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scheming daemons

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Tue Sep 18, 2012, 07:57 AM Sep 2012

Rec if you pay a higher effective tax rate than Mitt Romney [View all]

In the one tax return of his that we've seen, he paid 13.9%.

last year my effective rate was 23%.

I'm an Obama voter that gives a greater percentage of what I earn to the government than Mitt Romney does. He's more of a moocher than me.

I'm betting the overwhelming majority of people pay a higher effective rate than Mitt, especially when you consider payroll taxes like SS and Medicare that even the working poor pay.

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i was gonna just post this. paying higher rate than romney and sure majority on du are, seabeyond Sep 2012 #1
I've never been called a deadbeat before. tosh Sep 2012 #2
+1 rsweets Sep 2012 #3
I don't know, he won't show his fucking taxes. n/t porphyrian Sep 2012 #4
Yep spinbaby Sep 2012 #5
I'm about the same as Willard actually. I'd assume he's got a lot off the books brewens Sep 2012 #6
I pay around 15 to 17% I think. ananda Sep 2012 #7
Bear in mind, folks, that if you work for a living.... Jeff In Milwaukee Sep 2012 #8
This freeloader/Obama voter paid 24% last year. nevergiveup Sep 2012 #9
damn right I pay more than Mittens does tolumnia Sep 2012 #10
That's my family also scheming, we are less of a moocher than Romney SaveAmerica Sep 2012 #11
Also, if they didn't take so much in taxes we could afford to go on a trip (maybe London? Isreal?) SaveAmerica Sep 2012 #12
Same here - it's not that I mind paying taxes if it is to provide TBF Sep 2012 #32
Yes, I'd reroute taxes that are going to wars and give some to Vets and the VA SaveAmerica Sep 2012 #36
23% here eom LittleGirl Sep 2012 #13
I paid a higher tax rate than Mitt. SHOW US YOUR RETURNS!!!!!!! ahg Sep 2012 #14
We paid 24% last year. OnionPatch Sep 2012 #15
And I pay it on ALL of my income, unlike Thurston. spooky3 Sep 2012 #16
15%. Jennicut Sep 2012 #17
He's definitely more of a moocher I am, the louse. n't pnwmom Sep 2012 #18
I paid 20.5% last year in federal income tax on income of about tweeternik Sep 2012 #19
I pay at least double mainstreetonce Sep 2012 #20
Higher than zero, you mean? rec. yardwork Sep 2012 #21
My state taxes alone are more than Romney's effective federal tax rate. n/t lumberjack_jeff Sep 2012 #22
I pay a much higher rate than Mitt. hamsterjill Sep 2012 #23
I paid at a higher rate than Mitt and on ALL of my income. Shrike47 Sep 2012 #24
Middle class and single Lunabelle Sep 2012 #25
Well, at $250,000 per year,,, Bucky Sep 2012 #64
Between Fed. and State Income taxes I pay over 25%. Add in LibDemAlways Sep 2012 #26
I'm one of the "moochers" Z_California Sep 2012 #27
I'm around 31% EnviroBat Sep 2012 #28
Oh come on. Everybody except Exxon pays a higher rate than Mitt. It's perfectly legal. librechik Sep 2012 #29
+ 1000 nt abelenkpe Sep 2012 #50
This message was self-deleted by its author bupkus Sep 2012 #30
I checked turbo tax - our eff rate 20.29% for 2010 - TBF Sep 2012 #31
This thread makes me feel EXTREMELY poor at 6 figures. joeglow3 Sep 2012 #33
I'm not confused TBF Sep 2012 #52
I was wondering the same thing SickOfTheOnePct Sep 2012 #80
Where are you getting those numbers? joshcryer Sep 2012 #98
collecting my social security now, paying no taxes, so I'm officially a "freeloader" mountain grammy Sep 2012 #34
What is a higher effective tax rate anyway? mwooldri Sep 2012 #35
Most people, including those posting on this thread, don't know what their effective rate is. former9thward Sep 2012 #37
Because state, property, gas etc is in their effective rate jeff47 Sep 2012 #43
Yes, but people are comparing that with Romney's 13.9% federal rate. former9thward Sep 2012 #46
That's because that is his rate. jeff47 Sep 2012 #55
I don't think you know too much about the tax system. former9thward Sep 2012 #56
He didn't say that was on the federal level. harmonicon Sep 2012 #59
He didn't have to say it. former9thward Sep 2012 #69
I'd like to introduce you to Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota... jeff47 Sep 2012 #62
Where did I claim to be an "expert" on state taxes? former9thward Sep 2012 #70
"I don't think you know too much about the tax system." jeff47 Sep 2012 #90
Everyone sees the games you are playing. former9thward Sep 2012 #91
So....you were lying in your earlier post then? jeff47 Sep 2012 #92
I took it off the line in the turbo tax summary that says "effective rate" TBF Sep 2012 #53
I said most posters. former9thward Sep 2012 #57
I know we have a lot of retired on here - TBF Sep 2012 #79
You are probably right. former9thward Sep 2012 #83
Sure - TBF Sep 2012 #103
Eh, I'm not. I make a little over 35k. joshcryer Sep 2012 #97
20% and I am a real Job Creator! Walk away Sep 2012 #38
I feel insulted by that comment from him Hutzpa Sep 2012 #39
yes i believe i do. barbtries Sep 2012 #40
I'm pretty sure I do. Ganja Ninja Sep 2012 #41
21% and I'm a job creator.... Aviation Pro Sep 2012 #42
And I did my own taxes, too! hedgehog Sep 2012 #44
Deductions brought mine down to 6.5%. aikoaiko Sep 2012 #45
27% ... plus ... Jankyn Sep 2012 #47
We paid over 30 percent abelenkpe Sep 2012 #48
I'm working on the Obama campaign. Lots of retired people but all paying their taxes. JDPriestly Sep 2012 #105
Thank you! abelenkpe Sep 2012 #108
21% Fearless Sep 2012 #49
A kick, a rec, and a hearty "FUCK YOU" to Smirk Jerkstain Blue Owl Sep 2012 #51
I don't make enough money to owe income tax Scootaloo Sep 2012 #54
Most people do just because of SS and Medicare, don't they? (nt) harmonicon Sep 2012 #58
Effective tax rate normally means federal effective income tax rate SickOfTheOnePct Sep 2012 #87
I believe I am at 28%. ellie Sep 2012 #60
Self and spouse at 38%. whathehell Sep 2012 #65
How can you have an effective federal income tax rate of 38% SickOfTheOnePct Sep 2012 #88
Payroll taxes + state taxes, perhaps? (nt) jeff47 Sep 2012 #93
Probably, but if that's the case SickOfTheOnePct Sep 2012 #95
What matters to me about Romney's statement in his speech is that, although he had lots of money, JDPriestly Sep 2012 #106
I guess I made a mistake. My bad. whathehell Sep 2012 #99
Effective rate, not marginal SickOfTheOnePct Sep 2012 #100
Okay..This is the latest I've gotten. whathehell Sep 2012 #109
28 - benld74 Sep 2012 #61
I'm coming in at 21-22%. But that's not counting my secret accounts in the Caymans and Bermuda. Bucky Sep 2012 #63
2011 rate for me - 30% KauaiK Sep 2012 #66
I pay a higher rate than Mitt Romney Bozita Sep 2012 #67
hell yes. Duppers Sep 2012 #68
I paid more and I didn't have too! Barack_America Sep 2012 #71
Payed more than Rmoney goclark Sep 2012 #72
I guess! DFW Sep 2012 #73
25 percent!! nt ecstatic Sep 2012 #74
I certainly do. k&r n/t Laelth Sep 2012 #75
i pay the same as mittens...0 madrchsod Sep 2012 #76
State, federal and payroll? Oh, yeah. Lots more than Mitt. Squinch Sep 2012 #77
aw HELL FUCKING YES Skittles Sep 2012 #78
I can't Rec it 'cause Cha Sep 2012 #81
Over 18% here. (nt) eqfan592 Sep 2012 #82
Mittantoinette.. Cha Sep 2012 #84
My rate is about 30%, give or take 2%. bluestate10 Sep 2012 #85
Between Federal and State Income, Social Security, Medicare, and Property Taxes TheOther95Percent Sep 2012 #86
I'm around 28% in total taxes - state, property, payroll, and miscellaneous bhikkhu Sep 2012 #89
Me! McCamy Taylor Sep 2012 #94
edit: ahh, mine is closer to 4-5% going by this: joshcryer Sep 2012 #96
much more lapfog_1 Sep 2012 #101
"that we've seen" is the operative phrase here... Canuckistanian Sep 2012 #102
Have paid a higher rate than Rawmoney zentrum Sep 2012 #104
I paid 1/6 of my income in property taxes, plus 9% to sales taxes. Sirveri Sep 2012 #107
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