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19. I received something like that in the mail.
Wed Jun 10, 2020, 07:05 PM
Jun 2020

Not quite that bad, but close. What really got to me, they said that if I didn't fill out the questionnaire, would I still mail it back to them so they could send it to someone else. They even wanted me to pay the postage to send it back.

That's disgusting. Nevilledog Jun 2020 #1
Have fun! SeattleVet Jun 2020 #2
did you actually fill it out! LOL! renate Jun 2020 #4
Who? Me?? SeattleVet Jun 2020 #5
The address is 1 Black Lives Matter Plaza right? nt Midnightwalk Jun 2020 #11
It didn't ask for a street address, but required an email address and Zip code. SeattleVet Jun 2020 #13
I am shocked they did not put BLM Democrat in there mercuryblues Jun 2020 #3
Or a Big Poopy-Head Democrat gratuitous Jun 2020 #12
That's not even a poll, all it does is harvest the email address ck4829 Jun 2020 #6
It amuses me to think of his cult members clicking on "Trump" and then sitting back satisfied renate Jun 2020 #8
That's not just a push poll, it's a violent shove poll. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2020 #7
Or A Hook In The Mouth Poll ProfessorGAC Jun 2020 #14
MS-13? I didn't know Retrograde Jun 2020 #9
Little Donny really earned his milk break after crafting that turd Blue Owl Jun 2020 #10
Should be "An MS-13" not "A MS-13" Takket Jun 2020 #15
At first, I thought it was a joke website. keithbvadu2 Jun 2020 #16
It is a joke website; it also happens to be real. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2020 #17
A low IQ democrat I_UndergroundPanther Jun 2020 #18
I received something like that in the mail. marie999 Jun 2020 #19
Not The Onion The Wizard Jun 2020 #20
Not one of those I would answer Trump... lame54 Jun 2020 #21
Did Spanky write that himself? greatauntoftriplets Jun 2020 #22
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