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62. Our family and friends have learned that if they ever say anything racist
Sat Jun 13, 2020, 05:34 PM
Jun 2020

in front of my husband or me, we will call them out no matter where we are.

Pissed off neighbor [View all] Phoenix61 Jun 2020 OP
You did the right thing. ProudMNDemocrat Jun 2020 #1
This is what we all need to do, and soldierant Jun 2020 #67
I hope you told her and not just us. "You hurt my feelings by not sharing my racism" is outrageous! Towlie Jun 2020 #75
++ Good on you . Could not defend their racism face to face. Only behind a text ? 🙄 lunasun Jun 2020 #2
like this, if someone is going to go full trump, full racist or full asshole in my presence, then beachbumbob Jun 2020 #3
Well done. We all need to be pro-actively anti-racist when... brush Jun 2020 #4
That would have been the perfect reply to her text. BComplex Jun 2020 #5
Would they have said those things if you were a person of color - or even invited you over? eleny Jun 2020 #6
You did the right thing. CrispyQ Jun 2020 #7
It sounds like she needs to read "White Fragility" or watch the author's seminar on YouTube. writes3000 Jun 2020 #8
Reminds me of this favorite song of mine: thucythucy Jun 2020 #9
Thanks! That's awesome! nt Phoenix61 Jun 2020 #14
The song is something like three decades old thucythucy Jun 2020 #17
White Snowflakes. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2020 #10
They need to start retraining for a world that's about to change Sucha NastyWoman Jun 2020 #11
My sister deliberately raised her children to be the minorities. KentuckyWoman Jun 2020 #61
People are having multiple friends marybourg Jun 2020 #12
So are we. kag Jun 2020 #55
I live in a red state-about to change, I think - marybourg Jun 2020 #56
Your neighbor "hates Twitler" but began spouting racist stuff...I'm confused. Assuming "Twitler" is BamaRefugee Jun 2020 #13
Surprised me. I think she was trying to Phoenix61 Jun 2020 #18
Guaranteed she complains to the others that you're a dumb liberal but she plays along with you to be BamaRefugee Jun 2020 #21
I think you may be right. Phoenix61 Jun 2020 #24
They always keep the "useful" friends ;-) BamaRefugee Jun 2020 #28
Who invites people over and keeps the tv on? Tipperary Jun 2020 #15
There certainly is that. calimary Jun 2020 #46
You also were a guest in her home. keithbvadu2 Jun 2020 #16
The other guest was from out of town and Phoenix61 Jun 2020 #20
And she learned this through multiple personal experiences? Tinder much? BamaRefugee Jun 2020 #23
Bwhaaaaaa. nt Phoenix61 Jun 2020 #25
Next time, consider saying..... KY_EnviroGuy Jun 2020 #42
Well, there are studies that show that is the case. About 15% higher. Why is that racist? oldsoftie Jun 2020 #54
Stand your ground. Baitball Blogger Jun 2020 #19
Thank you. I so agree. nt Phoenix61 Jun 2020 #22
And cut them off if you have too. Maggiemayhem Jun 2020 #50
You did well. paleotn Jun 2020 #26
What did she say? Just curious. panader0 Jun 2020 #27
That I crossed boundaries in her home. Phoenix61 Jun 2020 #30
What I meant was what was the racist shit she was spouting? panader0 Jun 2020 #32
Ohh. Just generalized bs. They have more Phoenix61 Jun 2020 #34
Teacher of the Year awards are generally BS too TexasBushwhacker Jun 2020 #51
Tell her you'll be sure to never cross the boundary between your houses lunatica Jun 2020 #48
Bravo! oasis Jun 2020 #29
Good on you. sarge43 Jun 2020 #31
She didn't give a damn about hurting your feelings, and you were a guest, too Warpy Jun 2020 #33
That's a good point. LisaM Jun 2020 #52
BRAVO FB47243 Jun 2020 #35
Hard to do well zipplewrath Jun 2020 #36
In my youth I was called out for my ignorance and, although it embarassed me at the time fierywoman Jun 2020 #37
Good. For. You. !!!!!!!! Alliepoo Jun 2020 #38
No worries. JeaneRaye Jun 2020 #39
Is every neighbor dispute now a national concern? KWR65 Jun 2020 #40
I get along with my neighbors, but I am not visiting in anyone's house at this point. Tipperary Jun 2020 #43
I left a house a few years ago for that reason Woodwizard Jun 2020 #41
Racism needs to be pushed back hard. liberalmuse Jun 2020 #44
blah blah blah is right Lulu KC Jun 2020 #45
Can we have an AMEN!!! Ford_Prefect Jun 2020 #47
Good job. I have a tough time staying quiet in situations like that..... George II Jun 2020 #49
Classic White fragility. I admire your courage. nt live love laugh Jun 2020 #53
You did the right thing mvd Jun 2020 #57
Being polite in this kind of situation does no one any good ... marble falls Jun 2020 #58
I used to be silent. KentuckyWoman Jun 2020 #59
YOU were a guest. I'm with those who believe you should have left. Hortensis Jun 2020 #60
Our family and friends have learned that if they ever say anything racist marie999 Jun 2020 #62
Sure. But NOT stay in their houses arguing with them Hortensis Jun 2020 #63
I can honestly say that I have never been able to change even one of their minds. marie999 Jun 2020 #66
Lol, that's great. For my husband it's as long as they're still Hortensis Jun 2020 #68
We'd had lots of conversations previously and Phoenix61 Jun 2020 #70
Oh, the old conservative gang ambush! I've been surprised Hortensis Jun 2020 #71
It is not enough to not be a racist but be an anti-racist. SoonerPride Jun 2020 #64
I will ALWAYS call it as I see it Skittles Jun 2020 #65
Did you see the racism pyramids post? This is where racism starts. Karadeniz Jun 2020 #69
Good for you. This is how it must be. We all need to do this. We can't tolerate them anymore. onecaliberal Jun 2020 #72
i like to think depending to call it racial ignorance. or cultural white propaganda. pansypoo53219 Jun 2020 #73
I like "Cultural White Propaganda"! nt Phoenix61 Jun 2020 #77
Wow. She should be apologizing to you, not the other way around. SunSeeker Jun 2020 #74
Take some time to let your thoughts settle and THEN TEXT HER BACK jimlup Jun 2020 #76
Thank you. 👍🏻 Tarheel_Dem Jun 2020 #78
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