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36. Walking backwards, you step back with the right foot
Sat Jun 13, 2020, 01:47 AM
Jun 2020

and slide the left foot. Forwards, you step with the left foot and slide the right foot. Going to the right, you step with the right foot and slide the left foot. Going left, you step with the left foot and slide the right foot. Hands up, elbows in.

Beautiful. Now get that trash off the road dalton99a Jun 2020 #1
It was kinda cool "street fighting".. i don't like violence but Cha Jun 2020 #4
Yes, it was clear self-defense. dalton99a Jun 2020 #7
Don't take notes from this. BGBD Jun 2020 #23
No worries.. thanks for explaining that.. it looks Cha Jun 2020 #34
Walking backwards, you step back with the right foot marie999 Jun 2020 #36
yup BGBD Jun 2020 #64
In Tai Chi one safely steps back with "repulse monkey." steventh Jun 2020 #44
He was walking backwards because he was trying to avoid fighting but was being crowded. nt tblue37 Jun 2020 #54
When People Are Roughly The Same Size... ProfessorGAC Jun 2020 #55
I like how the crowd that was watching laughed when Blue_true Jun 2020 #11
Enjoyed that -- thanks Cha! Blue Owl Jun 2020 #2
It was kinda Schadenfreudey! Cha Jun 2020 #9
Poor widdle snowflake jpak Jun 2020 #3
Didn't look like it took much.. but the Asian Dude Cha Jun 2020 #14
Run up greenjar_01 Jun 2020 #5
Flip Flop guy was asking for it.. that's Cha Jun 2020 #15
The Asian guy must be a good person. Doreen Jun 2020 #6
better than me qazplm135 Jun 2020 #18
Total Classy Dude! That whole scene was Cha Jun 2020 #20
Excellent world wide wally Jun 2020 #8
So perfectly Cha Jun 2020 #22
I had to watch that in loop mode. I am bad, that was enjoyable to watch. nt Blue_true Jun 2020 #10
I found myself clapping then watched it again. BigmanPigman Jun 2020 #21
I believe that outcome, in a small way, touches on the right winning over wrong Blue_true Jun 2020 #24
The first time I saw it was yesterday.. and I Cha Jun 2020 #37
I've watched it a few times myself, Blue_true.. The Harasser Cha Jun 2020 #25
Your last sentence was the best part for me. I love when racist assholes get handed their heads. nt Blue_true Jun 2020 #26
Me too.. and we've been getting a lot of that lately.. Cha Jun 2020 #28
The guy in the car had a front row seat and just sat sipping his latte. oasis Jun 2020 #12
Yes, I noticed he stuck around and didn't Cha Jun 2020 #32
I think that is his cell phone. progressoid Jun 2020 #51
The fact that he went back to pick up the guy who picked on him speaks volumes. FM123 Jun 2020 #13
+1 KT2000 Jun 2020 #16
agreed. kaotikross Jun 2020 #39
Most Definitely! The Dude that was harassed and Attacked.. Cha Jun 2020 #43
Under normal circumstances, I'd be all "OH NOES" and "wannnhhh", but this is the most Leghorn21 Jun 2020 #17
Agree, Leghorn.. We've been freaking Cha Jun 2020 #47
I bet the white dude replayed the Buffalo Cops pushing down the old man 50 times, laughing his head BamaRefugee Jun 2020 #19
Flip Flop guy sure thought he would have no Cha Jun 2020 #56
Mahalo! Kauai mo bettah! BamaRefugee Jun 2020 #57
Thank you! Kauai's feeling really Cha Jun 2020 #58
Almost bought a house in Princeville way back when ;-) BamaRefugee Jun 2020 #61
I really did laugh out loud. murielm99 Jun 2020 #27
It was heartwarming to see Cha Jun 2020 #71
Down goes the dipshit! BHDem53 Jun 2020 #29
I'm glad the good guy here won... herding cats Jun 2020 #30
All show, no go. Grokenstein Jun 2020 #31
Holy moly! Heartstrings Jun 2020 #33
Float like a rhinoceros, sting like a flea. betsuni Jun 2020 #35
lol.. can you imagine the Cha Jun 2020 #41
The hand clap was all-in IT'S GO TIME. betsuni Jun 2020 #42
LOL.. your words Cracked me... lol Cha Jun 2020 #45
He just gave the racist a new perspective, from the ground. kaotikross Jun 2020 #38
The whole fight scene makes me wonder if Cha Jun 2020 #59
I was surprised he had a taser. betsuni Jun 2020 #60
I didn't see a laser.. I'll have to go back & look at it again.. Cha Jun 2020 #66
Thank you! betsuni Jun 2020 #68
this is the kind of story we need right now SiliconValley_Dem Jun 2020 #40
That's exactly what I thought when I finally decided Cha Jun 2020 #70
He got knocked the fuck out! vercetti2021 Jun 2020 #46
Why did Mr Flip-Flop Aussie105 Jun 2020 #48
I bet he was drunk. nt. Mariana Jun 2020 #67
Yeah, but he got serious when he kicked them off. ffr Jun 2020 #49
flip flop was totally the aggressor, backing the other guy up until he had to defend himself Demovictory9 Jun 2020 #50
This is the second video I've seen in a week where racists wrote a check their ass couldn't cash. Tarheel_Dem Jun 2020 #52
Can't hear what is said as he tries to move him off the street but MichaelSoE Jun 2020 #53
That was very satisfying. Solomon Jun 2020 #62
You probably won't see this, Cha. Control-Z Jun 2020 #63
I did see it and wanted to get back to you.. Cha Jun 2020 #72
I'm back to KICK Leghorn21 Jun 2020 #65
I could watch that all day Sugarcoated Jun 2020 #69
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