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6. Biden already put out his plan in March. You just missed it.
Fri Apr 24, 2020, 10:18 AM
Apr 2020

Biden also tried to go on CNN and MSNBC and you missed them as well. It's partly the media's fault that Biden's interviews doesn't get repeated in every news show.

But this is the disadvantage for not saying the most outrage things and only speak sensible things that almost every other sane person is saying. The most outrage things (Trump stupid words) will get repeated non-stop but the sane person will be ignored because other people are saying the same thing.

he should Matthew28 Apr 2020 #1
Biden already put out his plan in March. You just missed it. Claustrum Apr 2020 #6
How does he "get on TV?" Eliot Rosewater Apr 2020 #2
Ask. Cousin Dupree Apr 2020 #5
The de facto Democratic Party candidate for President should be able to get on TV Caliman73 Apr 2020 #19
Buying ads? cwydro Apr 2020 #28
I personally don't think he should Claustrum Apr 2020 #3
it's not about the pandemic. It's about pointing out the idiocy and irresponsibility of Pres. Cousin Dupree Apr 2020 #9
All of Trump stupid words never really hurt him, his poll numbers are always 40% ish Claustrum Apr 2020 #11
He's giving Trump enough rope. Aristus Apr 2020 #4
Contrary to what the media has claimed, that strategy actually worked well for HRC in 2016. StevieM Apr 2020 #26
Thanks! Aristus Apr 2020 #27
None of that matters Loki Liesmith Apr 2020 #7
With out a doubt BlueJac Apr 2020 #8
Play hard ball, some times . . . the old pols have a sense of 'timing makes a difference' empedocles Apr 2020 #10
that and cherishing old relics Nature Man Apr 2020 #12
Don't want to 'cherish' old relics like Clint Eastwood, but good to have him in our Biden tent empedocles Apr 2020 #14
What will it serve? The GOP smear brigade. LakeArenal Apr 2020 #13
Hopefully it'll turn up in one of his powerful ads. Talitha Apr 2020 #15
On rare occasions, I agree with David Brooks of the NYT and PBS News Hour mcar Apr 2020 #16
+1 crickets Apr 2020 #22
Agree. Notably, there are severe limits to what a man not in office Hortensis Apr 2020 #24
Exactly mcar Apr 2020 #25
I've thought this for awhile now. MoonRiver Apr 2020 #17
Well, some of that could be the media.. mvd Apr 2020 #18
Naw. Let Trump give more ammo with his weird crap ismnotwasm Apr 2020 #20
Biden absolutely should let this be. Trump is shooting himself in the foot karynnj Apr 2020 #21
Yes, he, his campaign, our party and many Democratic Hortensis Apr 2020 #23
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