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9. I'm gonna go to hell for sure!
Sun May 3, 2020, 06:53 PM
May 2020

My first reaction was to laugh when the building supervisor said she seemed so nice.

Yikes. LisaL May 2020 #1
Can't wait to find out more about this. smirkymonkey May 2020 #2
There's almost never a follow-up with interesting stories like this Polybius May 2020 #32
I hate it when that happens. Jamastiene May 2020 #3
It'll turn up as a Law & Order episode eventually. meadowlander May 2020 #14
I can hardly wait. Dear Old Mom. Always ready with cookies for the neighbor kids. Hekate May 2020 #17
This takes the Collier Brothers to a whole new level. no_hypocrisy May 2020 #4
My mother was a hoarder, but the only dead bodies in her basement Totally Tunsie May 2020 #48
It's always a hassle to sort out a deceased relative's stuff -- The Velveteen Ocelot May 2020 #5
"she was a quiet man..." PCIntern May 2020 #6
okay that made me laugh Maru Kitteh May 2020 #8
Believe It Or Not... ProfessorGAC May 2020 #7
I'm gonna go to hell for sure! lunatica May 2020 #9
I will be there too. Jamastiene May 2020 #15
Oh, man, that story is going to be a wild one when we find out who it is. Squinch May 2020 #10
It's possible she didn't kill anyone Renew Deal May 2020 #23
Whatever it is, it's going to be a weird story. Squinch May 2020 #25
There was a story like this a year or two back. Blue_true May 2020 #36
Sometimes, you find some weird stuff about your parents when they die. Hoyt May 2020 #11
Yeah. But there's weird. And then there is batshit crazy wired. GulfCoast66 May 2020 #46
True. Corpse in freezer would probably screw me up for quite awhile. Hoyt May 2020 #49
Call Dr. Temperance Brennan. nt DURHAM D May 2020 #12
I can't wait to see the movie. Crunchy Frog May 2020 #13
The body might have been the man's grandmother canetoad May 2020 #16
Her mom could have died of natural causes. LisaL May 2020 #29
Sent this to my kids. "You never know..." Totally Tunsie May 2020 #18
Is that a threat? Renew Deal May 2020 #22
More of a warning! Totally Tunsie May 2020 #24
That's so sick! I love it! Squinch May 2020 #26
We like "sick". My boys are a lot of fun. Totally Tunsie May 2020 #45
"You never know. Don't take me for granted" Blue_true May 2020 #37
A Rose For Emily in NYC. LuvNewcastle May 2020 #19
Freezer wasn't plugged in? Ewww! 2naSalit May 2020 #20
That's cold Renew Deal May 2020 #21
She had help. It's hard work putting a limp, dead body in a chest freezer. Kaleva May 2020 #27
Not if it were her elderly mother. LisaL May 2020 #28
I'm a 61 year old guy and i have trouble lifting a 100 lb sack of feed. Kaleva May 2020 #31
Sounds like a story! genxlib May 2020 #39
I'm projecting. i know how hard it is to lift a good sized dead, floppy animal. Kaleva May 2020 #43
How do you know that? Renew Deal May 2020 #41
I'll tell you after I empty out my freezer. Kaleva May 2020 #42
lol Renew Deal May 2020 #44
Rent controlled apartment in her mother's name? Sometimes relatives stay on... Hekate May 2020 #30
If Nana wasn't reported as dead, LisaL May 2020 #33
Yeah, but Nana's not been seen by son for a decade, intheflow May 2020 #50
I saw a news story months ago... Archae May 2020 #34
Last I read, DNA tests determined that the baby was related to the child. Blue_true May 2020 #38
This seems a bit like "Arsenic and Old Lace." n/t Vogon_Glory May 2020 #35
Or like someone pointed out, she was living in a rent controlled apartment that was in her mom's Blue_true May 2020 #40
Beat me to it! Just what I thought. GulfCoast66 May 2020 #47
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