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Mr. Ected

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15. Remember how Trump said he wouldn't abide by the election results if he lost to HRC?
Thu Jun 4, 2020, 04:34 PM
Jun 2020

Well...I'm sure he hasn't changed his stance on that at all.

The election will either be stolen before, during or after the vote.

Not paranoid JustAnotherGen Jun 2020 #1
who is overthrowing who... Thomas Hurt Jun 2020 #2
That is my question I dont doubt it but the traitor cant do a coup, he is in power Eliot Rosewater Jun 2020 #8
If you are paranoid, you have a lot of company, including me. alwaysinasnit Jun 2020 #3
I hate being uninformed. Sogo Jun 2020 #4
Really? -NT- jayfish Jun 2020 #5
Could it be the unidentified "so-called" military in the streets lined up opposite protesters? not_the_one Jun 2020 #25
Practice for not having or refusing to accept results of the election rzemanfl Jun 2020 #6
Yep, I had the same thought. War games. BannonsLiver Jun 2020 #9
There is no question, none, that he wont accept the loss , that is if we are allowed to vote or Eliot Rosewater Jun 2020 #11
Except most everything done by Dotard this year weakens him. Sneederbunk Jun 2020 #7
Context would be good. Caliman73 Jun 2020 #10
Drills For Locking Down DC When... jayfish Jun 2020 #12
Quite simply Dotard and his people are not smart enough to conduct a coup. Sneederbunk Jun 2020 #13
Keystone coups soothsayer Jun 2020 #14
heh Alacritous Crier Jun 2020 #21
They Could Get A Whole Lot Of People Killed Though. jayfish Jun 2020 #16
Remember how Trump said he wouldn't abide by the election results if he lost to HRC? Mr. Ected Jun 2020 #15
If you are referring Karma13612 Jun 2020 #17
No: the Constitution and the entire Federal system provide a deliberately divided government struggle4progress Jun 2020 #22
Not true -- President Biden will be President Biden obamanut2012 Jun 2020 #24
From the beginning of the Republic, Presidents have bemoaned the limits of their powers. The notion struggle4progress Jun 2020 #28
I don't think Trump thinks that far ahead. Kablooie Jun 2020 #18
The republicans are doing the coup I_UndergroundPanther Jun 2020 #20
Please elaborate. nt Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2020 #19
Yeah. No doubt. Mc Mike Jun 2020 #23
There will be an election marie999 Jun 2020 #26
If Trump loses in November ScratchCat Jun 2020 #27
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