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Thu Apr 30, 2020, 10:37 PM Apr 2020

I think we are in a really, really dangerous place right now. [View all]

Just a few minutes thinking about news of the day -

the Tara Reade thing (like Franken on Steroids)
The guns at the rally in Michigan
trump breaking all of the rules and running roughshod over decency
the ignorance being shown with regard to COVID and the stay at home orders - visibly suicidal ignoramuses

It's as if the educated, the liberal, the thinking - US - are all being marginalized. Trump stole the election (or should I say Putin stole it for him) - and he is gloating. 3 1/2 years of gloating. He thinks he can't be touched.

Now we have the Reade thing and it appears as though the meddling and funny business that happened in 2016 could be just the beginning.

I am not going to speculate on possibilities, or veer off into needlessly crazy talk (though some crazy things do enter my mind) - but it gets harder and harder to see a way out of any of this, because no one seems to want to stand up to the asshole in the white house or his party - and the cult is really getting energized even more now.

And that is not to even mention we are well past 60K deaths and it is technically still April.

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either we tune up our collective bs detectors, or we all die. mopinko Apr 2020 #1
hey pal! doing ok? NRaleighLiberal Apr 2020 #3
i'm doing really well these days. mopinko Apr 2020 #4
Sue and I are lucky, being retired, and in a rural area NRaleighLiberal Apr 2020 #7
it's fine w me, too. mopinko May 2020 #27
Biden just needs DownriverDem May 2020 #34
Yeah. Vote even if you have to crawl to the polls Joinfortmill Apr 2020 #2
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2020 #5
no panic attack here. just utter disgust daily. NRaleighLiberal Apr 2020 #8
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2020 #22
Already ordered my absentee ballot, R Merm May 2020 #37
Welcome aboard. A HERETIC I AM Apr 2020 #10
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2020 #23
I'm inclinded to agree with you, and then some. A HERETIC I AM Apr 2020 #6
Add this. GP6971 Apr 2020 #9
and #45 made a huge snarky deal about it too. yellowdogintexas May 2020 #15
The animal is cornered Dirty Socialist Apr 2020 #11
well I don't watch media and I have been just following a few news breaks peacebuzzard May 2020 #12
Reade will be the new "email" story and yes it is setting up that way. Rs have gone all in Pepsidog May 2020 #13
+1 uponit7771 May 2020 #26
The dems need to counter with every single one of the rape charges against trump, plus the BComplex May 2020 #28
He should sue her. Good point. Pepsidog May 2020 #29
It depends not fooled May 2020 #14
The groups of people doing these things murielm99 May 2020 #20
+1 ancianita May 2020 #32
Amen cheezmaka May 2020 #35
This entire thing is a powder keg waiting to explode. Initech May 2020 #16
November 4th through January 20th, is what keeps me up at night. sarcasmo May 2020 #19
Drumpf Is Going To Take High Ground On This One? sfstaxprep May 2020 #17
We've been in a really dangerous place for a long time. KPN May 2020 #18
People who are smart enough customerserviceguy May 2020 #21
Don't think the "Reade thing" is nearly the big deal some stopdiggin May 2020 #24
The Tara Reade thing is not like Al Franken kcr May 2020 #25
We need to start really powering up. In unified actions as well as potent messaging. ACT UP. JudyM May 2020 #30
Put your thoughts here bucolic_frolic May 2020 #31
dems/left just have to end the stupidest political mistake in history and stop ignoring talk radio certainot May 2020 #33
Reade is clearly screwy, a paid liar, or both. hadEnuf May 2020 #36
The full power of the presidency will be turned to staying in power. For the first time, wiggs May 2020 #38
On the bright side, it seems that Tara Reade is full of shit. backscatter712 May 2020 #39
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