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he should Matthew28 Apr 2020 #1
Biden already put out his plan in March. You just missed it. Claustrum Apr 2020 #6
How does he "get on TV?" Eliot Rosewater Apr 2020 #2
Ask. Cousin Dupree Apr 2020 #5
The de facto Democratic Party candidate for President should be able to get on TV Caliman73 Apr 2020 #19
Buying ads? cwydro Apr 2020 #28
I personally don't think he should Claustrum Apr 2020 #3
it's not about the pandemic. It's about pointing out the idiocy and irresponsibility of Pres. Cousin Dupree Apr 2020 #9
All of Trump stupid words never really hurt him, his poll numbers are always 40% ish Claustrum Apr 2020 #11
He's giving Trump enough rope. Aristus Apr 2020 #4
Contrary to what the media has claimed, that strategy actually worked well for HRC in 2016. StevieM Apr 2020 #26
Thanks! Aristus Apr 2020 #27
None of that matters Loki Liesmith Apr 2020 #7
With out a doubt BlueJac Apr 2020 #8
Play hard ball, some times . . . the old pols have a sense of 'timing makes a difference' empedocles Apr 2020 #10
that and cherishing old relics Nature Man Apr 2020 #12
Don't want to 'cherish' old relics like Clint Eastwood, but good to have him in our Biden tent empedocles Apr 2020 #14
What will it serve? The GOP smear brigade. LakeArenal Apr 2020 #13
Hopefully it'll turn up in one of his powerful ads. Talitha Apr 2020 #15
On rare occasions, I agree with David Brooks of the NYT and PBS News Hour mcar Apr 2020 #16
+1 crickets Apr 2020 #22
Agree. Notably, there are severe limits to what a man not in office Hortensis Apr 2020 #24
Exactly mcar Apr 2020 #25
I've thought this for awhile now. MoonRiver Apr 2020 #17
Well, some of that could be the media.. mvd Apr 2020 #18
Naw. Let Trump give more ammo with his weird crap ismnotwasm Apr 2020 #20
Biden absolutely should let this be. Trump is shooting himself in the foot karynnj Apr 2020 #21
Yes, he, his campaign, our party and many Democratic Hortensis Apr 2020 #23
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