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6. He 'wanted to represent Virginia', well sure that's
Fri Jun 12, 2020, 07:38 PM
Jun 2020

where the property, estate, mansion and slaves his wife inherited from her father were located.

Rubbish, the 'Virginia connection.' Besides, Lee was a career U.S. federal army officer for decades before the Civil War, the only job he could get because he had no land. His father Henry Lee screwed up, was bankrupted and relatives lost the 'ancestral Va. home,' Stratford Hall.

R. Lee, his mother and siblings, 'poor relations' had to live off his mother's relatives in Alexandria and elsewhere as a result.

When R. was age 5, his father, Rev. War hero, 'Lighthorse- Harry' Lee left the U.S. c. 1812 after suffering serious injuries in a Balto. mob and departed for Barbados. Years later on the way back to Virginia, Henry Lee stopped at Cumberland Island, Ga. where he died.

- Townhouse in Alexandria, Va. where RE Lee grew up after his father departed for the West Indies.

- Stratford Hall plantation where RE Lee was born, but didn't grow up in because his indebted father had to sell it.

Lee owned slaves. marie999 Jun 2020 #1
Lee didnt own the Custis slaves gladium et scutum Jun 2020 #12
Then why did he go to court marie999 Jun 2020 #13
When Custid died gladium et scutum Jun 2020 #19
Okay, marie999 Jun 2020 #21
Pretty much the case. gladium et scutum Jun 2020 #22
Bullshit angstlessk Jun 2020 #2
People should post that she's right, Lee loved black people, LuvNewcastle Jun 2020 #3
Well, that's actually off of Twitter. GoCubsGo Jun 2020 #23
There's nothing "latest" about that argument JHB Jun 2020 #4
Harry Turtledove's "Guns of the South" Jeebo Jun 2020 #5
Why don't you ask him yourself. He's on twitter and hates right wing trolls. madinmaryland Jun 2020 #7
Let would never have freed slaves. He refused to free his own slaves. yardwork Jun 2020 #26
He 'wanted to represent Virginia', well sure that's appalachiablue Jun 2020 #6
I've always heard Light Horse Lee died of a lightning strike. You ever hear this? GulfCoast66 Jun 2020 #10
No I haven't heard that but he supposedly was appalachiablue Jun 2020 #14
Interesting. Ironically, I am a Custis descendant. At least the book I have shows it. GulfCoast66 Jun 2020 #15
A docent I worked with, a fmr NE college prof appalachiablue Jun 2020 #18
Virginia Had a Good Team in 1860-Had a Real Chance at the National Championship Stallion Jun 2020 #8
A good team in the Eastern Conference gladium et scutum Jun 2020 #20
There's a sprawling memorial in DC to Lee's achievements struggle4progress Jun 2020 #9
And the first page of VA's confederate constitution Captain Zero Jun 2020 #11
And the Confederate Constitution explicitly prohibited states from banning slavery. NYC Liberal Jun 2020 #16
I think BGBD Jun 2020 #17
So, he was against slavery, but he wanted to fight for a place that was GoCubsGo Jun 2020 #24
This lie isn't new. It was made up more than 100 years ago. yardwork Jun 2020 #25
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