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Thu Apr 2, 2020, 06:25 AM Apr 2020

Do you think your governor has done a good job during the pandemic? [View all]

We all know Trump has not, but how about your governor? I think Gov. Wolf in PA has been great. Issued non-essential business closures very early, which became early stay at home orders in the worst spots in the state. Expanded the stay at home order when needed. I definitely think PA would be worse without his actions.

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Yes, he/she has done a good job
99 (72%)
No, he/she has not done a good job
33 (24%)
Not sure yet
2 (1%)
Other (explain in post)
3 (2%)
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We have Governor "Do Nothing" Parsons Sherman A1 Apr 2020 #1
I have to give Mike DeWine credit True Blue American Apr 2020 #3
He certainly seems to be on top of things Sherman A1 Apr 2020 #11
Agree... Wuddles440 Apr 2020 #100
Governor Rufus T. Hounddog - so fucking SICK of these redneck clowns . . . hatrack Apr 2020 #16
I hate that unelected piece of sh*t UpInArms Apr 2020 #72
He's a folksy dishrag hatrack Apr 2020 #90
co-signed (n/t) Moostache Apr 2020 #128
I agree w/ you. I'm in STLMO, and at least they have stay at home orders for both KCMO and... SWBTATTReg Apr 2020 #129
We have Pritzker and he has been doing all he can from day one and levels with us on a daily basis beachbumbob Apr 2020 #2
Fully Agree ProfessorGAC Apr 2020 #22
Yep. Gidney N Cloyd Apr 2020 #118
So true. mantis49 Apr 2020 #144
jb has done as much as he can questionseverything Apr 2020 #166
Yes and also props to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Withywindle Apr 2020 #174
Thumbs up for Gov. Whitmer Kaleva Apr 2020 #4
Agreed! snpsmom Apr 2020 #20
Agreed...she's awesome N_E_1 for Tennis Apr 2020 #56
Proud to be governed by... Mad cow Apr 2020 #60
I have never supported DeWine in the past (nor would I vote for him) Maeve Apr 2020 #5
Same here True Blue American Apr 2020 #23
Yes, take a look at Michigan to see how bad our numbers might've been Doremus Apr 2020 #127
She's reality-based Maeve Apr 2020 #142
Cuomo, 'nuff said. WePurrsevere Apr 2020 #6
Kraft sent his Patriots plane to China True Blue American Apr 2020 #25
300,000 of these masks are headed for New York. Totally Tunsie Apr 2020 #117
Kraft sent the Patriots plane China to bring masks back to the US.... WePurrsevere Apr 2020 #123
Same! mdelaguna Apr 2020 #33
I'm another NYer who is impressed with Governor Cuomo's leadership (n/t) PJMcK Apr 2020 #40
Thank goodness for Gov. Andrew Cuomo! ARPad95 Apr 2020 #119
Gov. Scott in Vermont handmade34 Apr 2020 #7
Governor Tim Walz from Minnesota has been fantastic. LiberalBrooke Apr 2020 #8
Yes. He's watching out for the disadvantaged, and the newly-disadvantaged. n/t Mister Ed Apr 2020 #49
I live in Florida. What do you think? tavernier Apr 2020 #9
im sorry :( samnsara Apr 2020 #13
Thanks! No worries though, tavernier Apr 2020 #43
Great cilla4progress Apr 2020 #130
We did! tavernier Apr 2020 #148
Right there with. Phoenix61 Apr 2020 #52
Nikki Fried has been strong and has done her job well. Blue_true Apr 2020 #145
Governor Cuomo has been exceedingly exceptional... EarthFirst Apr 2020 #10
Me too Danmel Apr 2020 #94
Im in Wash state and if Inslee hadnt acted so quickly with Americas first case.. samnsara Apr 2020 #12
Washingtonian here too - I hope Inslee pnwest Apr 2020 #69
I agree ismnotwasm Apr 2020 #106
I'm in WA also A Brand New World Apr 2020 #158
Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine, is doing an excellent job. SamKnause Apr 2020 #14
Charlie Baker has done very well MissMillie Apr 2020 #15
DeWine stopped alcohol sales. True Blue American Apr 2020 #26
You mean shut down bars, right? They sell it at Kroger. doc03 Apr 2020 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author True Blue American Apr 2020 #75
seems short-sighted MissMillie Apr 2020 #32
Bars only--liquor stores are still open Maeve Apr 2020 #73
You can buy alcohol in grocery stores. we can do it Apr 2020 #35
I think that was a joke, I got Rick-rolled when pnwest Apr 2020 #70
He could have done better. I give him 7 out of 10. bluescribbler Apr 2020 #179
Where is the "He's tryking to kill us" option? xmas74 Apr 2020 #17
Texas here. Mayor Nirenberg and Judge Wolfe are dems. Luz Apr 2020 #18
Yes, Gov. Newsom has done a good job. TruckFump Apr 2020 #19
CA Governor Newspm Frances Apr 2020 #21
He put six counties away right away. That was seven million right there.Then four days later, the emmaverybo Apr 2020 #86
Agreed stevil Apr 2020 #103
YES!!! nt Raine Apr 2020 #138
+1 shanti Apr 2020 #149
My governor is DeSantis Chainfire Apr 2020 #24
+1 rzemanfl Apr 2020 #46
Ned Lamont, outstanding. dem4decades Apr 2020 #27
Doing what he can under difficult circumstances. CTyankee Apr 2020 #112
DeSantis has no clue what is going on Sunsky Apr 2020 #28
And him exempting church services from the Stay-at-Home order just exposes his vile pandering. catbyte Apr 2020 #30
He seems to be doing the worst job of all mvd Apr 2020 #101
Yes, and as an extra added bonus, Governor Whitmer triggered the Snowflake-in-Chief, catbyte Apr 2020 #29
Gov Wolf has been good DeminPennswoods Apr 2020 #34
Here's another vote for the Governor of PA. Butterflylady Apr 2020 #139
Can you imagine if Trump clone Scott Wagner DeminPennswoods Apr 2020 #153
I didn't vote for him but Governor DeWine has been a real leader on this doc03 Apr 2020 #36
Gov. Carney working hard for Delaware. we can do it Apr 2020 #37
No. Georgia's governor is a creature named Kemp Glorfindel Apr 2020 #38
I am deleting my critical remarks about Baker because I shouldn't have been looking for seaglass Apr 2020 #39
Evers has done well. He is up against the repubs from hell in Wisconsin, and he Tech Apr 2020 #41
That woman pamdb Apr 2020 #42
Yes Faux pas Apr 2020 #44
AR here. Governor Hutchison has been holding daily briefings that deal with facts and data. Arkansas Granny Apr 2020 #45
Hogan. Surprisingly competent for a Republican. crazylikafox Apr 2020 #47
Gov Roy Cooper NC dweller Apr 2020 #48
uh.. Cooper? bullimiami Apr 2020 #53
ah jeez dweller Apr 2020 #59
On Mar 28th, my wife (80y) entered Chapel Hill Hosp ER for blocked intestine. Not crowded, NCjack Apr 2020 #115
sounds like your wife is doing okay now? renate Apr 2020 #121
Had bowel surgery and all is good. NCjack Apr 2020 #122
Yay! renate Apr 2020 #146
Stupid Ass Governor Stitt, one step about Mattress Mary Fallin. redstatebluegirl Apr 2020 #50
My governor is Armin Laschet DFW Apr 2020 #51
Doesn't fit the stereotype about Germany being well organized treestar Apr 2020 #111
More false than true. DFW Apr 2020 #172
Really interesting, thanks! treestar Apr 2020 #180
The difference is DFW Apr 2020 #181
McMaster in South Carolina Catbird Apr 2020 #54
It will get worse. GoCubsGo Apr 2020 #78
Democratic N.C. Governor Roy Cooper is doing a great job. yardwork Apr 2020 #55
Here in Florida DeSantis has been dragging his feet from the start. Who knows how many lives sop Apr 2020 #57
I live in Texas Gothmog Apr 2020 #58
Yep. n/t TwistedTinkerbelle Apr 2020 #85
Mike DeWine. Doing a great job. Daily news conferences with Ohio Health Director Amy Acton. Cousin Dupree Apr 2020 #61
Where is the HELL NO. Ferrets are Cool Apr 2020 #62
This message was self-deleted by its author Cousin Dupree Apr 2020 #63
She, but yes...head right up TheOrangeAnus. nt Ferrets are Cool Apr 2020 #64
Sorry. I was thinking of the Mississippi guy. LOL Cousin Dupree Apr 2020 #65
No....Florida....n/t bluecollar2 Apr 2020 #66
Washington State here Andy823 Apr 2020 #67
He'd be a damn fine Pres, but I'm glad he's running our state... Wounded Bear Apr 2020 #81
I know, right? cilla4progress Apr 2020 #132
Inspite of being Repug, NH's gov got right on it sarge43 Apr 2020 #68
Proud to say mine is Gov. Cuomo ... CatMor Apr 2020 #71
Since Trump is no leader, Cuomo has stepped in for N.Y. and even the nation mvd Apr 2020 #105
I too always liked his dad. CatMor Apr 2020 #125
Virginia, and I think Governor Northam has been doing a good job. phylny Apr 2020 #74
Bullock. MontanaFarmer Apr 2020 #76
I am so thankful that he is still in office to handle this. GemDigger Apr 2020 #93
Oregon Gov. Brown is doing a good job. mommymarine2003 Apr 2020 #77
JB Pritzker has been excellent greenjar_01 Apr 2020 #79
Jay Inslee. WA Ferryboat Apr 2020 #80
Great to see him getting national reknown. cilla4progress Apr 2020 #134
Iowa - Trump lickspittle Kim Reynolds Cairycat Apr 2020 #82
yes. I live in California. daily briefings. he's on it. Demovictory9 Apr 2020 #83
Gov. Lee in TN is doing such a good job.... Alacritous Crier Apr 2020 #84
Yes, I feel very lucky to be living in California right now. MrsCoffee Apr 2020 #87
Another thumbs up for Democratic Governor Roy Cooper of NC mnhtnbb Apr 2020 #88
Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers is great! Greybnk48 Apr 2020 #89
Gina Raimundo has been mixed RhodeIslandOne Apr 2020 #91
IMO, Gina's positives have far outweighed her negatives. Totally Tunsie Apr 2020 #137
Yes. Mike DeWine has been on top of things - I must admit. ElementaryPenguin Apr 2020 #92
NM gov Michelle Lujan Grisham has been outstanding womanofthehills Apr 2020 #95
well said.... chillfactor Apr 2020 #99
Yes, even my Trump loving friend was impressed with her leadership and command with everything. nt Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #165
Nope, I'm in Tennessee. cry baby Apr 2020 #96
What's insane about the situation in some places Proud Liberal Dem Apr 2020 #163
That's absolutely correct. nt cry baby Apr 2020 #167
Illinois Governor Pritzker rocks! nt live love laugh Apr 2020 #97
Governor Hogan of Maryland qwlauren35 Apr 2020 #98
Good to hear that mvd Apr 2020 #104
Tim Walz has been handling the situation very well, but has been frustrated The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2020 #102
UT. I don't know and probably won't know. defacto7 Apr 2020 #107
Georgia, here: What governor? nt Buns_of_Fire Apr 2020 #108
Mmm - Kemp doesn't sound too bright. Totally Tunsie Apr 2020 #175
Laura Kelly in Kansas MuseRider Apr 2020 #109
+1 Shrek Apr 2020 #177
Carney of Delaware. Hard to say yet treestar Apr 2020 #110
She's doing the best she can. MoonRiver Apr 2020 #113
Gov. Lamont in Connecticut seems to be doing a good job krispos42 Apr 2020 #114
100 percent no. Desantis, Florida dewsgirl Apr 2020 #116
Gov. Cuomo has done an excellent job during the pandemic. n/t Niagara Apr 2020 #120
Cuomo wat you think? whistler162 Apr 2020 #124
Yes, MD's Hogan has been doing well. elleng Apr 2020 #126
We don't have a governor. FM123 Apr 2020 #131
OK gov Stitt is Trump Lite Runningdawg Apr 2020 #133
Governor Newsom ... ABSOLUTELY! nt Raine Apr 2020 #135
Denver here Livluvgrow Apr 2020 #136
Phil Murphy in NJ 2golddogs Apr 2020 #140
Newsom has been great msdogi Apr 2020 #141
I live in Florida. The democratic Agriculture Comish has been exceptional. Blue_true Apr 2020 #143
The dotard called Governor Inslee a snake Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2020 #147
so far, so good.. stillcool Apr 2020 #150
Yes, Gov Tony Evers--Wisconsin snacker Apr 2020 #151
Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, New Mexico fantase56 Apr 2020 #152
PA - Governor Wolf Tree-Hugger Apr 2020 #154
In Colorado feeling safe randr Apr 2020 #155
AZ stooge/trump governor Ducey has been late on everything kairos12 Apr 2020 #156
Polis in Colorado has been doing a good job Mountain Mule Apr 2020 #157
You should ask by party grantcart Apr 2020 #159
Blue state, Oregon. Brown was right there with Washington state, isolating, canceling events. LizBeth Apr 2020 #160
West Virginia -- Republican Governor Jim Justice Staph Apr 2020 #161
I feel like Indiana's Governor Eric Holcomb (Republican) has done a decent job Proud Liberal Dem Apr 2020 #162
Yes. Iggo Apr 2020 #164
Yeeeaaah...that's gonna be a NO from me. I have the governor who apparently didn't understand Budgies Revenge Apr 2020 #168
Gavin Newsom! denbot Apr 2020 #169
Andy Beshear is giving the facts and getting it done in spite of Reds everywhere. Hermit-The-Prog Apr 2020 #170
OH-Dewine and Dr. Amy Acton Mendocino Apr 2020 #171
I'm fortunate to live in California. We have troubles, yes, but few of our own making . . . Journeyman Apr 2020 #173
Maggot hates Inslee MFM008 Apr 2020 #176
Governor Roy Cooper of NC neeksgeek Apr 2020 #178
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