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32. Well
Sat Sep 15, 2012, 01:54 AM
Sep 2012

I hope then that either you are following these connections, or are in touch with people properly positioned to follow up on these connective threads.

It's nauseating to see how casually the people we know were involved handle sending this kind of chaos out into the world - and it's even more disturbing to think that people treated as something other than crackpots could be involved in this sort of thing.

Could this be the October surprise? broiles Sep 2012 #1
This sure blows the whole 2016 movie out of the PR water. Lint Head Sep 2012 #2
I don't know that your premise is true, but I wouldn't put ANYTHING past them. lob1 Sep 2012 #3
I hesitated to give voice to this, but it's been gnawing at me jsmirman Sep 2012 #4
That would explain romney's idiotic statements regarding Libya. Stargazer09 Sep 2012 #5
They have done this before, Rachel Maddow talked about it tonight Heather MC Sep 2012 #9
I'm looking forward to catching the Maddow podcast later tonight jsmirman Sep 2012 #10
Rachel's show is a bit of a jaw dropper tonight Heather MC Sep 2012 #14
Yes, someone posted that link recently jsmirman Sep 2012 #34
The actors and crew involved should sue the "filmmakers" jsmirman Sep 2012 #6
I totally & completely agree that is exactly what is happening. JaneyVee Sep 2012 #7
Your suspicion is shared by many Jessy169 Sep 2012 #8
I certainly think the people who made and released this film hoped to influence the election Douglas Carpenter Sep 2012 #11
Good thought brush Sep 2012 #12
I am also suspicious of this, but proving it will be difficult to impossible davidpdx Sep 2012 #13
A couple more crazy ideas TexasBushwhacker Sep 2012 #15
Six possible suspects or more lofty1 Sep 2012 #16
... ..the heart of the Islamophobia industry in America. mrJJ Sep 2012 #17
Given past history, it seems highly plausible. xfundy Sep 2012 #18
I think the video is a bizarre sidebar to all of this. Bolo Boffin Sep 2012 #19
They seem more than dumb enough to be manipulated jsmirman Sep 2012 #22
Well, do you have any evidence they were manipulated or given marching orders? n/t Bolo Boffin Sep 2012 #25
If I had evidence, I would have said "I *know*" jsmirman Sep 2012 #31
I said so earlier today: DevonRex Sep 2012 #20
I agree that the Romney jsmirman Sep 2012 #21
I have a lot more to say on the subject but DevonRex Sep 2012 #28
Well jsmirman Sep 2012 #32
By the way, this could just mean that we both are crazy. jsmirman Sep 2012 #23
Ha. DevonRex Sep 2012 #29
These things we know... CoffeeCat Sep 2012 #24
Obama did not refuse to meet with Netanyahu... that is pure FUD and republican FUD at that Egnever Sep 2012 #27
It is strange that you would BELIEVE all of the hate outlets Doctor_J Sep 2012 #41
Yes you are crazy Egnever Sep 2012 #26
I don't think this is correct jsmirman Sep 2012 #33
But it was shown in Arabic in Libya this week Doctor_J Sep 2012 #40
Yes, you are crazy cthulu2016 Sep 2012 #30
Am I right that the Arabic dubbing was a very recent addition-- eridani Sep 2012 #35
I'm not sure, but that's my initial understanding jsmirman Sep 2012 #36
Hell no, you are not crazy! Hell I figured B Calm Sep 2012 #37
When in doubt, ask the question, "Who benefits" Doctor_J Sep 2012 #38
Well, it's keeping Obama tied to the WH and unable to campaign.. ananda Sep 2012 #39
Not big on conspiracy theories, but Sheldon Adelson, Koch Bros, and Rove Crossroads emulatorloo Sep 2012 #42
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