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10. Romney is even more dangerous as a potential "leader" right now
Wed Sep 12, 2012, 08:05 AM
Sep 2012

without question.

The reality is that electing the most foreign policy unfit President/Vice-Presidential pair in recent memory to hold office at this complicated and perilous moment would be disastrous.

But we've seen that one thing a pair like that will specialize in is "bold," reckless, drum-beating inflammatory rhetoric that can play all too well to a populace rocked by the incidents of the last 24 hours.

My fear is that a nuanced, clearly thought out response to these attacks may not be what carries the day among our public.

It's definitely a game changer lame54 Sep 2012 #1
How so? alcibiades_mystery Sep 2012 #27
It's red meat for the right to chew on... lame54 Sep 2012 #33
really? so I guess the Americans would like to invade Lybia and Egypt. That would show them how still_one Sep 2012 #40
What's with the lecture... lame54 Sep 2012 #45
you are right, the additional verbosity was not called for. To your point. The attention span still_one Sep 2012 #46
Technology - is there anything you can't do... lame54 Sep 2012 #53
Who knows, but I do believe Obama will rise above the fray. He always does /nt still_one Sep 2012 #59
I'm not worried about Obama's actions... lame54 Sep 2012 #61
Maybe. President Obama has the upper hand on foreign policy. All depends on how this lightcameron Sep 2012 #57
After the last 2 wars, I'm not sure so many want blood. mucifer Sep 2012 #2
This is the point I was trying to make this morning Biafran Sep 2012 #3
ABC News had a tv program EVERY night discussing Carter's failings. mucifer Sep 2012 #9
Absolutely - this is not remotely the same jsmirman Sep 2012 #13
this is much closer to Georgia-Russia 08... than Iran hostages 80.. oldhippydude Sep 2012 #60
He already has I am sure. Romney looks reckless and feckless and Obama looks CTyankee Sep 2012 #30
Absolutely agree! Obama will show his best...strong Raven Sep 2012 #38
Yeah, I agree. Romney is going to rapidly look like a total idiot. He doesn't understand Nay Sep 2012 #63
This is not the same as Carter's Iranian hostage crisis. WI_DEM Sep 2012 #48
Fucking ridiculous that your post got hidden. I read it and though I didn't agree lightcameron Sep 2012 #58
We need to start going after Romney... luvspeas Sep 2012 #4
Rootin' Tootin' Romney is the one off the rails C_U_L8R Sep 2012 #5
Romney is even more dangerous as a potential "leader" right now jsmirman Sep 2012 #10
+1,000! The contrast is stark. Romney's shoot from the Surya Gayatri Sep 2012 #12
Yes. Neither Romney nor Obama has all the facts yet. JDPriestly Sep 2012 #21
Exactly - this is no "game changer" treestar Sep 2012 #31
What we have here is three groups of civilians in three countries, no_hypocrisy Sep 2012 #6
Actually, I don't think we know that for sure either. It is just too soon to reach JDPriestly Sep 2012 #23
It won't be a game changer if Obama makes a powerful public condemnation - today. reformist2 Sep 2012 #7
Has it been officially established that Muslim terrorists are involved? lunatica Sep 2012 #20
Well, in Egypt they leftynyc Sep 2012 #24
I'm trying to figure out what's actually going on lunatica Sep 2012 #29
Romney is still lying untrustable weird out of touch Romney KurtNYC Sep 2012 #8
I think everyone can be glad "Mr. Diplomacy (sarcasm)" Romney isn't president right now gollygee Sep 2012 #11
This is NOT a "game-changer", folks. Obama will win in November. DinahMoeHum Sep 2012 #14
sad for me to admit blueknight Sep 2012 #15
It should open that discussion. Barack_America Sep 2012 #16
just relax, breathe. This is not a Game Changer. No one will remember this in a week NightWatcher Sep 2012 #17
You could be right - partially, I am shaken by the news of a US Ambassador killed jsmirman Sep 2012 #19
when more people watch Honey Boo Boo than can find Libya or Egypt on a map... NightWatcher Sep 2012 #22
It is an American Ambassador killed in the line of duty jsmirman Sep 2012 #28
how many American People got outraged at the number of troops KIA? NightWatcher Sep 2012 #35
They should have a similar impact jsmirman Sep 2012 #37
I felt the same way. Utter shock and then an awful feeling... CTyankee Sep 2012 #47
Very true get the red out Sep 2012 #26
Not true, Romney will shove this down the Presidents throat for the next ten weeks NotThisTime Sep 2012 #55
First we, the US need to find out if this was just a mob or a terrorist organization lunatica Sep 2012 #18
Exactly folks former-republican Sep 2012 #44
Not so. The pile on is already backfiring on Rmoney and the GOP. mfcorey1 Sep 2012 #25
I think the point is that they piled on. n/t nebenaube Sep 2012 #51
yep. it will keep Obama in the white house. spanone Sep 2012 #32
Absolutely not. treestar Sep 2012 #34
no its not quinnox Sep 2012 #36
"no its not" what? jsmirman Sep 2012 #39
its not something that will change the election or is a major event quinnox Sep 2012 #42
Are you kidding me? Even Erik Erikson said Romney needs to not speak about this right now. Jennicut Sep 2012 #41
If his campaign's blunders are any indication, we have seen what a Romney CTyankee Sep 2012 #49
Get serious. GeorgeGist Sep 2012 #43
The timing of the incident is curious, to say the least... Blue_Tires Sep 2012 #50
Good grief! Stop propping up ProSense Sep 2012 #52
Remember; this was a mob, not a country CanonRay Sep 2012 #54
I do not want Mr. Romney answering the phone at 3:00am CanonRay Sep 2012 #56
God help us if Mitt is elected nt maryellen99 Sep 2012 #62
Well, I hadn't counted on Romney being Romney jsmirman Sep 2012 #64
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