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4. Wishful Thinking
Sun Jun 7, 2020, 05:09 PM
Jun 2020

I share your desire to have him end this nightmare himself.
But, the race is the only part of the gig he likes.
He's not going to drop out while the only part he enjoys is ongoing.
Even if he's on his way to getting trounced, he'll count on some dirty tricks to get it close enough to steal.

not sure his ego could stand "admitting" a health problem Kali Jun 2020 #1
Which humiliation is worse to him - faking illness or finally admitting it or malaise Jun 2020 #7
hard to say, he sure hates humiliation in general Kali Jun 2020 #11
Don't tease malaise Jun 2020 #14
LOL Kali Jun 2020 #15
Welp. sheshe2 Jun 2020 #39
After 18,000 lies that wouldn't pass malaise Jun 2020 #40
Sad Sack has bad back Blue Owl Jun 2020 #25
He sleeps well draft dodging with bone spurs. TheBlackAdder Jun 2020 #61
It's his only option.... President Pence can pardon him.. secondwind Jun 2020 #2
he will try to start a foreign war Skittles Jun 2020 #3
I still think he may try to lob nukes at Iran SoonerPride Jun 2020 #10
yes Skittles Jun 2020 #23
Wishful Thinking ProfessorGAC Jun 2020 #4
Maybe. I thought so when it was closer SoonerPride Jun 2020 #8
Your Reasons Make Sense, But... ProfessorGAC Jun 2020 #27
I've known a person with NPD SoonerPride Jun 2020 #48
I Get You! ProfessorGAC Jun 2020 #50
I've been saying that for ages and I'm not the only DUer to post it malaise Jun 2020 #5
GMTA SoonerPride Jun 2020 #9
These are all options he would put on the table leftieNanner Jun 2020 #6
Or he might pay an MD to write a note that says he has bone spurs. fierywoman Jun 2020 #12
Hahahahaha SoonerPride Jun 2020 #21
They'll metastasize. Patterson Jun 2020 #31
If he decides to drop out, he will declare victory first and claim that he has done more Arkansas Granny Jun 2020 #13
Oh but of course. SoonerPride Jun 2020 #17
Or, they fake an assassination and use it as a pretext for martial law. ZZenith Jun 2020 #16
I don't doubt martial law is in the offing SoonerPride Jun 2020 #19
Don't count on it. LisaL Jun 2020 #18
Or he could just leave. C_U_L8R Jun 2020 #20
I thought for a long time he would flee to Russia SoonerPride Jun 2020 #22
all this and llashram Jun 2020 #24
He would bomb people first. spanone Jun 2020 #26
"You heard it here first." Well... intrepidity Jun 2020 #28
Oooof. My bad. GMTA! SoonerPride Jun 2020 #30
Heh, no worries, gmta indeed intrepidity Jun 2020 #32
No way he'll quit. Kablooie Jun 2020 #29
Nah. cwydro Jun 2020 #33
He's so nuts, it's hard to tell what he'll do CanonRay Jun 2020 #34
You heard it here second essme Jun 2020 #35
If the last HORRIFYING 3.5 years have taught me Golden Raisin Jun 2020 #36
I just want him to drop... TheCowsCameHome Jun 2020 #37
I keep sticking pins in my trump doll SoonerPride Jun 2020 #44
This takes me back sarisataka Jun 2020 #38
Shudder SoonerPride Jun 2020 #43
none of the above qazplm135 Jun 2020 #41
People also said early on he'd get bored and quit. SMC22307 Jun 2020 #42
He did quit. He quit pretending like he was working long ago SoonerPride Jun 2020 #45
Nonsense. He's dismantling this country... SMC22307 Jun 2020 #49
Trump will not do anything. The election will go on as planned. marie999 Jun 2020 #46
What's more likely BannonsLiver Jun 2020 #47
Traitor45's term and Pence's will end on Jan 20, 2021 per the 20th Admendment tikka Jun 2020 #51
NO CHANCE he drops out. BadGimp Jun 2020 #52
Of that I have no doubt. But the generals told him no SoonerPride Jun 2020 #53
Answer: no, no and no... brooklynite Jun 2020 #54
Look at the EC map with Dem controlled states SoonerPride Jun 2020 #55
Always check your math before submitting your exam... brooklynite Jun 2020 #56
He has the Saudis on speed dial for a reason. not_the_one Jun 2020 #57
Well, he could use the "wanna spend more time with the family" ploy... Wounded Bear Jun 2020 #58
"I need to help tutor, um, whats his name again? Oh yeah Barron. SoonerPride Jun 2020 #59
Or... Lock him up. Jun 2020 #60
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