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4. My cousin is very afraid that Trump will control the Electoral College.
Sun Jun 7, 2020, 09:22 AM
Jun 2020

I don't believe he can and told him to read "Library of Congress Congressional Research Service Memorandum Overview of Electoral College Procedure and the Role of Congress November 17, 2000.

I think LEW Jun 2020 #1
I second that padah513 Jun 2020 #6
Agreed. n/t Laelth Jun 2020 #2
Excellent post malaise Jun 2020 #3
My cousin is very afraid that Trump will control the Electoral College. marie999 Jun 2020 #4
Republicans can not True Blue American Jun 2020 #8
Obama DID WIN Indiana in 2008 Captain Zero Jun 2020 #42
Ohio put OBAMA True Blue American Jun 2020 #49
He is so stupid, he wants to stay in WH until the bitter end. If he were more cunning, he would secondwind Jun 2020 #5
I feel the same way with just a different twist. HotTeaBag Jun 2020 #19
I think Trump True Blue American Jun 2020 #50
You can't be pardoned from state charges. Dave Starsky Jun 2020 #31
I am not an optimist about this. lark Jun 2020 #7
Agreed Bobstandard Jun 2020 #13
Did Milley Do That? ProfessorGAC Jun 2020 #28
After the fact. lark Jun 2020 #30
Never Gave Him The 10k ProfessorGAC Jun 2020 #33
On January 20, 2021, he will no longer be CIC. So if the military always follows CIC orders onenote Jun 2020 #34
While he is srill CIC he will make the order and they will follow his commands, like they always do. lark Jun 2020 #37
You certainly have a vivid imagination. onenote Jun 2020 #38
My husband bought a gun for me, guess I will have to learn to use it soon, just in case. lark Jun 2020 #39
If he loses, I doubt he will attend Biden' s inauguration... Mazeltov Cocktail Jun 2020 #41
The October surprise might be him quitting. tinrobot Jun 2020 #9
He may do that before July 4th Generic Brad Jun 2020 #23
If those happen and Pence won't pardon, he may burn it all down out of spite. tinrobot Jun 2020 #29
Yet another in a long line of mistaken predictions about Trump. onenote Jun 2020 #35
I still stand by my prediction Generic Brad Jun 2020 #52
The Republican Convention could turn on him... Captain Zero Jun 2020 #43
I think you're right-- he'll be like Bush, go to the court-- but I don't know if he'll give up soon. dawg day Jun 2020 #10
In that scenario MoonlitKnight Jun 2020 #47
So what if he refuses to leave the WH? ananda Jun 2020 #11
What if... 2naSalit Jun 2020 #12
He's a simp, a chump, coward, bully, and motherfucking asshole Nature Man Jun 2020 #14
I could not have said it better. shockey80 Jun 2020 #21
No. He will ask red governors to overrule popular vote ecstatic Jun 2020 #15
He might have a problem there, though. moose65 Jun 2020 #16
None will comply obamanut2012 Jun 2020 #18
He can walk out or, get dragged out, his choice. nt Hotler Jun 2020 #17
Thank you. This seems most likely. Mister Ed Jun 2020 #20
Really. Turn off the electric, heat, water, and GrubHub Captain Zero Jun 2020 #44
that is likely though I fear violence mnmoderatedem Jun 2020 #22
Off to prison? G_j Jun 2020 #24
Once Congress certifies the election results, it's game over. A HERETIC I AM Jun 2020 #25
Question Timewas Jun 2020 #26
If it is a landslide against Trump, there is no way he can say, "Democrats Cheated..". Stuart G Jun 2020 #27
He might try a legal route quaker bill Jun 2020 #32
He will use the whole "fake news" bullshit to establish a shadow government of sorts Mr. Ected Jun 2020 #36
If DENVERPOPS Jun 2020 #40
Think you are right...however... Xolodno Jun 2020 #45
He can't pardon someone who hasn't been convicted of anything can he? Crunchy Frog Jun 2020 #46
Yes he can. Xolodno Jun 2020 #48
He is trying to consolidate the military at this moment... kentuck Jun 2020 #51
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