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45. There is just so much involved with this.
Sun Jun 28, 2020, 08:31 PM
Jun 2020

A traitor for a president, a pandemic without any leadership, an economy without any leadership, and no end in sight.

first one TJs in N Holly. CA. Second one? HELL! WTF is wrong w/people? CurtEastPoint Jun 2020 #1
I couldn't tell you, but that 2nd one should be charged with destruction of property. Arkansas Granny Jun 2020 #6
THAT stunt calls for law enforcement to step in for that reason. PLUS ban her ass. CurtEastPoint Jun 2020 #13
Absolutely. Charges for her. pandr32 Jun 2020 #24
The tweet originator said it occurred in Dallas. n/t KY_EnviroGuy Jun 2020 #46
Isn't she committing a crime? That's vandalism, at least, isn't it? rainin Jun 2020 #2
Yes, and disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct--I'm sure there are other possible charges. nt tblue37 Jun 2020 #21
That looks like vandalism, especially the 2nd one. Mariana Jun 2020 #3
California. Tipperary Jun 2020 #4
She scripted it Sympthsical Jun 2020 #5
I think I will enjoy the each shit factor of seeing more of these idiots forced to wear masks. brewens Jun 2020 #7
Unbelievable TEB Jun 2020 #8
I don't get it. if masks are stupid, wimpy, or Communist, then why does Drumpf require everyone in progree Jun 2020 #9
I think it's all part of the tRump effect. StarryNite Jun 2020 #10
They know they're losing wryter2000 Jun 2020 #11
These people are nuts. The current situation has just brought out Grammy23 Jun 2020 #12
This is a good response to these people, besides the ADA requiring "reasonable accommodations" TheBlackAdder Jun 2020 #14
those are both great! Thanks. stillcool Jun 2020 #18
This is excellent! smirkymonkey Jun 2020 #22
I think I am a little in love with Emily... TreasonousBastard Jun 2020 #23
My sister too, from contact smoke from working as a singer. Try elecampane to clear the lungs. TheBlackAdder Jun 2020 #27
Is it wrong for me to not care if these people just died before they kill someone else? dem4decades Jun 2020 #15
She has a breathing problem? She certainly has a lot of hot air. nt doc03 Jun 2020 #16
I guess being part of the stillcool Jun 2020 #17
I'm Surprised They Even Got In The Store Me. Jun 2020 #19
Long Island, too. And if you forget (I admit I do, sometimes) customers will remind you... TreasonousBastard Jun 2020 #26
Some Of The Stores In My Neighborhood Even Want You To Wear Gloves Me. Jun 2020 #29
Gloves were a thing for a while, but I think they tired of dealing with them... TreasonousBastard Jun 2020 #31
For THe Moment Me. Jun 2020 #32
TP is a strange story-- I don't remember all of the details, but when it first became a thing I... TreasonousBastard Jun 2020 #37
Well That Makes Sense Me. Jun 2020 #39
I'm glad to see gloves be "not a thing". I got tired of seeing ... JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 2020 #36
I suspect that's why they're not a thing any more. People are pigs and glovess all over the place... TreasonousBastard Jun 2020 #38
Both of those women had masks csziggy Jun 2020 #35
Both of them wore a mask to enter. Blue_true Jun 2020 #47
Some One Will Identify Her Me. Jun 2020 #49
And she loses her job most likely. And may get kicked out of any rental. nt Blue_true Jun 2020 #51
Can she get kicked out of a rental? ish't there a moratorium/amnesty about eviction? JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 2020 #54
Rental contracts, whether personal or business, have "behavior" clauses. Blue_true Jun 2020 #57
She should be arrested and charged for that. nt tblue37 Jun 2020 #20
The second one could have been arrested. guillaumeb Jun 2020 #25
She likely will be arrested if the store press charges (it should). Blue_true Jun 2020 #48
I agree. guillaumeb Jun 2020 #55
These people are mentally ill. Sane people don't act like leftyladyfrommo Jun 2020 #28
No, she is not mentally ill. marie999 Jun 2020 #33
This is also how some people with personality disorders behave womanofthehills Jun 2020 #44
There is just so much involved with this. marie999 Jun 2020 #45
She is not a child. She shopped with the mask on, got to the register and caused a scene, Blue_true Jun 2020 #50
I don't understand these tantrums Sanity Claws Jun 2020 #30
They watch their president... SergeStorms Jun 2020 #56
The first Karen staged her tantrum csziggy Jun 2020 #34
the 2 images ... Hermit-The-Prog Jun 2020 #40
Thanks - I'll try to remember for the future csziggy Jun 2020 #41
Welcome Hermit-The-Prog Jun 2020 #43
I give up. Initech Jun 2020 #42
That 2nd one needs a visit with the judicial system. KentuckyWoman Jun 2020 #52
There are issues with mental illness in this country Renew Deal Jun 2020 #53
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