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29. According to the US government, Jesus would be considered White.
Sun Jun 28, 2020, 12:53 PM
Jun 2020

Middle Easterners have been trying for years to have their own category. No, he did not look like that painting. We have Middle Eastern friends and since Arabs are a Semitic people, Jesus probably looked more like them.

... handmade34 Jun 2020 #1
Great picture. And a reminder that as good as Ted Neeley was in Jesus Christ Superstar, highplainsdem Jun 2020 #31
Oh, this musical nerd salutes you .... MotorCityBeard Jun 2020 #40
What a man from that area edhopper Jun 2020 #2
I remember when that picture came out. luvs2sing Jun 2020 #8
lol. his direct ancestor is Jesus Demovictory9 Jun 2020 #17
:) Similar coloring to my Jewish husband. Hortensis Jun 2020 #32
I also remember when that picture came out bobbieinok Jun 2020 #11
He also could have been Eqyptian or Black. Blue_true Jun 2020 #16
I will bet that none of those Romans were Jewish. n/t marie999 Jun 2020 #25
No, they weren't. They didn't mix with the "ruled". Blue_true Jun 2020 #27
Jesus's parents were Jewish, if the gospels are correct. yardwork Jun 2020 #36
History is written by ones owning the pen. Blue_true Jun 2020 #39
Brother Jeb covered thousands of miles. yardwork Jun 2020 #41
I remember this too. StarryNite Jun 2020 #26
The response should be good. Can't wait to hear Pence's answer Budi Jun 2020 #3
A right wing racist friend of my mom liberalmuse Jun 2020 #4
Marcus Garvey told us this over 100 years ago malaise Jun 2020 #5
brainwashing. Same as many women being unable to picture God as female. Demovictory9 Jun 2020 #18
Well my position is well known malaise Jun 2020 #21
Of course God was a HE. Of COURSE he had a dick. The female is nothing more than an afterthought not_the_one Jun 2020 #38
Assuming that he actually existed... Buckeye_Democrat Jun 2020 #6
Jesus would have looked Lebanese kurtcagle Jun 2020 #37
Throughout the centuries Jesus has been portrayed as The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2020 #7
Yes and when their stories tell that they were made in God's image StarryNite Jun 2020 #28
I have no doubt that mass protesting spread the virus MaryMagdaline Jun 2020 #9
He probably looked more like John Legend. From Jesus christ superstar. Srkdqltr Jun 2020 #10
I thought they got that from a photograph---Ha marked50 Jun 2020 #12
I can hear the racists on FOX now RussBLib Jun 2020 #13
Isn't the Easter Bunny typically white too? StarryNite Jun 2020 #30
He looks like one hell of a hockey player SlogginThroughIt Jun 2020 #14
Given the part of the world that he was said to have been born in, Blue_true Jun 2020 #15
That painting was made by Warner Saliman in 1940 bobbieinok Jun 2020 #19
Kick dalton99a Jun 2020 #20
My Favorite illustration of Jesus Ms. Toad Jun 2020 #22
Wow! StarryNite Jun 2020 #33
The model for it was a woman, Ms. Toad Jun 2020 #34
More like Omar Shariff or Anthony Quin demosincebirth Jun 2020 #23
Figure he would look like most other Jewish folks? jmg257 Jun 2020 #24
According to the US government, Jesus would be considered White. marie999 Jun 2020 #29
I have a close friend who mentors young children of various diversities and ages MagickMuffin Jun 2020 #35
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