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15. Interesting. Ironically, I am a Custis descendant. At least the book I have shows it.
Sat Jun 13, 2020, 01:00 AM
Jun 2020

But ironically before these events. My family settled in Virginia in the 1660’s.

I really am not that interested in the genealogy thing.

Lee owned slaves. marie999 Jun 2020 #1
Lee didnt own the Custis slaves gladium et scutum Jun 2020 #12
Then why did he go to court marie999 Jun 2020 #13
When Custid died gladium et scutum Jun 2020 #19
Okay, marie999 Jun 2020 #21
Pretty much the case. gladium et scutum Jun 2020 #22
Bullshit angstlessk Jun 2020 #2
People should post that she's right, Lee loved black people, LuvNewcastle Jun 2020 #3
Well, that's actually off of Twitter. GoCubsGo Jun 2020 #23
There's nothing "latest" about that argument JHB Jun 2020 #4
Harry Turtledove's "Guns of the South" Jeebo Jun 2020 #5
Why don't you ask him yourself. He's on twitter and hates right wing trolls. madinmaryland Jun 2020 #7
Let would never have freed slaves. He refused to free his own slaves. yardwork Jun 2020 #26
He 'wanted to represent Virginia', well sure that's appalachiablue Jun 2020 #6
I've always heard Light Horse Lee died of a lightning strike. You ever hear this? GulfCoast66 Jun 2020 #10
No I haven't heard that but he supposedly was appalachiablue Jun 2020 #14
Interesting. Ironically, I am a Custis descendant. At least the book I have shows it. GulfCoast66 Jun 2020 #15
A docent I worked with, a fmr NE college prof appalachiablue Jun 2020 #18
Virginia Had a Good Team in 1860-Had a Real Chance at the National Championship Stallion Jun 2020 #8
A good team in the Eastern Conference gladium et scutum Jun 2020 #20
There's a sprawling memorial in DC to Lee's achievements struggle4progress Jun 2020 #9
And the first page of VA's confederate constitution Captain Zero Jun 2020 #11
And the Confederate Constitution explicitly prohibited states from banning slavery. NYC Liberal Jun 2020 #16
I think BGBD Jun 2020 #17
So, he was against slavery, but he wanted to fight for a place that was GoCubsGo Jun 2020 #24
This lie isn't new. It was made up more than 100 years ago. yardwork Jun 2020 #25
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