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... handmade34 Jun 2020 #1
Great picture. And a reminder that as good as Ted Neeley was in Jesus Christ Superstar, highplainsdem Jun 2020 #31
Oh, this musical nerd salutes you .... MotorCityBeard Jun 2020 #40
What a man from that area edhopper Jun 2020 #2
I remember when that picture came out. luvs2sing Jun 2020 #8
lol. his direct ancestor is Jesus Demovictory9 Jun 2020 #17
:) Similar coloring to my Jewish husband. Hortensis Jun 2020 #32
I also remember when that picture came out bobbieinok Jun 2020 #11
He also could have been Eqyptian or Black. Blue_true Jun 2020 #16
I will bet that none of those Romans were Jewish. n/t marie999 Jun 2020 #25
No, they weren't. They didn't mix with the "ruled". Blue_true Jun 2020 #27
Jesus's parents were Jewish, if the gospels are correct. yardwork Jun 2020 #36
History is written by ones owning the pen. Blue_true Jun 2020 #39
Brother Jeb covered thousands of miles. yardwork Jun 2020 #41
I remember this too. StarryNite Jun 2020 #26
The response should be good. Can't wait to hear Pence's answer Budi Jun 2020 #3
A right wing racist friend of my mom liberalmuse Jun 2020 #4
Marcus Garvey told us this over 100 years ago malaise Jun 2020 #5
brainwashing. Same as many women being unable to picture God as female. Demovictory9 Jun 2020 #18
Well my position is well known malaise Jun 2020 #21
Of course God was a HE. Of COURSE he had a dick. The female is nothing more than an afterthought not_the_one Jun 2020 #38
Assuming that he actually existed... Buckeye_Democrat Jun 2020 #6
Jesus would have looked Lebanese kurtcagle Jun 2020 #37
Throughout the centuries Jesus has been portrayed as The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2020 #7
Yes and when their stories tell that they were made in God's image StarryNite Jun 2020 #28
I have no doubt that mass protesting spread the virus MaryMagdaline Jun 2020 #9
He probably looked more like John Legend. From Jesus christ superstar. Srkdqltr Jun 2020 #10
I thought they got that from a photograph---Ha marked50 Jun 2020 #12
I can hear the racists on FOX now RussBLib Jun 2020 #13
Isn't the Easter Bunny typically white too? StarryNite Jun 2020 #30
He looks like one hell of a hockey player SlogginThroughIt Jun 2020 #14
Given the part of the world that he was said to have been born in, Blue_true Jun 2020 #15
That painting was made by Warner Saliman in 1940 bobbieinok Jun 2020 #19
Kick dalton99a Jun 2020 #20
My Favorite illustration of Jesus Ms. Toad Jun 2020 #22
Wow! StarryNite Jun 2020 #33
The model for it was a woman, Ms. Toad Jun 2020 #34
More like Omar Shariff or Anthony Quin demosincebirth Jun 2020 #23
Figure he would look like most other Jewish folks? jmg257 Jun 2020 #24
According to the US government, Jesus would be considered White. marie999 Jun 2020 #29
I have a close friend who mentors young children of various diversities and ages MagickMuffin Jun 2020 #35
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