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35. Am I right that the Arabic dubbing was a very recent addition--
Sat Sep 15, 2012, 03:08 AM
Sep 2012

--to a movie that had been around for at least a year? How would you find out who did the dubbing?

Could this be the October surprise? broiles Sep 2012 #1
This sure blows the whole 2016 movie out of the PR water. Lint Head Sep 2012 #2
I don't know that your premise is true, but I wouldn't put ANYTHING past them. lob1 Sep 2012 #3
I hesitated to give voice to this, but it's been gnawing at me jsmirman Sep 2012 #4
That would explain romney's idiotic statements regarding Libya. Stargazer09 Sep 2012 #5
They have done this before, Rachel Maddow talked about it tonight Heather MC Sep 2012 #9
I'm looking forward to catching the Maddow podcast later tonight jsmirman Sep 2012 #10
Rachel's show is a bit of a jaw dropper tonight Heather MC Sep 2012 #14
Yes, someone posted that link recently jsmirman Sep 2012 #34
The actors and crew involved should sue the "filmmakers" jsmirman Sep 2012 #6
I totally & completely agree that is exactly what is happening. JaneyVee Sep 2012 #7
Your suspicion is shared by many Jessy169 Sep 2012 #8
I certainly think the people who made and released this film hoped to influence the election Douglas Carpenter Sep 2012 #11
Good thought brush Sep 2012 #12
I am also suspicious of this, but proving it will be difficult to impossible davidpdx Sep 2012 #13
A couple more crazy ideas TexasBushwhacker Sep 2012 #15
Six possible suspects or more lofty1 Sep 2012 #16
... ..the heart of the Islamophobia industry in America. mrJJ Sep 2012 #17
Given past history, it seems highly plausible. xfundy Sep 2012 #18
I think the video is a bizarre sidebar to all of this. Bolo Boffin Sep 2012 #19
They seem more than dumb enough to be manipulated jsmirman Sep 2012 #22
Well, do you have any evidence they were manipulated or given marching orders? n/t Bolo Boffin Sep 2012 #25
If I had evidence, I would have said "I *know*" jsmirman Sep 2012 #31
I said so earlier today: DevonRex Sep 2012 #20
I agree that the Romney jsmirman Sep 2012 #21
I have a lot more to say on the subject but DevonRex Sep 2012 #28
Well jsmirman Sep 2012 #32
By the way, this could just mean that we both are crazy. jsmirman Sep 2012 #23
Ha. DevonRex Sep 2012 #29
These things we know... CoffeeCat Sep 2012 #24
Obama did not refuse to meet with Netanyahu... that is pure FUD and republican FUD at that Egnever Sep 2012 #27
It is strange that you would BELIEVE all of the hate outlets Doctor_J Sep 2012 #41
Yes you are crazy Egnever Sep 2012 #26
I don't think this is correct jsmirman Sep 2012 #33
But it was shown in Arabic in Libya this week Doctor_J Sep 2012 #40
Yes, you are crazy cthulu2016 Sep 2012 #30
Am I right that the Arabic dubbing was a very recent addition-- eridani Sep 2012 #35
I'm not sure, but that's my initial understanding jsmirman Sep 2012 #36
Hell no, you are not crazy! Hell I figured B Calm Sep 2012 #37
When in doubt, ask the question, "Who benefits" Doctor_J Sep 2012 #38
Well, it's keeping Obama tied to the WH and unable to campaign.. ananda Sep 2012 #39
Not big on conspiracy theories, but Sheldon Adelson, Koch Bros, and Rove Crossroads emulatorloo Sep 2012 #42
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