Sep 2012 #68
Did you go to public schools? hughee99 Sep 2012 #78
It should be on NBC this fall! ProudToBeBlueInRhody Sep 2012 #33
Heh. Exactly. nt Lex Sep 2012 #77
vaht? he's tuff.. as nails... because thats the kind ofuncaring man he is. dionysus Sep 2012 #109
It implies that school is glorified daycare. tjdee Sep 2012 #16
It's not the day care aspect. It's the gangs and the shootings and all the other mayhem they are dkf Sep 2012 #32
You can blame the education deformers for the gang violence problems. *They're* the ones HiPointDem Sep 2012 #36
Elaborate please on how the gang problems were caused? dkf Sep 2012 #43
Turf issues -- selective enrollment/charter schools close neighborhood schools, move kids all over HiPointDem Sep 2012 #51
But again, these kids were out all summer! tjdee Sep 2012 #42
Safety is always first priority for a parent. dkf Sep 2012 #50
I don't send my child to school to be safe. tjdee Sep 2012 #102
You are in Chicago? dkf Sep 2012 #103
We don't actually disagree. tjdee Sep 2012 #107
FACTORIES? Newt Gingrich would like your number, hee hee. alp227 Sep 2012 #96
LOL :) nt tjdee Sep 2012 #104
The people I saw were getting into twin BMWs saying they didn't know what they were going to do with RB TexLa Sep 2012 #66
School IS a glorified daycare mindwalker_i Sep 2012 #101
And that's a shame. nt tjdee Sep 2012 #108
Better, neighborhoods could Ilsa Sep 2012 #17
just because cnn & the lame-ass media focus on parents who say that doesn't mean it's the norm. HiPointDem Sep 2012 #18
Thank you for correcting the obvious propaganda we will be hearing ad nauseum. woo me with science Sep 2012 #19
You shoulda heard the honking horns and seen the thumbs up all over Chicago this morning alcibiades_mystery Sep 2012 #28
Excellent, excellent news. woo me with science Sep 2012 #100
This should be an OP senseandsensibility Sep 2012 #41
It's now an OP. Please kick & rec. HiPointDem Sep 2012 #55
Put them in daycare for a week or two abumbyanyothername Sep 2012 #29
Post removed Post removed Sep 2012 #34
Yeah, so what if they can't afford daycare. Who cares if they only make minimum wage. cynatnite Sep 2012 #44
Post removed Post removed Sep 2012 #45
...wow... davidthegnome Sep 2012 #46
"We believe we're all in this together is a far better philosophy than you're on your own." Incitatus Sep 2012 #47
Paraphrasing here laundry_queen Sep 2012 #116
Now you know why they think RegieRocker Sep 2012 #48
+1, as I was finishing high school I realized... alp227 Sep 2012 #94
Damn I did not realize Mr. Eastwood has been posting here for years nadinbrzezinski Sep 2012 #52
Thanks... davidthegnome Sep 2012 #54
DUzy! n/t cynatnite Sep 2012 #60
It is very tough on working parents jberryhill Sep 2012 #56
mmm...I don't have any kids but.... Skittles Sep 2012 #58
I hope these kids don't grow up and decide keeping you alive is a too expensive a lifestyle choice tritsofme Sep 2012 #61
If I were still in 7th grade up there, Downwinder Sep 2012 #64
I can't stand the idea that those kids will pay your social security and medicare jberryhill Sep 2012 #65
I pay into that as well I'm not a participant in that because I'm not a "hard working family?" RB TexLa Sep 2012 #67
You're paying for lifestyle choices all the time. n/t cynatnite Sep 2012 #70
Yes, you are paying for current beneficiaries jberryhill Sep 2012 #73
I understand that. If your children should die before you are on it, will you give up your benefits RB TexLa Sep 2012 #88
I hope whatever you took wears off in a while jberryhill Sep 2012 #92
No, I do not want her dead. But you liked pointing out that children would be paying my SS RB TexLa Sep 2012 #98
Yes, that is correct jberryhill Sep 2012 #105
This message was self-deleted by its author zen_bohemian Sep 2012 #69
The parents have to go to work abelenkpe Sep 2012 #72
I know you sit back and enjoy everyone getting riled up at your inflammatory OPs. Lex Sep 2012 #74
It was just summer break. alphafemale Sep 2012 #79
Send them to a Y program that's only open in the summer? gkhouston Sep 2012 #81
Thank GAWD You Don't Have Children HangOnKids Sep 2012 #134
You sound like a tea bagger. Congratulations abelenkpe Sep 2012 #80
you dont childrear with us! ret5hd Sep 2012 #82
So, about math... davidthegnome Sep 2012 #84
Stand in protest with teachers! ananda Sep 2012 #89
This post would be hidden by jury decision Electric Monk Sep 2012 #93
You are a taxpayer. You pay for children even if you don't want to. Jennicut Sep 2012 #111
I don't have any kids but.... Skittles Sep 2012 #112
And I had no problem with it either. Jennicut Sep 2012 #117
It's just their way of making clear that they don't give a shit about schools so long as they have.. JVS Sep 2012 #113
Wow. AngryOldDem Sep 2012 #121
I'm not personally that bitter about it, but I understand the sentiment. porphyrian Sep 2012 #122
They feel that a deal has been busted, and that they have been hung out to dry. slackmaster Sep 2012 #124
Well, bless your teabagger heart. nt HappyMe Sep 2012 #126
This may be the worst post I've seen on this site Carnage251 Sep 2012 #127
Think of it as paying for your own education after the fact, hughee99 Sep 2012 #129
And what did these parents do in the summer? hobbit709 Sep 2012 #130
too long since you've received your last hug....? LanternWaste Sep 2012 #131
Really? This is what you're upset about? Arugula Latte Sep 2012 #132
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