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8. The thing is, there will never be any shortage of men...
Sat Jun 6, 2020, 12:08 PM
Jun 2020

And let’s not kid ourselves, it’s MOSTLY men, who are willing to show up for anything as long as they are here to “Kick ass and take names”.

Oh...and forget the taking names part. They just want to hurt people with no repercussions.

They are MAGATs malaise Jun 2020 #1
I think it is obvious who Steve Schmidt IS NOT voting for.... ProudMNDemocrat Jun 2020 #2
It's about time. He and others in the GOP BUILT THIS. calimary Jun 2020 #40
Well said. Without them speaking out, it will be harder. I welcome their new-found enlightenment. Evolve Dammit Jun 2020 #41
I actually do welcome it also. calimary Jun 2020 #48
Excellent questions Calimary. It is hard to say what each of them is willing to tolerate and what Evolve Dammit Jun 2020 #49
They're mercenaries. Nobody with any integrity would do this. struggle4progress Jun 2020 #3
Eric Prince's boys.....Betsy DeVos's brother's Blackwater boys..... ProudMNDemocrat Jun 2020 #4
When I've heard reference to Erik Prince's mercenaries over the years, dewsgirl Jun 2020 #9
My daughter worked in the gym at Prince Industries.. LessAspin Jun 2020 #31
I think a lot of Prince's mercenaries were former Green Berets or other special forces. Lonestarblue Jun 2020 #37
I don't think so. I would think Blackwater boys would be in top notch shape and smirkymonkey Jun 2020 #27
No way...Eric Princes boys have better gear than real cops. diverdownjt Jun 2020 #38
Where is the investigative reporting on this? Sneederbunk Jun 2020 #5
NY Times has an article csziggy Jun 2020 #44
Yep. FM123 Jun 2020 #6
Mayor of DC should have them arrested if they refuse to identify themselves. njhoneybadger Jun 2020 #7
This! splunge63 Jun 2020 #13
Exactly. Where are the police in this? nt coti Jun 2020 #50
The thing is, there will never be any shortage of men... A HERETIC I AM Jun 2020 #8
First person shooters refugees from mom's basement and unemployed mall cops. C_U_L8R Jun 2020 #10
Another Merry Band of Unfukable Losers OMGWTF Jun 2020 #32
Some of the replies to that thread are fucking hilarious. Nevilledog Jun 2020 #11
"The Gravy Seals... 3catwoman3 Jun 2020 #15
LOL Mike 03 Jun 2020 #17
Some of my faves Nevilledog Jun 2020 #18
The Home Depot Bowling team! csziggy Jun 2020 #43
Trump is taking a page from Putin's playbook for the Crimea invasion dalton99a Jun 2020 #12
Same tactics used in Chechnya, Syria, poisonings in UK, Germany, elsewhere erronis Jun 2020 #28
Vlad probably has a play book just for Donnie, complete with daily check-ins. Evolve Dammit Jun 2020 #45
This message was self-deleted by its author njhoneybadger Jun 2020 #14
Roger Stone's motorcycle gang? Proud Boys? Mike 03 Jun 2020 #16
Rachel had the segment last night identifying several groups of these mystery cops. Dustlawyer Jun 2020 #19
The Washington DC police department should arrest them unless they identify themselves. Renew Deal Jun 2020 #20
When fascism comes to America ... Martin Eden Jun 2020 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author Submariner Jun 2020 #22
no name , badge or id. bage # covered up ? out of uniform? fired. AllaN01Bear Jun 2020 #23
They're from a Jon McNaughton painting Blue Owl Jun 2020 #24
Erick Prence tiptonic Jun 2020 #25
If they will not identify themselves Jarqui Jun 2020 #26
We're Not Somehow Immune to All This, Folks... panfluteman Jun 2020 #29
it's already happening in front of our eyes, & has been for the past 4 years onetexan Jun 2020 #36
Call of Doody players who met on Xbox live RainCaster Jun 2020 #30
tRump could care less about them.. Hip2bSquare Jun 2020 #33
Just wondering, marie999 Jun 2020 #34
I would guess they are Academi. LiberalArkie Jun 2020 #35
Doxx them ALL....now! (n/t) Moostache Jun 2020 #39
STEVE! You and countless others say SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! So what the fuck are we supposed to do? BamaRefugee Jun 2020 #42
The mayor needs to confront them with the police. coti Jun 2020 #51
they don't even match. barbtries Jun 2020 #46
These wannabees need to be bum rushed Squidly Jun 2020 #47
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