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12. The U.S. is now a country that exists in two completely different realities simultaneously.
Sun Mar 29, 2020, 08:16 AM
Mar 2020

Thanks to the usual RW hate media sources and the backwater effluvium of social media, one reality believes, in cult-like devotion, that Trump and the Republican Party are the true saviors of a white Christian America. And in their minds, *everything*, including the unflinching hatred and oppression they advocate and foment daily, is their salvation. They decry education, deny science, and any facts/events that measurably reveal the eye-popping inadequacies of Trumpism. There is NO room for Democrats/liberals/progressives in this particular “reality.”

The other reality, in which Democrats and progressives reside, believes in fair play and common sense— ironically, two qualities that are completely absent in conservative belief. Here, education is valued, women are equal and must not be subjected to a (again, ironically) BIG government that wants to control their bodies, their healthcare, and by extension, their very lives. This reality also has room for, and a desire to embrace POC and LGBTQ folks. And there is an urgent need to slow down the devastating effects of climate change, which are already here.

Big problems: 1) Both of these realities have ossified— they will NEVER be in agreement and harmony, because they’re been increasingly compressed into their prime-number-level basics. The two differing positions and philosophies are incompatible and intractable.

2) The Democratic/progressive reality is under serious attack from the right. Old-school Soviet-style disinformation is trotted out daily. The president and Fox News exist in complete symbiosis. The hope for a free and fair 2020 election is guarded.

3) Just where/how the two opposing forces go from here is uncertain, but based on what’s known, there will be little or no compromise. One of these two realities will eventually consume the other, unless the two different Americas become two physically different countries (small chance of that happening)
It is imperative to GOTV for actual, objective, truthful REALITY ->->-> straight Democratic ticket, up and down.

Fox News will kill you [View all] Botany Mar 2020 OP
It's goal has been reached to make us a corptocracy . Funtatlaguy Mar 2020 #1
Malicious information. FAUX NEWS can be fatal. The Wielding Truth Mar 2020 #2
Trump's Approval Rating is Up because Fox Viewers are out of work, too SBoy Mar 2020 #3
And on the Public Dole, as they like to call it. Loving that socialist moolah! TheBlackAdder Mar 2020 #13
Well, if the FOX viewers believe that bullshit, Jack-o-Lantern Mar 2020 #4
Also chloroquine is "showing promise". n/t Permanut Mar 2020 #5
I guess I this point we should just protect ourselves, sit back. GulfCoast66 Mar 2020 #6
Methanol works, apparently. Aussie105 Mar 2020 #7
Only if you put it in a large plastic bag and zip tie it over your head. TheBlackAdder Mar 2020 #14
that's why republican states are now seeing the numbers of more patients rise subana Mar 2020 #8
New Orleans was not warned by the Federal Gov about Covid-19 srose58089 Mar 2020 #9
Less so on FB, but some posters just don't believe the numbers or the sources. So I tell them ancianita Mar 2020 #10
Faux has been pushing the "something's coming soon" narrative for a while uponit7771 Mar 2020 #11
The U.S. is now a country that exists in two completely different realities simultaneously. VOX Mar 2020 #12
Nice post! Botany Mar 2020 #15
Not that Trumpists are geniuses, but they sure know how to "catapult the propaganda," per Bush II. VOX Mar 2020 #17
You stated the problem perfectly Yeehah Mar 2020 #16
It's insane. Poor whites getting off on "owning the libs" I understand... VOX Mar 2020 #18
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