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306. Some people are so obsessed with authority that everything is explained in terms of that, rather
Tue Sep 11, 2012, 03:35 PM
Sep 2012

than the actual problems their personas purport to be so concerned about.

Isn't it possible to be so obsessed with power/authority that one misses authentic potential solutions to the problems that inappropriate use of power causes, that is, misses or refuses to accept responsibility for them on the plain grounds that they are incremental? What are the likely probabilities that zero-sum thinking about certain extremely complicated and fluid situations is valid?

As much as many of us would like to believe that everyone just giving peace a chance is possible, the fact is that we really are nowhere even remotely near that and the violence that pretending otherwise CAN produce will make that peace possibility even more remote, ever and ever more remote, until it finally DOES become real in specie self-extinction. It's my sense that there are just too many people around for whom that increasing possibility IS an objective, or for whom it doesn't matter, or they think they/theirs will get well enough through it all to make it worthwhile, so many that I very simply MUST go against my own wishes in the matter and opt for the responsibilities of something more complicated than the over-simplifications of zero-sum thinking. Why do you assume that President Obama is incapable of or refuses to make similar calculations? Especially since, in his case, he has the significant benefits of MUCH better information? Why, please? I honestly would like to see your HONEST answer to this question.

I don't know the details of CPS, but often there are admins that could be let go. NYC_SKP Sep 2012 #1
Top heavy admin salaries could be reduced. ananda Sep 2012 #2
You want other people laid off so you can get a bigger raise? nt Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #228
I'd like to see someone answer this. Joe the Revelator Sep 2012 #243
That was a huge leap from 'cut some of the salaries of administrations' to 'so you want to see sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #258
DIRECTLY from post 2 Joe the Revelator Sep 2012 #266
they can. rube goldberg designs too many central offices. Check the roguevalley Sep 2012 #286
end financing schools with property taxes. Make it roguevalley Sep 2012 #287
The devil is always in the details. Tansy_Gold Sep 2012 #9
This is not about salaries... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #176
Actually, that's part of it, according to a poster teacher here on DU yesterday, and news reports. Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #227
I agree there are multiple... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #239
Correct. Triloon Sep 2012 #276
Yep. n/t YvonneCa Sep 2012 #279
If you think education is expensive wait til you see how much stupid costs. JaneyVee Sep 2012 #3
the cme doesnt trade stock they trade commoditys rdking647 Sep 2012 #5
Not if NY stock transactions are taxed as well. Which should be the case. JaneyVee Sep 2012 #7
its a pretty easy assumption to make when your tax burden is maong the highest in th ecountry rdking647 Sep 2012 #18
You know what happens when you assume...? JaneyVee Sep 2012 #40
You're making assertions not in evidence. What is the effective tax rate in Chicago? leveymg Sep 2012 #204
sales tax in chicago is 9.5% rdking647 Sep 2012 #222
Surprise Me, Sir, And Tell Me How Much Of that Goes To the City.... The Magistrate Sep 2012 #223
The state rate is 6.25%. The city and county charge an additional 3.25% hack89 Sep 2012 #224
Is there a transactions tax on trades on the CBT? leveymg Sep 2012 #229
ive heard this suggested alot rdking647 Sep 2012 #256
Only "problems" if one doesn't want solutions. On-screen transactions can be taxed, and as for the leveymg Sep 2012 #289
how does chicago tax on screen transaction if the cme moves to another city? rdking647 Sep 2012 #292
SEC regulatory change: all trades have to be transacted through a specified exchange - CBT - to leveymg Sep 2012 #298
the cme is not sec regulated. its regulated thru the cftc rdking647 Sep 2012 #299
What percentage of sales tax funds education in Illinois? LiberalAndProud Sep 2012 #255
"...how much stupid costs." randome Sep 2012 #215
WRONG!!! U4ikLefty Sep 2012 #273
and what city is that? rdking647 Sep 2012 #285
Why are the teachers and kids always the ones to suffer when budgets are tight gollygee Sep 2012 #4
chicago teachers are the highest paid in the country rdking647 Sep 2012 #6
Maybe they are paid more highly but teaching in Chicago Public Schools is a tough venue. snappyturtle Sep 2012 #8
Do teachers salaries in a jurisdiction change according to the toughness of the school? Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #231
Your logic doesn't hold up. MercutioATC Sep 2012 #277
Ahhh yes, the good old "according to one study".... 99Forever Sep 2012 #12
Actually the union is quite proud of this fact. Robb Sep 2012 #17
And what? 99Forever Sep 2012 #27
actually its the teachers union itself that proclaims teacher there the 2nd highest paid in the coun rdking647 Sep 2012 #38
So fucking what? 99Forever Sep 2012 #45
when i pointed out the fact the teachers where among the highest paid in teh country you replied rdking647 Sep 2012 #49
Who do you think you are fooling? 99Forever Sep 2012 #54
"ANTI-... "maybe, maybe not... sweetapogee Sep 2012 #102
There's no fucking "maybe, maybe not" about it. 99Forever Sep 2012 #128
This sub-thread makes me sad joeglow3 Sep 2012 #134
it seems MrDiaz Sep 2012 #301
This obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #137
When NO ONE gives on any of the other substantive issues, you go for the biggest "weapon" you have. patrice Sep 2012 #152
That's a pretty poor standard since teachers in the US are very poorly paid compared to other sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #260
not true rdking647 Sep 2012 #262
Lithuania, Slovakia, (where the unemployment rate was 40%) sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #270
You were WRONG about the Chicago sales tax rate being the "highest in the nation" U4ikLefty Sep 2012 #274
I hope you're not a teacher. nt Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #232
I hope you.. 99Forever Sep 2012 #245
Good for them. That's why we need Unions. Teachers are the lowest paid of all the professions, so sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #259
Easy cowboy, we're on the same side here. Robb Sep 2012 #41
Ssshh, we are on an anti-union binge today on this Democratic forum. sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #119
Not so sure about that anymore milwaukeelib33 Sep 2012 #120
I don't consider the Third Way that has infiltrated the party and is in lock step with sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #122
Since the Repukes don't run the city of Chicago hack89 Sep 2012 #123
Lol! One word 'Rahm'! sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #125
Rahm wanted to take down the teacher's union obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #139
Does he have a history of being anti-union or is this a quirk of Chicago power politics? nt hack89 Sep 2012 #163
Rahm has a history of being an asshole - TBF Sep 2012 #190
Put it this way, Paul Ryan came out in support of Rahm today! sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #244
When you're losing pro-union Democrats on an issue, the PR has to be pretty bad. Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #234
No one is losing pro-Union Democrats. The Third Wayers however who have infiltrated sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #249
Maybe you should read some of the posts in this thread. Everyone in DU is pro-union, as far Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #278
The only people in this thread I see opposing the strike, are not people I would call pro-union sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #282
I agree. Chan790 Sep 2012 #281
thats a good attitute rdking647 Sep 2012 #284
See... Chan790 Sep 2012 #295
The highest paid in a high stress, low pay job gollygee Sep 2012 #22
from the teachers union itself rdking647 Sep 2012 #39
So? gollygee Sep 2012 #42
like someone said -- the tallest midget leftyohiolib Sep 2012 #78
Some numbers guardian Sep 2012 #89
Compare the cost of living in Chicago proud2BlibKansan Sep 2012 #144
Chicago cost of living index guardian Sep 2012 #209
60%? gollygee Sep 2012 #219
two differences guardian Sep 2012 #272
The US national average can't be made up just of people with Master's Degrees gollygee Sep 2012 #291
And? obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #147
My only point was in response to a poster that claimed guardian Sep 2012 #210
Teachers in big cities make more than teachers in small towns because gollygee Sep 2012 #171
+1 proud2BlibKansan Sep 2012 #216
chicago is an expensive city dsc Sep 2012 #246
I support teachers. My sister is one. But they are not in the low pay category. Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #235
This is patently untrue. ancianita Sep 2012 #51
actually it is true rdking647 Sep 2012 #201
YOu haven't linked ONE claim you've made today. ancianita Sep 2012 #63
Maybe they're paid highly because the cost of living in Chicago is considerably higher Chorophyll Sep 2012 #99
Good, hopefully one day all teachers will be as highly paid obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #135
And hopefully those of us in the private sector will be as highly paid, too, right? Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #236
And the teachers don't have bachelors and masters degrees? neverforget Sep 2012 #247
That was already said. That's what I responded to. It's not just about YOU, is it? It's about the Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #280
Yeah it's all about me. I want the teachers to neverforget Sep 2012 #308
Public sector jobs pay less than private sector jobs obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #294
Research is your friend, red. GeorgeGist Sep 2012 #200
This is not about anyone's salaries. This is about... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #177
Are the administrators getting more than a 2% raise? nt Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #230
The first thing they need to do Drale Sep 2012 #10
^^THIS^^ ty, Drale. MerryBlooms Sep 2012 #19
One more thing, END Bush's NCLB program the most failed sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #199
Denver temporarily suspended COLA increases for administration. Robb Sep 2012 #11
Cut the administration. Cut the jobs in administration. Cut the pay of administrators. JDPriestly Sep 2012 #13
You're the 2nd person to suggest firing people so you can get a pay raise. Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #237
I don't think you really understand what this is all about. I'm judging only by your comments sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #248
I'm not a school teacher anywhere. I did not earn my living as a teacher. JDPriestly Sep 2012 #300
Anyone with any experience from RL tama Sep 2012 #310
There's no money elsewhere in the budget at all? porphyrian Sep 2012 #14
Yes there is lots of money elsewhere in the budget.. Millions of it has been paid by Rahm to outside sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #263
I thought so. Unacceptable. n/t porphyrian Sep 2012 #290
Break the parking meter contract, tax financial transactions, etc. There's always money available.. Scuba Sep 2012 #15
breaking the parking meter contract=huge damages in a lawsuit. at least the billion they were paid rdking647 Sep 2012 #23
You've fallen for bullshit scare tactics. The parking meter contract was rigged and can be broken.. Scuba Sep 2012 #28
how do you propose they break the contract? rdking647 Sep 2012 #35
I find it interesting michreject Sep 2012 #93
The parking meter contract was (allegedly) rigged, and therefore not legal. See the dif? Scuba Sep 2012 #106
No michreject Sep 2012 #194
You break the contract if the allegations prove true. Sheeeze. Scuba Sep 2012 #203
Sheeeesh................That's a big if michreject Sep 2012 #213
Not really. Any malfeasance during the contracting and a judge will throw it out. Scuba Sep 2012 #214
Finding irreglarties witht the meter deal michreject Sep 2012 #218
Exactly, thank you! sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #126
A) That's BS there is so much tax money floating around Chicago, the machine hires temp workers Egalitarian Thug Sep 2012 #16
Beaut post. ty MerryBlooms Sep 2012 #21
but they dont rdking647 Sep 2012 #26
So your point is to screw the teachers to support the graft? Scuba Sep 2012 #29
its not screwing the teachers rdking647 Sep 2012 #36
If their pay hasn't kept up with cost of living, it's only nominally "more." Robb Sep 2012 #48
Do you work? gollygee Sep 2012 #52
I would say breaking the promise of a raise is "screwing" and "paying them less than promised".... Scuba Sep 2012 #72
Which crooks? Where you from? alcibiades_mystery Sep 2012 #60
Cut the Chicago Police Department (being used as Rahm's 'enforcers' and coalition_unwilling Sep 2012 #20
with the murder rate in chicago so highthats not going to happen rdking647 Sep 2012 #24
If the Chicago PD is so great, then why is the murder rate so high????? Q.E.D. - n/t coalition_unwilling Sep 2012 #30
if the teachers are so great why are test scores so bad? rdking647 Sep 2012 #31
Maybe the kids are dumb. JVS Sep 2012 #43
Welcome to my Ignore list, scab - n/t coalition_unwilling Sep 2012 #47
Seriously -- wtf is wrong with DU today? obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #145
Should the MIRT team be alerted? proud2BlibKansan Sep 2012 #149
I really think something should be done for two main reasons obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #155
Maybe he's a devotee of Michelle Rhee and her ilk. No matter, he's now coalition_unwilling Sep 2012 #275
The rhetoric is even beyond Rhee is some ways obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #293
So you don't like teachers? Maybe it's because NCLB is a failure. Bush's NCLB is one of sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #131
Read... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #179
Apparently the police have failed in their duties in Chicago then. sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #261
CPD already down 2k officers AngryAmish Sep 2012 #57
Pay is Only a Minor Element, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2012 #25
lassuming they limit class sizes rdking647 Sep 2012 #33
Actually, No, sir, It Does Not Mean That The Magistrate Sep 2012 #37
i dont have a problem firing bad teachers rdking647 Sep 2012 #44
Why Is It No Surprise You Are a Charter School Groupie, Sir? The Magistrate Sep 2012 #69
if educational outcomes are the same rdking647 Sep 2012 #74
It Will Cost You The Same, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2012 #81
If it's really ONLY about money, shouldn't this question be, "Why doesn't money make a difference?" patrice Sep 2012 #161
Neither your nor Rahm's POV on this abumbyanyothername Sep 2012 #70
Please define "bad teacher". patrice Sep 2012 #90
You make it sound like there are so many 'bad teachers'... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #181
Someone just tried to hide this post ... holdencaufield Sep 2012 #97
So, union busting is "common sense"? obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #151
Wow. proud2BlibKansan Sep 2012 #146
Advocating union busting on DU obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #153
I would have allowed it to stand. ieoeja Sep 2012 #307
You are advocating 'union busting'... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #180
So it finally comes out. LAGC Sep 2012 #297
I am glad there is a real discussion about not holding teachers accountable for ineducable children AngryAmish Sep 2012 #61
Each teacher ends up with ALL of the mistakes with each student that preceded him/her. It's not patrice Sep 2012 #98
You never know who ate the lead paint, who got an STD from mommy's boyfriend AngryAmish Sep 2012 #105
Parents aren't helping much either. The most common sense of what good curriculum is patrice Sep 2012 #114
There are SEVERAL other issues. Do we know that pay is exclusively the highest patrice Sep 2012 #32
EXACTLY. This is being spun as... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #183
The machine pays NO attention to anything but money, so that's the TOOL that teachers use for more patrice Sep 2012 #193
Use the exhorbitant cigarette tax that your city already charges. JVS Sep 2012 #34
your question misdirects the real responsibility.... mike_c Sep 2012 #46
they can resolve it easily rdking647 Sep 2012 #50
I suspect this is your answer to most labor issues. "fire that teachers." You are supporting Vincardog Sep 2012 #91
And that's what may happen. It comes with a cost... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #185
take a look at their corporate welfare leftyohiolib Sep 2012 #53
lol - there is plenty of money in this country TBF Sep 2012 #55
First of all, you don't know for a fact that Chicago's tax rate is astronomical. ancianita Sep 2012 #56
I lived most of my life in chicago rdking647 Sep 2012 #65
You obviously don't own property there. I have for over 25 years. ancianita Sep 2012 #75
What is "not high". Who are you comparing to? dkf Sep 2012 #124
Your base assumptions are wrong. DisgustipatedinCA Sep 2012 #58
raise taxes??? rdking647 Sep 2012 #71
Ahh so that is where you are coming from Marrah_G Sep 2012 #116
Do you have some numbers on that Charter School claim? You do realize that while sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #130
Figured you were a charter school advocate obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #159
How about this. How about taking all those millions of dollars Rahm is pouring into Private sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #265
Here we go again. Welcome to the new DU. woo me with science Sep 2012 #59
Sometimes individuals do have questions. It's not all about political ideologies. People can just be patrice Sep 2012 #62
Sometimes I wonder treestar Sep 2012 #303
I too wonder about that, because there's no greater threat than validly informed understanding. patrice Sep 2012 #304
some people dont automatically bow down to unions all the time rdking647 Sep 2012 #66
If you want us to regard that as anything more than just your opinion, you should support it with patrice Sep 2012 #73
Oh, please, labor expert, 'splain to us how that has happened? ancianita Sep 2012 #77
Explanations are useful. patrice Sep 2012 #79
We get it. geardaddy Sep 2012 #132
Up thread they advocate busting unions obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #160
Yep, I saw the "Just fire the teachers" comment. geardaddy Sep 2012 #166
I thought I saw the ghost of St.Ronnie in this thread. Autumn Sep 2012 #212
Yup -- it's the 80's again obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #220
Co-relation is not necessarily cause and effect. It can just be chance. patrice Sep 2012 #68
Seems to me anti union has frequently been an undercurrent here. davsand Sep 2012 #94
If you're against defending drone strikes, be prepared for an awkward moment at the ballot box. alp227 Sep 2012 #283
That statement presumes an absolutely God-like knowledge & understanding of ALL of the factors. patrice Sep 2012 #305
Some people are so obsessed with authority that everything is explained in terms of that, rather patrice Sep 2012 #306
And the alternative is...acceptable? KansDem Sep 2012 #64
hi Rahm Enrique Sep 2012 #67
+1 I'm heading over to kick xchrom's post. woo me with science Sep 2012 #80
Tell us "what they are demanding". Do you know? HiPointDem Sep 2012 #76
Yes! Kids are about a whole lot more stuff than just $$$!! So what is this about? patrice Sep 2012 #84
There is PLENTY of money. Zoeisright Sep 2012 #82
Are there union busters on this message board? The Link Sep 2012 #83
Some people really are just, uh . . . un-informed. I know I am. patrice Sep 2012 #87
The astroturfers do come out on specific issues. It's uncanny. backscatter712 Sep 2012 #143
Yes, literally so obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #162
Bad timing ~ goclark Sep 2012 #85
Unfortunately, the school year is not actually based on the election cycle. nt Chorophyll Sep 2012 #100
Solidarity and people's rights have no condition, no waiting period obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #165
Wrong, this is exactly the right time for them to speak out. Where did this idea that the people sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #267
83 replies and NOT ONE REC should tell you something. ancianita Sep 2012 #86
it tells me that my opinion is unpopular here rdking647 Sep 2012 #88
Facts aboutcity taxes and school budgets don't matter to you, either. ancianita Sep 2012 #92
I don't know enough about Chicago to make a claim jpbollma Sep 2012 #95
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Sep 2012 #197
Correction, anti-Union sentiment is unpopular with Democrats everywhere, not necessarily sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #198
Shocking discovery - take it back to Mayor Rahmney. He's not too popular here, either. leveymg Sep 2012 #207
All that matters to you is busting the union. neverforget Sep 2012 #250
I fully support unions. Alduin Sep 2012 #96
Why is it crap? jpbollma Sep 2012 #101
Also jpbollma Sep 2012 #103
One reason it could be "crap" is that people do not understand that teachers have very little power patrice Sep 2012 #108
Thank you. Alduin Sep 2012 #127
I taught high school for 8 years, mostly middle-&-upper-middle. I also still personally know patrice Sep 2012 #142
Thank you! And uninformed... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #175
Most of our culture has a bad habit of, "It's the other guy/gal!" Teachers don't have that luxury. patrice Sep 2012 #182
The OP has stated he is a union buster obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #167
Rahm has poured millions of funds into Private Corporations, some of them from outside sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #268
Educate yourself on why the teachers are striking lunatica Sep 2012 #104
Lunatica jpbollma Sep 2012 #107
Have you searched DU? A couple of pretty good articles were posted lastnight. patrice Sep 2012 #112
Here's a link to an overview: patrice Sep 2012 #118
Let's talk about that "no more money" HiPointDem Sep 2012 #109
Cut administrator positions and salaries nt abelenkpe Sep 2012 #110
The Illinois income tax rate is a flat 5%. Nye Bevan Sep 2012 #111
and chicagos sales tax is 9.5% rdking647 Sep 2012 #113
I did find some info on the test based jpbollma Sep 2012 #117
Why not bring it to a vote? former-republican Sep 2012 #148
They can make cuts elsewhere Marrah_G Sep 2012 #115
The points you make suggest that this might actually be an opportunity for authentic change.nt patrice Sep 2012 #121
Half what they spend on charters will reduce class sizes proud2BlibKansan Sep 2012 #129
How much do the administrators make? obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #136
What the hell is this RW anti-union shit doing on DU??? Odin2005 Sep 2012 #138
I'm wondering the same thing. backscatter712 Sep 2012 #141
At least two big threads like this today obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #150
no one has objected... madrchsod Sep 2012 #158
Post removed Post removed Sep 2012 #140
Ever notice that RW propagandists NEVER ask this question... 99Forever Sep 2012 #154
i take it you live in chicago,cook county ,or illinois. madrchsod Sep 2012 #156
Oh, I'm naive, but I think teachers could be as well paid as defense contractors' executives and... CreekDog Sep 2012 #157
+1000000000 IMO, this is because "Pro-Life", as we know it, is a lie. nt patrice Sep 2012 #168
THEY HAVE MONEY IN RESERVE!!!! special snowflake Sep 2012 #164
Teachers know that this is about more than money; money is the last means available to them to patrice Sep 2012 #173
Money is the spin. Make the teachers look greedy... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #187
Clearly we shoud return to a feudal system of government. hunter Sep 2012 #169
Straight out, are you a union buster? nt patrice Sep 2012 #170
I wonder how much this scab gets paid. n/t backscatter712 Sep 2012 #172
I wish to goodness that this board would at least have them register, even if they don't tell us. patrice Sep 2012 #174
Seems to me, he asked a fair question badtoworse Sep 2012 #184
Karen Lewis said straight out last night that the compensation dispute is pretty small riderinthestorm Sep 2012 #178
Emmanuel said it was about the increased hours required for the 2% raise. nt Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #238
Municipal bonds for my first guess. LanternWaste Sep 2012 #186
Bonds generally finance capital expense, not operating expense. badtoworse Sep 2012 #188
I believe it depends on whether the bond initiative is for a capital fund or a general fund. LanternWaste Sep 2012 #192
Chicago has more than enough money thelordofhell Sep 2012 #189
LOL, union bashing is alive and well today NiteOwll Sep 2012 #191
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Sep 2012 #195
I would suggest looking at the tax structure for Chicago, MadHound Sep 2012 #196
right now the chicago schools face a 665m deficit this year rdking647 Sep 2012 #202
There are other options. My favorite: surcharge tax on hot air and RW talking points. leveymg Sep 2012 #205
did you miss this little nugget from that report rdking647 Sep 2012 #208
I don't recommend the entire package, just that there are parts of a solution suggested within. leveymg Sep 2012 #225
I think you have me confused with somebody else, MadHound Sep 2012 #211
How about the millions that Rahm has redirected to the Private Corporations sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #269
"parents of Chicago schoolchildren were almost three times more likely to back the unions Zorra Sep 2012 #206
man i dig coming to DU to read anti-union threads KG Sep 2012 #217
Yep, they're coming out of the woodwork now. valerief Sep 2012 #254
Tweet from Tea Party Cat gollygee Sep 2012 #221
you can bet that if they needed a new football stadium, they would easily find the money spanone Sep 2012 #226
I think every worker in America needs to stop. Maybe B Calm Sep 2012 #233
*sigh* Lifelong Protester Sep 2012 #240
Best response in this silly thread. LAGC Sep 2012 #296
Thank YOU! Lifelong Protester Sep 2012 #312
"there is simply no more money " the CBOE has plenty of money Agony Sep 2012 #241
exactly how. rdking647 Sep 2012 #242
chicago isn't alone, public education could use some help in phiily or new york or even london Agony Sep 2012 #251
The problem isn't salary. It's healthcare. nt valerief Sep 2012 #252
Taxes. Property taxes. State & city taxes. geckosfeet Sep 2012 #253
raise taxes on rich fuckers like Rahm. rateyes Sep 2012 #257
Maybe they shouldn't have privatized the parking meters for 75 years? Pholus Sep 2012 #264
How do you propose teachers deal with situations like this? izzybeans Sep 2012 #271
This message was self-deleted by its author AnotherMcIntosh Sep 2012 #288
The DU answer will be to raise taxes on the other guy to pay for it taught_me_patience Sep 2012 #302
As opposed to who perchance? nt Pholus Sep 2012 #309
How about we all chip in and pay more? taught_me_patience Sep 2012 #311
I've never had a problem with my tax rate, so why not? Pholus Sep 2012 #313
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