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They are MAGATs malaise Jun 2020 #1
I think it is obvious who Steve Schmidt IS NOT voting for.... ProudMNDemocrat Jun 2020 #2
It's about time. He and others in the GOP BUILT THIS. calimary Jun 2020 #40
Well said. Without them speaking out, it will be harder. I welcome their new-found enlightenment. Evolve Dammit Jun 2020 #41
I actually do welcome it also. calimary Jun 2020 #48
Excellent questions Calimary. It is hard to say what each of them is willing to tolerate and what Evolve Dammit Jun 2020 #49
They're mercenaries. Nobody with any integrity would do this. struggle4progress Jun 2020 #3
Eric Prince's boys.....Betsy DeVos's brother's Blackwater boys..... ProudMNDemocrat Jun 2020 #4
When I've heard reference to Erik Prince's mercenaries over the years, dewsgirl Jun 2020 #9
My daughter worked in the gym at Prince Industries.. LessAspin Jun 2020 #31
I think a lot of Prince's mercenaries were former Green Berets or other special forces. Lonestarblue Jun 2020 #37
I don't think so. I would think Blackwater boys would be in top notch shape and smirkymonkey Jun 2020 #27
No way...Eric Princes boys have better gear than real cops. diverdownjt Jun 2020 #38
Where is the investigative reporting on this? Sneederbunk Jun 2020 #5
NY Times has an article csziggy Jun 2020 #44
Yep. FM123 Jun 2020 #6
Mayor of DC should have them arrested if they refuse to identify themselves. njhoneybadger Jun 2020 #7
This! splunge63 Jun 2020 #13
Exactly. Where are the police in this? nt coti Jun 2020 #50
The thing is, there will never be any shortage of men... A HERETIC I AM Jun 2020 #8
First person shooters refugees from mom's basement and unemployed mall cops. C_U_L8R Jun 2020 #10
Another Merry Band of Unfukable Losers OMGWTF Jun 2020 #32
Some of the replies to that thread are fucking hilarious. Nevilledog Jun 2020 #11
"The Gravy Seals... 3catwoman3 Jun 2020 #15
LOL Mike 03 Jun 2020 #17
Some of my faves Nevilledog Jun 2020 #18
The Home Depot Bowling team! csziggy Jun 2020 #43
Trump is taking a page from Putin's playbook for the Crimea invasion dalton99a Jun 2020 #12
Same tactics used in Chechnya, Syria, poisonings in UK, Germany, elsewhere erronis Jun 2020 #28
Vlad probably has a play book just for Donnie, complete with daily check-ins. Evolve Dammit Jun 2020 #45
This message was self-deleted by its author njhoneybadger Jun 2020 #14
Roger Stone's motorcycle gang? Proud Boys? Mike 03 Jun 2020 #16
Rachel had the segment last night identifying several groups of these mystery cops. Dustlawyer Jun 2020 #19
The Washington DC police department should arrest them unless they identify themselves. Renew Deal Jun 2020 #20
When fascism comes to America ... Martin Eden Jun 2020 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author Submariner Jun 2020 #22
no name , badge or id. bage # covered up ? out of uniform? fired. AllaN01Bear Jun 2020 #23
They're from a Jon McNaughton painting Blue Owl Jun 2020 #24
Erick Prence tiptonic Jun 2020 #25
If they will not identify themselves Jarqui Jun 2020 #26
We're Not Somehow Immune to All This, Folks... panfluteman Jun 2020 #29
it's already happening in front of our eyes, & has been for the past 4 years onetexan Jun 2020 #36
Call of Doody players who met on Xbox live RainCaster Jun 2020 #30
tRump could care less about them.. Hip2bSquare Jun 2020 #33
Just wondering, marie999 Jun 2020 #34
I would guess they are Academi. LiberalArkie Jun 2020 #35
Doxx them ALL....now! (n/t) Moostache Jun 2020 #39
STEVE! You and countless others say SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! So what the fuck are we supposed to do? BamaRefugee Jun 2020 #42
The mayor needs to confront them with the police. coti Jun 2020 #51
they don't even match. barbtries Jun 2020 #46
These wannabees need to be bum rushed Squidly Jun 2020 #47
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