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46. Boy
Mon Jun 29, 2020, 07:34 PM
Jun 2020

This kind of sucks! Hopefully by then we will have a good administration and president, BUT I won't hold my breath.

Lovely! 2naSalit Jun 2020 #1
What is the reason many viruses originate in China? at140 Jun 2020 #2
Aren't most Indians EllieBC Jun 2020 #3
That is a good clue, 70-80% of Indians are vegetarians. nt at140 Jun 2020 #16
This, respect for livestock as well. Chinese will eat anything, indians much more respectful. sunonmars Jun 2020 #17
It's my understanding spinbaby Jun 2020 #8
But is that the only country where people live close to their livestock? Sugarcoated Jun 2020 #11
It's a combination of the livestock situation, sanitary conditions, DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 2020 #39
I don't believe a lot of pork is eaten, nor bat. Maybe the difference AJT Jun 2020 #10
China probably has much more livestock than India. Mariana Jun 2020 #12
Urbanization (and habitat destruction), subsistence agriculture and animal markets JHB Jun 2020 #18
Indians don't eat weird animals. greymattermom Jun 2020 #21
I believe it's due to China's live meat markets, which are none too clean. Animals are sold in them Karadeniz Jun 2020 #23
I heard they eat this animal in China at140 Jun 2020 #27
I agree rockfordfile Jun 2020 #44
I saw a fascinating video recently about the origins of flu and other sicknesses Doremus Jun 2020 #35
They raise ducks, chicken, and pigs together, PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2020 #45
This is just sad news. cayugafalls Jun 2020 #4
This is where the cooperation regime that Bush set up and Obama improved comes in valuable. Blue_true Jun 2020 #25
Oh great. LisaL Jun 2020 #5
Dear gawd, what is going on? This is triple scary. Frustratedlady Jun 2020 #6
I get the feeling nature is trying to get rid of us. LisaL Jun 2020 #9
Can you blame it? We're making a big mess of things. Merlot Jun 2020 #43
Just what we fucking need! sakabatou Jun 2020 #7
For the full happiness. LisaL Jun 2020 #13
Well, Blue_true Jun 2020 #14
Proliferation of wet markets,... magicarpet Jun 2020 #15
THIS sunonmars Jun 2020 #19
self delete.... at140 Jun 2020 #20
Your post has nothing to do with the context of the OP. nt Blue_true Jun 2020 #29
Agree, I will delete it then. But it was about China. at140 Jun 2020 #33
Maybe you can start another OP about counterfeit gold. Blue_true Jun 2020 #34
What next? Rabid, flying monkeys? louis-t Jun 2020 #22
Not now. That will be in the second stanza, just before the Rapture. nt Blue_true Jun 2020 #30
Given a choice, I prefer locusts. KY_EnviroGuy Jun 2020 #24
Oh, god damn..... cmon China Afromania Jun 2020 #26
They are trying to get ahead of this one before it jumps to humans. Blue_true Jun 2020 #31
Well, now that trumpf and his CDC, FDA, etc. are prepared,,, we're doomed erronis Jun 2020 #28
Welcome to the twenty-first century. hunter Jun 2020 #32
Now there's the 1918 redux. roamer65 Jun 2020 #36
My guess is that if China is bamagal62 Jun 2020 #37
As I recall, they were debating whether covid can be transmitted from humans to humans. LisaL Jun 2020 #38
I agree. EllieBC Jun 2020 #41
I know I probably won't be around at the beginning of 22nd century, marie999 Jun 2020 #40
Time to invest in more masks soothsayer Jun 2020 #42
Boy photokath Jun 2020 #46
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